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So Long, Once-Promising Career!

Remember Paris Bennett, the little belter who could from the fifth season of AmIdol? She was only sixteen when she first appeared on the show.

She’s nineteen now, and she’s pregnant.

No, not the married kind of pregnant. Just the pregnant kind of pregnant. She’s due in October, and she plans to name the little girl Egypt. Which is a stupid name but at least little Egypt won’t have to share her name with a trolloppy socialite. So that’s something.

She’s reportedly engaged, but no one will talk about who the guy is or what he does and the whole thing leads me to believe that she met him on Craigslist and the condom broke.

“I’m proud of how she did it. I was 16 when I got pregnant,” says her mother, Jamecia Bennett.

This statement makes my head explode.

What part of it, exactly, makes you proud? The fact that — even though she got knocked up out of wedlock and as a teenager — she held out for three years longer than you did? Are you proud because she was almost not a teen pregnancy statistic? Proud because your teenage daughter is fertile? Proud because she was doing it doggy-style? Proud because she could have had an education and a career and will now have to give up all these things — much like you did — to be a single mother? This is the stupidest statement in the world.

Congrats, Paris.

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  • At least she’s much more financially stable than most of her pregnant-teen peers. That’s something.

  • I’m proud that she came up with a name that was only mildly ridiculous as opposed to full on, stop the presses retarded.

    And uhm… @wpolochick: I think that NOT GETTING PREGNANT AT 19 probs would have been the responsible thing to do, ya know?

  • At least a fall down some stairs could give her a future. If you yahoos think she has any amIdol money left you eat rocks for breakfast. Really people grow up, the only thing this girls needs is birth control and a degree from her local JC so she can support her dumb ass BEFORE she gets pregnant again. Hopefully she won’t go through with this tragic error in judgment.

  • 1st of all, I just wanna say that Mercedes is a different person from Mercy. Mercedes has, however, gone by Merc Pants, Mercie and the like, just not Mercy w/ a Y.

    Second, if this mother really thinks that getting pregnant at 19 instead of 16 is an accomplishment worth being proud of, then we should have done the world a favor and sterilized her during puberty, or provided her with unlimited free birth control and an education. You said it Jinx and Persistent, the best thing this girl can do is to have the guts to not go through with this irresponsible act.

  • Not to mention the STD(s) she could have picked up (or did)from such a dangerous and dim-witted act.

  • Being in New York makes you aggressive, Beet. Last time I went there, I came home looking to kick the world’s ass.

  • I think Mercedes must have been a victim of identity theft in real life. It’s the only explanation.

  • A lot of you are being overly judgmental and reactionary. Getting pregnant at 19 is way better than getting pregnant at 16. Three years is a lot of life experience. I’m not a fan of having kids that young, but people have done it before and done a damn fine job. When I was 19 I dated a guy whose mom told me she had her kids at 18 and 20. Her children are both great guys, well-adjusted, and they are a lovely family. (And they went from dirt poor to every person making $50K-100K+, parents and kids).

    That girl’s mom has every right to be proud of her, and her values don’t have to match your own.

  • You may also want to consider that african americans see the issue of parenting in a different way than european americans do
    and the same still happens in the continents of origin

  • Sheesh, normally I enjoy reading here, but this is just over the top. What you’re saying is that this 19 year old ADULT, who by all accounts is in a stable relationship with another presumed adult has gotten pregnant, with the full support of her family, and you’re judging her badly for it??

    Personally – I don’t have or want kids, but what on earth kind of weak piece is this that you have to tear down someone for no reason whatsoever? Amy Shithouse – fine – she’s a huge target painted on the backside of an elephant, but this woman doesn’t actually seem to have done anything wrong – except, oh wait – she’s ‘out of wedlock’. Don’t tell me that you Americans still haven’t dragged yourselves out of the 1950’s?

  • I just have to say AS A TEENAGE PARENT, I was 19 when I had my daughter and not married. I now have a college education and a great job and I am a great mother on top of that. Instead of talking down on people we should support them. That is the only way these teenage parents can survive. Kids make stupid decisions, but it is the people that step up and accept what they did and make the best of a bad situation that are the strongest. I would not change one thing I’ve done in my life and I’m sure this pool girl would not either. Instead of mocking and making fun of these girls we need to support them and give them the skills they need to raise a child. These children are are future!

