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Andy Dick Is Going to Live Sober … for Money

Eh, let’s see how long this lasts.

Andy Dick has reportedly signed on to be in Sober Living, a new reality show that I can only assume will be hosted by Dr. Drew. Sober living houses are where many recovering addicts choose to live after rehab — it’s kind of like a halfway house, where you have more freedom than in rehab but you’re still not completely on your own. Dick will be paid for his appearance. Somehow I doubt he’ll actually stay sober.

You know what recently occurred to me?

Remember how awesome it was when Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla hosted Loveline together back in the 90s and it was just the most amazing thing ever?

I think Adam Corolla should team up with Dr. Drew to do these rehab shows. Like, Drew’s all full of sensible advice and medical opinions. He needs a co-host like Adam Corolla to be like “Dude, did you see the booking photo of the hooker they caught you with? I think that chick missed the crack pipe and lit her face on fire instead. If you’re so high that you’re paying to bang that, you obviously have a problem.”

You know?

I think it would be awesome.

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  • I loved Adam Corrolla… last time I saw him he was leading a team of deadbeats to renovate his childhood home. They should have a show sort of like an addicts “Temptation Island” hosted by Adam… basically, the premise would be that recovering addicts would be paid for each day they were sober and they would have to live in a house full of drug dealers and hookers… every week they would be “tempted” and they’d either make some money or lose it all for a hit.

    Damn, I should have been a producer.

  • I don’t get it. All these rich people on drugs. How does that happen? Is it like everyone’s hanging around and one dude says :Hey, let’s smoke some crack and drop some e.” ? Why don’t all these well known people turn that shit down? Sure, pretty much all my friends smoked dope in college (some still do) but none of us ever had to do hard core shit. Why don’t they have that switch? Why not say “No thanks.” Is it because they think their entitled to it? I really can’t grasp the reasoning behind this.

  • They surround themselves with a bunch of “yes”-men/women and parasites… most normal people have developed a sense of right and wrong or at least have friends that tell them when they are going south.

    Not to mention, the “norm” for millionaires without 9-5 jobs is much different than for working stiffs like the rest of the world… it’s a slippery slope that gets pretty greasy in the party scene of the upper income brackets.


    They are human cockroaches who people like us and under-educated bloggers elevate to positions of fame they clearly are not morally nor intellectually able to handle.

    There should be a law punishing people for blowing wonderful opportunities.

    Spray Andy Dick with raid. He treats himself like that because even he knows he is in the limelight by some ridiculous mistake on someone’s part.

  • It is said he is dating a beautiful girl he met through Is it true? I think everyone would like to see what his profile look like there.

  • that would be so so perfect, the loveline rehab deal.
    I like the temptation island idea too.

  • that picture makes me scared. he totally looks like a pedophile psychopath.

    get thee to a rehab Andy – one off the television!

  • You people have no sympathy, do you? These people might be getting paid for the show, but they’re seriously trying to recover. As far as you close-minded fouls, how many of you actually know Andy? Or do you only go off what TMZ tells you?