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So In Love!

Naomi Watts and her baby-daddy boyfriend Liev Schreiber go for a romantical walk in New York City.

Check out the Birkenstocks on Liev. I haven’t seen a celeb sporting those in awhile. Love it.

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  • He is a tall drink of water..hmm i love a man built like 5’9 so i need a man the stature of shaq to look like a woman of average height..i love that tho so they can pick you up and throw you around..slightly off topic but any way fuelled a nice fantasy for me during the next 20 mins of my ferry ride

  • stupid ass spammer jay!!!!

    yeah, at first i thought she got the short end of the stick after her relationship with heath ledger tanked. but yeah, liev schreiber is definitely S-E-X-Y…
    And so is Naomi Watts… very nice couple and their baby is just sweet.
    Yes, he does totally rock the birkenstocks, too.

  • I never found him attractive before, but he looks really excellent in this picture :].
    I live Whats her face’s sandals, too.