Sienna Miller Sure Does Like to Be Naked

I would like to start this off by saying that I had a hell of a time naming these files on my computer. Why? Because I already have photo files titled sienna_naked, sienna_naked1, sienna_naked2, sienna_topless, sienna_topless1, sienna_topless2, sienna_nude1, etc, etc on my computer. That’s just to give you an idea of how many naked photos of Sienna Miller I’ve come across in my illustrious career as a gossip blogger. The only things to come close are the expansive set of files titled lindsay_vag*, where * varies from 0 .. 7. See? I learned something important in math. I could set it up as a sigma formula if you wanted me to.

Also: here’s Sienna Miller, frolicking naked at some manner of resort with her new boyfriend, the married father of four Balthazar Getty. What do you call a guy like that for short? Balthy? Balt? Hazar? Maybe just “Hazard” would work fine, Sienna.

Anyway. Uncensored photos of Sienna Miller topless are after the jump.

Update: Uncensored photos removed on request.


  1. mimi in mo says:

    HA! I think this is kind-a funny because just tonight my friend & I were talking about how screwed we’d be because we like to walk around naked. Don’t you walk around naked too? Just think if there were paps with crazy ass camera’s that could take pics from very far off, what would they catch you (everyone) doing?
    How’s the foot/ankle? I think I read everthing that you post, but don’t feel like you’ve said anything since we saw a pic of the boot.

  2. Donkey Punch says:

    The old Beet is back with bOObies once again! Hooray.

  3. mimi in mo says:

    How screwed we be….if we were famous.

  4. Down Unda says:

    Isn’t that going to make the set of Brothers & Sisters rather uncomfortable?

  5. Sarah says:

    I once mooned my neighbor, but that was on purpose. If someone took a picture of me nude, (i’d probably kick his ass) I wouldn’t know what to feel.

    Should I feel embarrassed, suprised, humiliated, That guys a total perv, angry etc…

  6. ac says:

    Hmmm.. So do you think theyre sleeping together then? *ponders*

  7. anon says:

    i don’t know why she’s naked all the time. her tits don’t even look good…

  8. wileEcoyote says:

    if there`s one certainty in life , it`s that we will NEVER tire of seeing nudie pics of Sienna !!
    ..oh…and Beet , there are many many numbers left out there….please feel free to use `em (ALL) when naming your (nudie) files. ;)

  9. Jinxy McDeath says:

    Why would you go on vacation to Italy with the hobag you are screwing, if your wife had taken your children *including 4 mo old baby* and fled to Italy weeks before, where you are now with the other woman? Exactly on the sensitivity scale where does that fall?

    Does Sienna have a magical vagina where unicorns dance, and automatic air freshener squirts every 5 seconds? I am just curious why a stringy haired, hygenically challenged, faux english, floppy tiny breasted, dirt bag seems to feel the need to validate her existence by luring a very immature father of 4 to dump his wifey for her for a few weeks.

    It boggles the mind and yet she’s bagged an interesting collection of men. It’s nearing 100 of them so I’m pretty sure she’s had vag surgery. But still, why?

  10. Nice eyes says:

    They were in Positano on the Amalfi Coast… is such a lovely place!
    But I wonder who the hell stays naked on a balcony in such a small town….the lady next door must be still breethless!!!!

  11. Eyes of Green says:

    I know what you could call him for short – “cheating piece of sh*t worthless disgusting mother f*cking a$$hole who is traveling a road MANY men have gone down before”. And you could call her ‘whore’.

    I really used to like him on Brothers & Sisters. Now I just want to punch him in the eye.

  12. Windy City Windy says:

    I love you Jinxy! and Eyes!

  13. me says:

    i used to like sienna miller, and i never call anyone a “slut” since i believe in a girl’s right to play the field but… sienna miller’s a slut. it’s not right to cheat, especially with another woman’s man. slut!

  14. Just Saying says:

    Jude Law ruined her. She just doesn’t give a damn anymore.

  15. Leslie says:

    I believe I once read that they called him Balty.

  16. BettyCrockerPunkRocker says:

    While it’s refreshing to see a famous woman with breasts that are not in danger of exploding when too near an open flame, it’s also straining credibility to say that there is anything “fresh” about Sienna.

  17. ribbet says:

    wouldn’t you think that with all that she went through with being cheated on by Jude Law that she might have a modicum of empathy for another woman and NOT sleep with that woman’s husband?

    i really hope he didn’t have a prenup!!

    i agree with jinxy it must be a truly magical vagina because she really doesn’t have much else to offer.

  18. Fartface McMuffin says:

    HA HA!!! Betty said it best! Loves it!

  19. Eliza says:

    She should call him B..less complicated and a whole lot nicer than sounds like Baldy..ewe

  20. MamaMia says:

    Evil Beet has the best gossip and pics!

  21. Supreme Soviet says:

    Oy Gevalt! Her boobs look like someone took 2 vanilla pudding cups and flung them at the wall!

  22. sree says:


  23. siennafan says:

    i think u people are… so stupid and wrong. even if Sienna did do that, its none of ur busnisse wwhat she does or dosnt do so people like you need to back off… you are just jellous because you know Sienna is MUCH better than you… so BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. siennafan says:

    i think u people are… so stupid and wrong. even if Sienna did do that, its none of ur busnisse wwhat she does or dosnt do so people like you need to back off… you are just jellous because you know Sienna is MUCH better than you… so BACK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!