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Holly Weighs In!

Holly Madison has taken to her official MySpace blog to refute the rumors that she and Kendra don’t get along.

I am so sick of all the dumb rumors going around. Especially since every gossip outlet tries to outdo the one that beat them to the punch first by making the stories more and more ridiculous.

The stories about Kendra and I not getting along are so stale. I think we get along better than ever. When I was in New York and she was in Mexico, we were texting each other all the time. Just because I am usually seen out with Bridget and other friends does not mean I don’t like Kendra. We just don’t do as many things together outside the Mansion.

I am so sick of all the “sources” that are quoted. If TMZ wants to take a video of me and make it funny, that’s fine. But Page 6 quoting a dumbass hater that has no clue what they are talking about is lame. Especially when they don’t even bother to get my side or Kendra’s side of the story. The most they get is a generic response from our pr.

The latest Page 6 story is especially dumb. Saying I am jealous of Kendra because she has an “empire” and I’m “just sitting around with Hef”? What “empire”? I guess because I have a real full-time job aside from The Girls Next Door (excuse me for having a brain and having something REAL going on in my life as opposed to following in the footsteps of the socialite-of-the-week) means I am “sitting around” doing nothing. I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.

According to this source, Kendra was never Hef’s girlfriend and was brought on specifically for the show. None of this is true. No one was even discussing a show about “Hef’s girlfriends” untill long after Kendra had moved in.

All 3 of us have projects we are working on, including spin-off pilots, and expect to do several projects together in the future. That’s all I have to say about that.

Peace out-Holly

Ummmm … is Holly dissing Kendra’s clothing line in this blog post? It sure sounds like it. So is there a feud or isn’t there???? This clears nothing up, Holly!

What’s Bridget’s take. We’ll get the straight story from her, I’m sure.

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  • haha omg Beet, I totally re-read that part where she says that none of kendras projects have come to fruition!!

    She’s first saying that they are friends and then she’s dissing her…wtf

  • “I guess having people announce clothing lines and workout products that never come to fruition means you are doing something.”

    I think we all can agreee she’s not jealous. She just thinks it’s totally dumb.
    What I don’t get is why she actually wrote that? It’s not very nice. If I was her “friend” I would be pissed!

  • Maybe she is referencing Perez’s clothing line that no one came to the opening of and therefore bashing bloggers. I don’t read his site, but I think I remember a video circulating a while back of a completely empty opening having to do with his clothing line. I have no idea who makes workout products that is in the gossip industry, but it’s just a guess.

  • So first I had a dream about perez last night and I met him and he was alright and then he made me look through the ENTIRE catalogue of his clothing line. Trying to FORCE me to buy it.

    And second of all, she was totally talking about kendra because she said clothing and WORKOUT lines. She’s just saying that how could she be jealous of an empire that kendra totally doesn’t have when she has a full time job and a life outside the mansion.

  • yeah, i did a double-take on that clothing line/workout vid line. “saucer of milk, table two!” Meow!!!

  • Damn! Whore can actually write in complete sentences using correct grammar! I’m seriously blown away.

  • I simply adore Kendra! She is real and has a great attitude! Holly appears to be jealous just by her comments, and honestly, she gives herself too much credit for her “work” with Playboy. The camera doesn’t lie, and when I watch the show, Kendra is the one who’s entertaining and incredibly cool! Holly acts like a robot! Sooooo boring!