  • mambaX – Are you African American? Then don’t speak for me. I hate (other people’s) children anyway, but I especially hate what getting pregnant at an early age (i.e. – before you have completed your education and have the stability of a full time job) can do to women (or in her case, girls). When I was 19, I was smart enough to know that I still had a lot to learn and was no where near being capable of taking care of anyone but myself. I’m sure Paris’ circumstances are different than mine were, but the fact is that she is (for all intents & purposes – I don’t know her educational background) barely out of high school & her life is about to change SIGNIFICANTLY. I’m sure she’ll have the love and support of her family, but she’s about to grow up a lot faster than I’m sure she’s ready to. And “the same still happens in the continents of origin”? Seriously? Get your head out of your ass. What the fuck does that have to do with AMERICAN teenagers (not just black ones) running around having sex with no protection before they are capable of handling the consequences of something so irresponsible? Way to bring a little racism to the teenage birthrate statistic.

  • listen i love ur webpage but i agree with asta, pls dont make out this is the worst thing in the world!! its not! i had a baby at 18 & out of wedlock & yes its not ideal but these things happen! pls dont paint every young mum with the same brush! im 22 now & i got my education & a good job! my daughter is so well behaved, & well mannered because thats how ive brought her up to be. there r a hell of a lot of worse things that can happen in life!!

  • OK! First of all I am not african american, like that makes any difference! Second, you are basically saying that you were to chicken shit to step up and accept your responsibilities so instead you decided to be a baby murderer!Third of all, I am a strong enough women that I could go to school, work a full time job, and be a mother. That is alot more brave than getting an abortion and just erasing the situtation. And you have no room to comment on any of this because you haven’t done it and couldn’t do it. Don’t talk about something when you have no education regarding the subject! It sounds like to me YOU need more education not Paris! In the end it is about providing these children with a stable home free of outside judgement. Who are you to comment on the decisions people make when you know nothing about them?

  • Wow… so you’re saying that all teenage mothers never make lives for themselves? Never have college degrees and careers? That’s a pretty ignorant and low thing to say. That blanket statement just shows how ignorant you really are. Go fuck yourself, Sasha. You and your big fuckin mouth just lost my respect. Anything to make a gossip column right? Good lord, get the fuck over yourself. Perhaps you’re bitter because you’re nearly thirty and single with a dog and cats as your companion??? Did you ever think that maybe she wanted this child? No, because positivity doesn’t fly when you are paid to talk shit about people. I’m out. Fuck off.

  • are forgetting that the person making the statement was her mother??? jeez, what was she supposed to say? my daughter is a stupid bitch and ruined her life? she is trying to focus on the positive. yes, 19 is better than 16.

  • I’m going to have to agree with the angry teen-mom defenders here. Although I wouldn’t be “proud” of my daughter for getting pregnant as an unwed teen, I’m sure Paris’ mother has plenty of things to be proud of her daughter about, including how she handled herself with respect to this pregnancy. Single teen motherhood isn’t something to aspire to, but it happens and if a young woman has enough character and is determined enough, she can make it work and be a great mother and have a wonderful life. And to the commenters here who had babies as teens and continued in school and/or got good jobs, my hat is off to you. I know how incredibly tough it is and you should all be very proud.

  • I agree with Beet. She’s a stupid fucking whore who should have been on BIRTH CONTROL. Clearly she gets her brains from her idiotic mother.

  • MW wot an ignorant person u r!! just remember karmas a bitch!! u might ave a daughter 1 day to whom this could happen!!

  • BeetJockin’ dearest
    thank you for your kind attention
    my comment is not about what is going on in America
    I don’t come here to injuriate or make preposterous comments on other people’s opinions
    I just express my view as someone who chose to be a mother at 31
    caucasian european with african relatives
    and if my view is not yours, I consider it very healthy and positive
    mind you, my ass and my head are my own business though
    and racism is a two way street
    all my love to you too

  • Jess, I was all proud of your first comment but then you had to get all defensive pro-lifer on us. Your score is back to zero.

    Are we seriously going to resort to name calling here? Especially MW. Please seek help for the rage inside you that forces you to call people you’ve never met stupid effing whores. 1. Not everyone believes in birth control. 2. Shit happens in life, whether you use it or not.

    And, it’s “you’re”.

    None of us had better get pregnant, cos we’re obviously all in high school today.

