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More Details on the Andy Dick Arrest

Oh, man.

The arresting officer, Lt. Dennis Vrooman, told E! News he picked up the actor at 1:13 a.m. today outside the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant and bar after receiving a complaint about a man urinating outside and generally causing a disturbance.

“He was extremely intoxicated,” Vrooman said.

Upon arriving at the scene, witnesses told the officers that Dick had sexually battered a female teen victim.

Per the police report, the 42-year-old actor approached two girls outside the restaurant before grabbing and pulling down the tank top and bra of the unidentified 17-year-old.

Several of Dick’s friends attempted to remove him from the location, but cops stopped the group’s truck several minutes later at a nearby Sam’s Club.

“The girls were uncomfortable with what he had done,” Vrooman said. “They signed private person arrest forms requesting that he be arrested. It was not mutual.”

After locating Dick, both the victim and an additional witness managed to identify the actor in a curbside lineup.

As if the situation wasn’t bad enough for Dick, officers found marijuana and Xanax in his pants pockets, Vrooman said.

It’s time to get some help, buddy. This is all such a mess.

Andy’s been released on $5000 bail.

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  • He looks so creepy…. like… serial killer creepy. I am going to have night terrors about Andy Dick, now.

  • Is it just me, or does that picture not look like him? It’s probably just the hair color and lack of glasses, but I am used to him having that nasty “better-than-you” sneer on his face. Nasty.

  • Exactly; that’s one of the creepiest pics I’ve ever seen. I’m probably gonna have nightmares now.

  • I have said it many many times in my life and I will say it again. I loath Andy Dick. He had a well written character on Newsradio and that is the only time I ever even remotely enjoyed his presence on anything. I remember when he got his ass kicked but John Levitz for making jokes about Phil Hartman, and his wife. He is a horrible person and I really really hope that whatever jail he has to go to has a beefy man looking for a cellwife.

  • I worked on a cheese commercial that Andy Dick directed about 7 years ago and he seemed a little out of control and vulnerable. He struck me as someone who could let an addiction take them into the grave.

    Seemed like a nice enough fellow though. During our lunch break some people called out to him when they recognized him at a local restaurant and he stopped to chat with them.

    He is always trying to be funny but doesn’t know when to stop.

    On a side note please make those K-tel Minipops commercials go away. I can’t turn on my TV without those annoying adverts!

  • umm, how creepy is his photo? Whenever my 3 year old is bad, I’m gonna show her this photo to set her little ass straight… gosh, that’s just way too mean…

  • he looks like he wants to eat your liver with a nice chianti !
    …oh , and dare I say…..fava beans !

  • If you look closely, anyone can see that his pupils are enlarged which means he is intoxicated with something…

    Another note, I would have kicked that guys butt, if it was me

  • I have got to move to California. Is it just that cops in that state are stupid cocksuckers.. or they give preferred treatment to anyone in the media? 5000 thousand dollars?? Where I live the normal citizen acting in such a manner would have been arrested for posession of drugs and controlled substances… felony assault on a minor or possibly child molestation… public drunkeness.. and who knows what else.

  • Phil Hartman’s wife was 10 years sober until Andy Dick came to a party at his house (during the run of Talk Radio). He shared his nose candy and she went the murder slash suicide route two months later. How appropriate that he looks like Satan.

  • Oh Dear God. I’m praying to god that he didn’t give the poor girls this look as he was trying to molest them. That image, I believe, is more worse than him actually touching their shirts!! Effing creepy ass-old-not funny-crude man spells the beginning to a rape-horror movie!!

  • My source who knows this girl personally showed me her myspace page the day after the incident. The girl is bragging about getting “BANNNKKK” out of Andy Dick. She’s not that innocent believe me. Was partying with Dick up until the incident outside.