Today's Evil Beet Gossip

New York, New York!

And we’re off!

Leo and I are leaving early Sunday morning for our big trip to NYC. Leo in the City! It’s Leo’s first plane flight, and he’s very excited. He’s been running around the house all day barking to the cats about it. They are less excited, although they are delighted that they’ll have the house to themselves for a few days, without Leo’s face in their asses at all times.

I went to Petco today to get Leo a special travel carrier, and they had these adorable doggy shirts for Fourth of July. So now Leo has a new shirt that says “American Born and Bred” and he is going to wear it for the Fourth whether he likes it or not (note: he will not like it).

Anyway posting will be non-existent on Sunday, but I’ll be back for late-night Sunday and back full-time on Monday.

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  • Beet! I feel so uninformed without you! Whatever shall I do without my daily updates on crotchshots and crack heads…oh lordy, I think I need Evil Beet rehab.

  • BEEEET! welcome back to NYC……i call long island home. hope you and leo have a good stay here! if you are staying past the 4th I highly recommend taking a trip out to the island to see Badfish(a sublime tribute band) on Thurs July 3rd. They are playing at Mulchays in Wantagh. Best band live hands down. You will go home drenched in sweat and happy(from dancing so much) check em out
    Hope to see you there! I’d def buy a round :)

  • I hope you have a wonderful time & I hope everything goes great w/ Leo-that dog goes more places than I do! ;) Lucky lucky boy!

    That’s hilarious that minni thought Leo was your boyfriend…he’s your dog AND your boyfriend-duh. ;) And yes-there MUST be pics of Leo in his 4th of July shirt-we’ll be expecting those next week!!!

    I can just imagine the kitties at home in the recliner w/ a beer in their paw-LOVE IT!!! =)