  • I’m really not impressed with what you have to say Beet. My sister fell pregnant at 18 (and gave birth at 19) and it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She really changed and grew up, she took responsibility and became a respectable woman. Now she has a beautiful 4 year old daughter, she is married and recently gave birth to her second daughter. She has a beautiful, young, energetic family, and i dont know anyone that doesnt admire her for who she is and the wonderful family she is raising. The body is naturally at its best for conception/childbirth during the late teens and early 20s. Do you think its any better that people fall pregnant during their 40s? when the body is ill adapted to produce children? To all the small minded selfish people that are slagging this girl off, stuff you. To Paris, congratulations and i hope everything goes smoothly. There is nothing wrong with being proud of your daughter for being who she is, and i think she must be a good mother to be able to look on the positive side of the pregnancy and be proud :) Would it be better if she told the girl to get out and never come back, because she was some cheap slut?! No. No respectable mother would do that.

  • I guess it depends on what kind of 19 year old you are… me, I would have been a trainwreck if I’d had a child at 19, but this is cuz of my sheltered upbringing and just cuz I’m an immature prat, basically. If Paris thinks she can raise a child, then all the best to her…

    haha, and what’s up with the”baby murderer” comment, wow… that’s kind of out of hand.

  • Asta
    first of all I must be sure you are a man
    then….in this life…you never know
    I’ve been to San Francisco, Napa Valley(good wine there!)
    that’s about all of CA I know
    I like going to the US
    true<3<3<3<3<3 to you

  • oh,btw Asta
    since I am suspicious you are not a man,LOL
    the last line of my previous comment still is for real
    I am not sexist

  • 1) Nineteen is too frickin’ young. I don’t care if you’re married; it’s still too young. Why have a kid when you have to struggle if it’s going to be a lot easier in 5 years? What’s the rush?

    2) People who “don’t believe” in birth control shouldn’t believe in premarital sex, either. If you don’t want a baby, you can avoid it 99.9% of the time with the proper methods.

    3) Sometimes the responsible thing is not to become a mother at all, if you’re willing to take that route.

  • Thank you jo :)

    And to ‘RhymesWithSilver’, thats fair enough if thats how you view your own life, but people mature at different ages. Some people are grown up and ready to be mothers at earlier ages than others. Age isnt what deciphers your ability to be a good mother. In fact you could argue that women that mother children later on in life are too wrapped up in their careers to give their children the love and time needed. I’m not trying to offend anyone, just pointing out that there is never a ‘perfect time’ to have children. Who says that life will be easier in 5 years? In fact who said it will be a struggle to have a baby at 19 in the first place? 5 years on from 19, would be 24: isnt that when Britney Spears started having kids? Did the fact that she was 5 years older help her in being a stable mother? not really. it depends on the individual and not the age!

  • Hey, Joan, that’s exactly what MY mother would have done, so shush.

    Also, seriously, this is the internet, people… if you don’t like what someone else is saying, don’t start slinging “retard” at each other, just ignore it. Though, I have to admit, jo’s amazing ability to use “wot” and “whom” in the same sentence is cracking my ass up.

  • The sheer level of ignorance in this thread is mind-blowing. I hope none of the true RETARDS (guess what, I can use whatever word I want to) in here have actually reproduced. If you can’t distinguish YOUR from YOU’RE, please sew it up. Asta, do the world a favor and take the pill. Thanks!

  • Good god people its just text slang for crying out loud!!! so WHAT i spelt it ”wot” its just text language!! didn’t realise i was back in an english lesson doing an essay!

  • Just text language? Why don’t you just sign your kids up for junior college with a bubblegum flavored purple pen and mail in your taxes using a princess stamp, shit-for-brains.

  • Actually, it’s you who’s boring. I was the one putting a little thought into my comments. I guess you’d actually have to HAVE some thoughts to do that, though.

  • Then stop biting back & stop talking to me!! its as easy as that my lovely little friend!!

  • I don’t know why you think I’m ignorant, MW. All I’m saying is let’s stop calling each other names. I don’t think calling someone shit-for-brains equals putting thought into your comments.

    I use the Nuvaring, not the pill, but thanks.

  • leave jo alone its MW thats acting like shes 12!! what an absolute dick she is! she just abuses everyone when really she needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and realise what a sad life she has!! get a grip!

  • Oh yes, I’m a sad, sad Ivy-league educated 28 year old blonde with primo dick at home. Boo hoo, poor me.

  • Beet it’s absolutely presumptious for you to assume that she will never get an education or a meaningful career because she got pregnant at 19. You really started some bullshit this time.