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Sienna Miller’s New Fling Is Soooo Sad That His Marriage Fell Apart

So very, very sad.

“The breakdown of a marriage is a very difficult and painful experience especially when children are involved,” Balthazar Getty said in a statement released Monday. “In light of the fact that many pictures have surfaced in print and on the Internet which has caused myself and my family great embarrassment, I felt it necessary to at least acknowledge publicly that yes indeed my wife and I have separated and I will not be commenting any further.”

Life is so tragic when you’re sucking on Sienna Miller’s tits on a beach all day.

Tragic indeed.

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  • Is he a joke or what? He sure wasn’t displaying any difficulty or pain over the breakdown of his marriage while he was running around with a topless and naked SM or groping her t*ts on a public beach in Italy and he is saying the pics caused “himself” and his “family” “great embarrassment” what family it sure didn’t look like he was thinking of any family let alone his while he was busy getting busy with a low life (albeit “privileged”) @#$%!! A Getty he may be, rich he may be, “privileged”he may be but it still does not alter the fact that he is a LOW LIFE CHEATING LYING piece of slime and the same goes for his very willing playmate!! I wish Rosetta and her children all the best for their future.

  • Didn’t Jude Law do the same thing to her, and she ended it with him. I thought that she was a nice decent lady, but now I just think that she is a tramp looking for attention in the wrong places. Maybe its a publicity stunt on her part. I feel bad for the kids of his and his wife (now ex).

  • if they were seperated, why is all this shit such a big deal?? if they’re not together as a couple, he can do what he likes. everyone else can f-ck off and stop judging.

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  • lindsey- 3 weeks ago he denied there was a prob with his marriage. 2 weeks ago sienna claimed they were friends- he and his wife are seperated—- now!!!!!!!get it now not then!!!!!!! but not when clamcrotch started this. he had 4 kids one a baby/ they are free to do whatever they want now. but that is a dumb way to behave and stupid when you have kids. dont disrespect the mother of your kids. seperate before you carry on with gilligan,the amazing topless sailing wonderdog. mediocre actress to boot.

  • I just love her bad english dentistry, she has these brown teeth from tea and a non stop smoking habit, and then some braziliant dentist in London sticks to really white chicklets on her two from teefs. Hysterical, but I supposed when your dick is spending most of it’s time in her mouth her bad teefs aren’t really going to matter. It’s not like Balti’s been walking her around in public or doing any red carpets wiff her ugly teefs now has he?

  • Sienna Miller sees the $$$. I hope she bleds him dry and takes all of his daddy’s money. This guy is a disrespectful spoiled rich kid jerk. He is a disgraced to his father, wife and kids.
    I bet Balthazar Getty would not appreciate photos of his wife prancing around and sucking on various body parts of some 23 yr old guy.

  • They separated AFTER the pics were published. His poor humiliated wife fled the country. Sorry, Getty is a pig and Sienna is a s***.