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Congrats to Mena Suvari, who recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, music producer/concert promoter/all-around nobody Simone Sestito, who also seems to be shorter than her.

Whatever makes you happy, Mena!!!

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  • Oh c’mon, he’s cute! And what the fuck did she do to her hair? She was way cuter in American Pie… and even much more sexy in American Beauty than she is now! Sheesh!

  • I personally thinks its cool that she’s with somebody that aint famous. Why do celebs always have to date other celebs? I think thats why most of them end up splitting up their ego’s are far to big. When there dating someone who isnt famous i think that maybe that might keep them more grounded. As for “alittle shorter than her” big deal short people need love too. It aint a big deal thats what the yellow pages are for ha ha

  • I love love LOVE short guys!! And he looks like an incredible sweetheart and very hot guy- more power to Mena!

  • oh, he is really cute. Reminds me of that singer Faudel. And look at her smile – she is happy! What more do you need? Some effin asshole who is taller. So passE

  • yeah, ok. remember when that hottie from american pie married that uggo from..nowhere? i see this ending in……DIVORCE!

  • We like her…she’s awesome! This is one girl who has played her career nice and slow not getting too overexposed. She’s going to be a huge star to likes of Michelle Pfeiffer. Just wait and see! She is Class A!

  • I know that she shaved her head but that was a year ago. She has to cutting her hair. I think if she is going to have short hair it needs to be much shorter like how it was in september december.