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Doesn’t Perez Hilton Ever Get Tired of Lawsuits?

Perez Hilton is suing the folks behind a little gossip blog called, claiming they’re infringing on his trademark. (You can read the legal docs here.)

He’s asking the court to force the site to shut down, and for its owners to pay his legal fees.

What a moron.

He’ll never win this case — I mean, either “Perez Hilton” is a public figure or he isn’t — and, in the process, he’s racking up legal fees and attention for the competitor site.

Doesn’t he ever get tired of this shit?

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  • I am tired of this shit. I am tired of the fact that people consider him a celebrity. There are people in this world with actual talent and what does Perez do? he steals their material, posts it on his website and claims he’s the Guru. Its really sad and pathetic, that he also expects people to give a shit about his dog and about his weight. Is that whats important in the world right now? apparently so. Then every once in a while Perez throws in some stupid barely visible article on his website telling people to contribute to charities when he’s busy hosting his “popular” parties at Prive or whatever shitty club it is. He only cares about HIMSELF.

    ugh. It would be nice if he were exposed for the hideous monster that he really IS.

  • wow, i can’t see what it really matters to you guys.. if you don’t like him, ignore him. this is the internet, he’s not your effing neighbor.

    lots of people in the entertainment world are selfish. what’s your point?

    “Its really sad and pathetic, that he also expects people to give a shit about his dog and about his weight. ” – Ann

    WOW. would you say that about Beet?? she posts personal things exactly like that, yet you don’t cut her up. what’s the difference exactly? i get that you don’t like him, so just walk away. why get all bent out of shape? let’s choose logic, people.

  • what is the matter with you, evil beet? you aren’t even covering the john edwards getting caught with the mother of his bastard child story!!! much better than another fat faggot story.

  • Perez is annoying as hell but the suit makes sense, legally. Try auditing a trademark law class at your nearest law school so you can have an informed opinion.

    • umm…no. Not really. He can’t have his cake and eat THAT, too. At least, not in any state in America.

  • Wow, the is kind of entertaining. Not as great as evilbeet, but still kind of good.

  • Fag fag faggity fag.
    I hate perez hilton.
    And not necessarily because he’s a fag. There are fags I like.
    He’s the annoying kind.

  • What a stupid hypocrite he is! I remember when he started his PerezHilton site and Paris Hilton had a fit because his site sounded so much like her name – and there wasn’t anything legally that she could do about it. So fat-ass got to keep his website name. He needs to shut the hell up because he has no right to be pissed off at something he himself did! I can’t stand people like that.
    I also have something to say about his dog – it’s not a small little lap dog – so why does he feel it necessary to carry his big dog everywhere instead of letting him walk like everyone else does that has big dogs?
    What a tool!

  • Classic! He names himself “Perez Hilton” and then turns around and sues someone else for trademark infringement. It would be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

  • That site,, is a much needed balance to the lies and bullshit Mario Lavanderia publishes about the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton. He is a HATER and the internet and public have an equal right to let the truth come out. If his suit fails (and it should), Mario Lavanderia could well find his credibility permanently and irrevocably damaged.

  • One of the reasons I stopped going to is that he CONSTANTLY posts pictures of himself and posts about how wonderful he is.

    Please beet, please I truly love your site. Don’t scar it with his photos! Please! Pretty Please! He is icky.

  • This is my new fave site. All Perez is doing is giving them free advertising.

    Loves it.

    Also, thanks for the John Edwards heads up. I was all hoping he’d run with Obama for VP, but I guess not!

  • Why haven’t they pulled his membership in the man lovers club? He is the sloppiest mess of a gay man I have ever seen. He should be ashamed.

  • God forgive me for saying this, but this guy Perez is a gross looking human being. He reminds me of fecal matter…that’s just my honest opinion.

  • Beet, Maybe you could just draw a really round stick figure and label it Perez. Then we would not have to actually look at him. It’s always such an unpleasant shock. ;-)

  • maybe he has that pre-paid legal my friend is always trying to sell me and he is just looking for lawsuits…

  • Thanks perez! I didnt even know about that site until you sued them!
    Way to promote the enemy!

  • The interesting thing about his website is reading it to try and see what celebrities he actually likes and who he is just trying to start shit with. I loved it when Lily Allen was making fun of him on her blog.

  • Anything to keep his name in the headlines. Literally. Next week he’ll be suing his neighbor’s parakeet for learning to squawk “perezoso”, and claim it was an OBVIOUS jab at him.

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  • Some kill this son of a PUTA ( teresita lavenderia ) may mario die of AIDS soon! He is UTTER SCUM!

  • Sorry, but I had never even heard of this ‘thing’ until the Miss USA controversy popped up, nor will I waste my time reading anything about him (this is the ONLY search I did on him/her). He knew exactly what he was doing when he asked her the question and I for one am extremely proud of the way Miss California answered it.

  • Why can we not read about this guy being decapitated in a horrific california highway car wreck. Now thats entertainment

  • Our society is so screwed up now that immoral people are punishing moral people for remaining moral and the bad part is that the majority of the general public is supporting this crap. We have to tolerate them, but they don’t tolerate hetersexuals? Miss California gets fired because she’s a person with moral ideals? This world is going to hell in a handbasket quickly. Let’s keep the bible out of this, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand same sex relations is unatural. The liberals supporting this crap are so far removed from reality they’re supporting immoral decisions. It wouldn’t surprise me if animal/human marriages weren’t right around the corner. The Perez Hiltons of this country would support it and thats no joke. Protect your children from these people, they are tearing our country’s moral fabric apart strand by strand with their crazy ideals.

  • FUck him he is a faggot that needs to shut his mouth. He can do it to ppl but ppl can’t gossip about him.