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Anthony Kiedis and His Everly Bear

The newly single Kiedis hangs out with his daughter Everly Bear in LA.

Awww, they’re so cute! It’s almost easy to forget that not too long ago he was driving drunk with her in the car!

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  • I really hate when people have kids out of the house with only a diaper. Get that poor boy some pants!

  • hey beet, im pretty sure anthony kiedis never drove around drunk with his kid in the car. I googled it and nothing came up about it… and its his son not his daughter.
    common, get your facts straight beet

  • I do recall a Britney-esqe picture of him having Everly on his lap while driving. It was in some hella weird silver car with no doors… I dunno where I saw it though :-/

  • beet is right about the driving, wrong about the drunk..atleast as far as i read. that kid looks like flea from rhcp, not kiedis, hmm.

  • Seriously. Either this stupid site is full of personal blah blah, idotic blithering or totally incorrect info.

    Give it up!

  • It’s a boy, Beet. I like your sense of humor but this is just a bit lousy of you, not to know the gender of his child when you know every other single gossip in the universe. A BOY.

  • also, he never drove drunk, certainly not with everly in the car. there were some safety issues concerning the type of car anth was driving him in, but you’ve got a lot of stuff mixed up, dont you? anthony doesnt even drink anymore, not in the past few years. get some info.

  • The kid is hideous. No two ways about it. If that head belonged to anyone else’s kid, you’d all be commenting on what an unfortunate looking monkey it is.

  • i dont know what you guys are talking about i think Everly looks just like Anthony, not to mention he looks cute with his big eyes. also, its probly hot as hell there and thats what many parents do to keep their babies cool otherwise they get too uncomfortable

  • As people have mentioned, Everly Bear is indeed a little boy. Perhaps you’re thinking of Richie Sambora who was charged with DUI, whilst driving his daughter. Why you would get Anthony and Richie muddled up is beyond me!!!!!!!!

  • Katy-That weird silver ‘car’ you were speaking of was just a golf cart. Beet- He was never caught drinking and driving with that cute little BOY. This site Blows.

  • Whoever is calling this baby ugly, is blind and bitter. Everly is adorable. You’re the ugly ones insulting a baby. Morning Sick is the one who looks like a bush baby and not cute. Snowdevil is the ugly one. Cass is hideous and the unfortunate looking monkey. Church Lady is the meerkat looking one.

  • Whoever is insulting this baby, is blind and bitter. Everly is adorable. You’re the ugly ones insulting a baby.

  • Everly is a boy!!!! A.K. has brown eyes, but Heather has hazel eyes. Everly has Heathers eyes. He looks alot like her. Cath you’re right it was Ritchie Sambora that drove drunk with his daughter. whoever says Everly is ugly, that’s just plain mean!!! he is very cute. His dad looks like a homeless bumm. He needs to get over himself and settle down already, and stop being a man-whore!!!! you have a son, now, grow up!!!!!