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Shia LaBeouf Arrested on DUI

Oh, Shia.

After your drunken Walgreen arrest, I knew this would happen eventually, I just didn’t think it would be so soon.

Shia LaBeouf was arrested on DUI in Hollywood early Sunday morning, after unsuccessfully trying to make a left turn at an intersection.

“It was immediately apparent to officers responding on the scene that LaBeouf was intoxicated and he was subsequently placed under arrest,” said a policeman.

Shia was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was being treated for a minor head injury and injuries to his left hand and a knee, Wolf said. A woman passenger in Shia’s truck and the driver of the other vehicle were not seriously injured.

I smell a rehab visit.

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  • hes just doing normal stupid teenager things! everyone does that type of shit, dont jump the rehab gun so quick.

  • bulls**t. no excuses for people who drive drunk. he injured people. he’s just “lucky” he didn’t kill anyone. screw reality check. get him some help and keep him out of the freaking driver seat until he is adult enough to handle the responsibility.

  • What an asshole thank god no one was hurt expect for him…which he so deserves, People who drink and drive really angers me. What is damn hard about calling a cab or a car service to take your stupid ass home, and the best part he will only get a slap on the wrist maybe community service and a fine. When will people get it? My dad died 3 yrs ago yesterday when his car was it by a drunk driver and course the driver who hit him walked away without a damn scratch, he ruined our lives. I guess it’s never a big deal until it happens to you or someone in your family… So i have NO compassion for drunk,buzzed or under the influence drivers at all.

  • I fucking hate drunk drivers. It’s so avoidable and so fucking pathetic. So much more so pathetic when it’s rich assholes who can hire a car or call a frigging cab and really *don’t* need to get their car home for work the next day – not that that is EVER a valid excuse.

    If you drive drunk, I hope and pray you kill no one but yourself when you eventually crash.

  • There are countless people in jail in the U.S. for possession of marijuana and people like Shia get virtually nothing for driving drunk. War on drugs? Useless. War on drunk driving? Would be awesome. Shame on Shia.

  • He’s got a shit load of money and has a rather large drinking problem. He’s so lucky he wasn’t killed or killed someone else. Actually he’s 22, and in the state of CA he should have been charged with a felony.

    I see rehab in his future. For everyone’s sake I hope he gets the help he needs.

  • Well, it was only a matter of time. It happens to all celebrities. Is it wrong to think he is even cuter now? Muah ha ha… A peek at the naughty thoughts behind this pretty face.

    xoxo~ cat

  • Well since you asked, yes Cat. It is wrong to think he is even cuter now. There are bad boys (yum) – and then there are stupid and selfish bastards who put the lives of others at risk. Not naughty – evil.

  • I agree w/Ricardo that this is normal behavior for the young – but yes, call a damn cab!!! Even now, if I drink – or more like When I drink, I do not leave the house. You cannot take the chance that you can kill some innocent person just out and about or your passengers or even your dumb ass self for getting behind the wheel.

    Unfortunately, the young people think it can never happen to them. And that is tragic.

  • WTF Eyes of Green! Since when does drunk driving constitute ‘normal behavior?!

    And shut the fuck up about ‘the young’. I’m 22 too and I’d never pull shit like that!

  • This was a FELONY DUI, which means he hit another car and actually could have killed someone. The only rehab he is going to get is in prison.

  • Hey, I’m not saying it’s OK – I think I did suggest a freaking CAB or doing it at HOME.

    And I stand corrected – it is not normal behavior for ALL young. Please Ketchup, accept my sincerest apologies – even though you did tell me to shut the fuck up… rather rude.

  • drunk driving is just terrible and if this was definitely the case, then he needs to be scared straight. Call a cab, walk to a local motel/hotel and sleep it off, have your mom come pick you up ( I did that when I was 23), but never get behind the wheel when you’ve been drinking. You endanger the lives of everyone around you, including your self… But, my undying affection for his hot ass has not gone away. He couldve called me and I would have picked him up… yummy!

  • I think it is, in general, normal behavior. Not right by any means, but I am 21 and just about 90% of the poeple my age I have met have driven drunk before. It is wrong, but stop trying to pretend it isn’t the truth.

    Also, why is everyone asking why he didn’t call a cab. It is very obvious. He is a celebrity, if he wants to drive drunk he knows he won’t get into much trouble for it and it is a sad truth but he is right. That is why they do it, cuz there is almost no penalty so they don’t care about getting a driver.

    The fact is that he is young, he is doing stuff that a great deal of young people do and he is getting even more heat than a typical person his age because he is a celebrity. He shouldn’t be expected to be a saint because he is an actor. He is stupid, just like a thousand other people his age. He will grow up eventually and will have a great career because the guy is an outstanding actor. Lets just hope for his safety and that of others, that he grows up sooner than later.

  • also, to be totally honest I know people who can drive fine when they are drunk, it is not a good idea, but I honestly have friends that I would be more comfortable driving with when they are drunk than some of the horrible drivers I know when they are dead sober. It’s not a great point, I know, but there are some special situations. For example, if someone is a horrible driver they also put others in danger when they get behind the wheel. Old people also, it sounds funny, but older people have almost killed me more than once because they make the roads dangerous for others. Something should be done about those things too.