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Yes Of Course Hayden Panettiere Has a Single Out

It’s called “Wake Up Call,” and it’s just like every other song on the radio ever. Ryan Seacrest premiered it this morning on KIIS-FM.

You guys, I think I’m gonna release a single. And I’m gonna send it to Ryan Seacrest and see if he’ll play it. Maybe I can get Jeremy Greene to produce. I’ll take Ali Lohan’s sloppy seconds. Jeremy, if you’re reading this, get in touch. I won’t storm out on you.

What should I call my single? And what should it be about? Anyone want to offer to write one for me? I swear to God I will record me singing it and I’ll send it to DJs around the world. I think everyone should have a single. It’s totally the cool thing to do these days.

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  • i HATE the way she sings. it’s not her voice, or her pitch, or tone, it’s just the way she tries to make herself sound sexy. arghh this is worse than heidi montag!

  • I don’t actually mind it. Its not any worse than all the other junk out there, though my new goal is to write you a good single, Beet, because I think that’d be awesome.

  • another one tryin to fool themselves they can sing…tsk tsk….
    why do they tend to use reggae beats….
    Paris hilton with stars are blind….
    now this….

  • Jesus. This is bad.
    Tis a shame, cuase I think Hayden is cute.
    Did Scott Storch Produce this song?
    Sounds just like Paris Hiltons first crappy single.

    Please note: Just because you’re a hollywood starlet, it does not mean you should release a mediocre, over produced single.

    Miss Maria x

  • hmm… not bad The words could use a little work but the beat wasn’t all that bad.


  • I think that this is probably the worst ‘starlette’ single I have heard. Paris Hilton and Ali Lohan have better voices.

  • It kinda reminds me of Paris Hilton’s single last year. It’s not Grammy winning, but it’s a cute summery song from an 18 year old. She may not be Whitney Houston but I think it’s cute.

  • @ Miss Maria completely agree! it sounds like Paris Hilton.

    The voice is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible….

  • i didnt know she sang. and she probably shouldnt. i mean i have nothing against her but she sucks at singing.

  • all she needs to do now is release a perfume range, do a pepsi ad and release “accidently” a home movie.

  • I’m telling you, the only “famous” female artist I can stand is Rihanna. I just love her.