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Batman’s Breakdown: Was It About Money?

Apparently Christian Bale’s “verbal assault” against his mother and sister was about a financial issue.

Basically, Christian’s sister asked him for $200K to help raise her three kids, and Batman said no. His sister responded by talking shit about Christian’s wife, and this started the fight between Christian and his mom and sis, which ended in the two women reporting him to a London police station.

Total dramz!

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  • I swear Beet, if you put another picture of Christian up close with his mouth slightly ajar, my computer screen won’t have one sq inch left that’s not covered w/ lip gloss residue. Stop it!

  • I have said it before but you ladies would have a completely different opinion of this situation if you didn’t want to sit on his pole. If he was a 50 year old fat guy you would by roasting him.

  • Donkey ,I couldn’t care less about the guy
    I don’t know him
    he’s a fine actor
    I guess a little bit too much on the constant performance state
    which is not good, not healthy
    maybe his family wanted money
    maybe he’s not supposed to give money to them
    maybe they don’t deserve to be financed
    maybe they tried to blackmail him
    I couldn’t care less
    I don’t even know how good the pole is
    but I must tell you
    men have better things to offer
    better than their pole
    get out of that idea of phallic adoration you men have about women

  • Mamba, youre so cute. You always write in these little poetic lines with like 5 words per line before you hit return again.

    Donks, I don’t believe this story for a sec, it’s crap. His fam’s trying to get $ off of him so they’re makin some sh*t up and getting publicity about it. I don’t think he did jack or was in the wrong whatsoever, so my fantasies of him and his pole are completely and VERY happily justified.

  • Nope Mercedes, not yet.

    However on set I have seen grown intelligent women get all giggly and goofy when a good looking male actor talks to them. The actor could say the most unfunny thing but the chicks all giggle like school girls.

    When it comes to good looking males women are just as shallow as men.

  • I am sorry but $200K to help raise her 3 kids?!? WTF kind of request is that? If she were smart, she would beg it off of him in small incremental values over a period of time. OF COURSE he’s going to say “NO” to $200K! If you are going to be a leech, let’s at least be strategic about it.

  • > DP: You say that as if we don’t know it already.

    A lot of women don’t. They like to think they are better than men but we all react to a pretty face the same way.

    In terms of Christian Bale I think he also is an amazing actor and have been a fan of his for a long time. However just because I like him as an actor it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in real life he could be a total prick. In fact that is normal behavior for actors, lol.

    I really do hope he doesn’t start to crash an burn. I suspect he has mental health issues personally but once again that is normal for an actor.

  • you dont get into all this shit over a verbal argument. Were not getting the full story now and probably never will.

  • Yes, Punch, we women ARE extremely shallow when it comes to hot guys.

    So hand over some more Man Candy, Beet.

  • <3<3 Mercedes and Asta
    I think it’s not a matter of shallowness
    it’s the natural process of physical attraction
    that many a time does not encompass prospective intellectual or common interest attraction
    Many men defined as ugly can be extremely seductive too
    the case of Bogart
    maybe you are one of those Donkey, or not
    but I like you too although you don’t give me attention
    I am an attractive woman, you know?LOL

  • anyway, girls
    i write like this and it’s kind of addictive
    I feel the rhythm of my thoughts this way
    Maybe I would like to play goofy and giggly
    for a guy like…mmmm…Hugh Jackman
    not for Bale, he seems too mind boggling for me
    I don’t think I am better than any man
    I know I am better than many men I know though
    I am a sensible woman
    LOL DP ;D

  • Ooooooo!
    How did I know it was about money?? Just a hunch I guess. Family can always be trusted to be money grabbing wankers when a big windfall comes your way, whether it’s $500 or $5 million, they’ll always want a piece.

    Knew he wasn’t a family basher. Good on ya for refusing CB, If your sister has 3 kids she should be able to support 3 kids, that’s how it works!!

  • This whole situation sounds incredibly embarrassing and sad really. I read the sister is addicted to drugs, so saying it was “the the kids” really meant “for my dealer”.

    The movie is soooo good and he and Heath were just amazing together, what a buzz kill for Christian to have to deal with, when it should have been about his movie, and performance.

  • Welll…. stuff is more expensive over here in the UK.


    Besides, I personally don’t think that’s grounds for ‘verbal assault’. Seeeeriously, I’d help out my sister if i was a fricken multi millionaire.