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I’m Your Real Daddy Anyway!

With her mom in London preparing her divorce from Guy Ritchie, Lourdes is spending the summer in NYC with her papa, Carlos Leon.

Carlos reportedly lost his shit with the photogs just after this picture was taken. “I’ll see you alone one day!” he screamed at them. (Notes the photo agency: “He had just picked up Lourdes and was only photographed for about a minute before hailing a taxi.”)

Anyway, Lourdes is going to be such a strikingly beautiful young woman, if only someone would just tweeze her eyebrows. I swear to you Madonna is forcing her to keep that stupid unibrow if only because it’s a sure-fire way to keep the boys away.

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  • She’s a fugly little thing. Methinks she looks like a troll. Madonna, shave her entire body please you are assaulting our senses.

  • Yeah. She’ll be gorgeous; I’m completely convinced. Do you remember how absolutely stunning she was when she was still a baby? But, yeah. Lose the unibrow. She’ll do it soon, I’m sure.

  • You people must be blind. That thing looks like a gorilla. It is a ugly monkey. Im suprised “it’s” not hanging from a tree. Her mother must be embarrased.

  • I think she will grow up to be a pretty girl but……..If her Mom keeps letting the hair grow on the kids face she is going to end up looking like Groucho Marks(sp?).

  • But who knows she had a profile at ~~b lack which is a niche interracial dating site? She had a hot video there. She is really sexy with bikini in that video. someone thought it is naughty. but I don’t think so

  • i think she’s cute, and i’m sure she’ll start plucking once puberty hits.
    and i think that dad is a DILF! haha

  • I like how she’s trying to confuse us lately with the headband. Is it the eyebrows? Is it a black strip of cloth? I love her outfit here, especially the skirt and shoes. She’ll pluck or wax when it’s time. If I were her and I knew what all the crazy gossipers were saying about me I’d cry for an hour thinking everyone hated me, then I’d not pluck out of spite. But she’s a kid. She doesn’t have to look like a made-up prissy Disney star if she doesn’t wanna.

  • She will be a “looker” for sure but I feel for her for everything she has, and will, go through before she gets there. This is in no way a normal childhood, and having excess wealth does not make it any easier.

  • She’s way too young to worry about plucking! She’s is really very pretty and will be a beautiful young woman.

  • she’s beautiful. madonna is very strict. i don’t see the big deal about tweezing the brows if she’s allowed to shave her legs and arm pits! madonna is very controlling, but i’m sure she means the best where her kids are concerned.

  • Carlos looks like he’s about to lose his shit…probably ’cause he knows if anything goes wrong on this visit he won’t see the kid again until she’s of legal age…look how tightly her hands are being held…you’d think Madonna would spring for a flippin’ car & driver, hailing a taxi indeed.

  • Hey Idiots – The whole unibrow thing is ‘her’ thing. Sometimes people with these odd features are ACTUALLY CONSIDERED BEAUTIFUL!!! !!! ! ! ! ! ! SOMETIMES ppl dont always have to conform to look like every rich bimbo.. SOMETIMES ppl look european – with out the armpit hair! amazing isnt it! She is beautiful.

  • Not only does she have a unibrow, she also is sporting quite the “stache” on her upper lip!

  • Carlos looks like a real a–hole. He’s always upset and angry. The guy is a D-listed actor. His one call to fame, supplying Madonna with sperm. He should be happy that any paparazzi is photographing him. There are A-listed actors ten times more famous and more photographed than he is, and they don’t walk around with that chip-on-the-shoulder all of the time.

    I saw Leon in Times Square once as I was getting off the train and he was waiting on the platform. The guy has serious problems. This was back in the late 90’s and he looked as if he were furious and scared at the same time. He had a look on his face as if he was at the verge of having a hysteria attack if anyone went up to him. Thankfully, nobody took any heed of him and passed by him as if he were nothing at all.