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OMG You Guys I Have a New Favorite Website

It’s called Paris and Sally, and it exists to help Paris Hilton sell her new line of $69.99 hair extensions from Sally Beauty Supply.

Because, according to Paris, “everyone should get the chance to be me.”

It even includes a very exciting video set to the tune of Paris’s hit 2006 song, “Turn It Up” (disclaimer: may not have been a hit at all).

Seriously everything about this website sucks so much.

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  • I think it’s pretty delusional on her part to think anyone wants the chance to be her. The chance to kick her, maybe. But BE her? No.

  • OOOOH Pick me! Pick me! I always dreamed one day, I could grow up to be a rich, illiterate heiress with herps and other STDs who is the biggest skank loser on the planet. Oh, I can be! I can just buy some fake, plastic hair and like I’ll be totally hot. Can I also get some antibiotics to go along with this raging case of the clap? That’s where Paris’ real money lies. She should start her own line of herpes creams. Because if anyone knows about 5 times a day it’s this bimbo.

  • What a narcissistic sociopath. When are people going to wake the fuck up and realize she’s a waste of oxygen?

  • I was actually in Sally Beauty Supply LAST night to buy hair color…I saw the hair extension and commented to the sales clerk about how Paris has her hand in everything…

    her comment was “no one will pay $69.99 for FAKE hair, when they can spend a little more for REAL hair extensions.”

    I’m just sayin…

  • Oh yeah, I wanna be Paris, if only to go shoe shopping at the place where trannies buy their footwear.

  • Hi beet,

    Today I put a down payment for a cute lhasa-poo/chihuahua. She’s dark brown and beige and is one month old. I will be getting her in a month, but I have never had a pet before and I’m very nervous about making mistakes. Any suggestions?

  • Yes I want to be like Paris! Now I can get her hair but where, oh where, can I get my own lazy eye??? Yuck!

  • Her website is hilarious. Really Paris really? “your hotness level might melt the charts” Why oh why do these people keep promoting this bottom feeding trash bag ho? I think my fav is See Paris….lazy eye up close and all. ;-)

  • I will NEVER shop at Sally Beauty Supply just because of this. I don’t think her hair extensions look that great on her.

  • ok all you guys suck….rules…and is a Sally Beauty Supply site. She has blown new life into a crusty old company. Stop hating on my girl. She is richer, prettier, and more successful than any of you!!

  • it’s a bit sad for paris that being her is about wearing some hair extensions…
    hey liz, get some and call the dog tinkerbell :D

  • Paris is a man. Sally is blowing her. This stoopid rich chick is a big joke on all mankind. She needs to take her jumbo size feet and exit stage left.

  • “She is richer, prettier, and more successful than any of you!!”
    — Quoth another lovely poster.

    Richer, yes. Prettier if you ignore the lazy eye, I suppose. (Still a stretch, though; I find many people prettier than Miss Hilton here.) More fake, certainly.
    And more successful because of Daddy’s pocketbook.
    Damn, am I ever jealous.
    *wistful sigh*

  • ahaha, did anyone else think the colours available were truly revolting? (yes, i stayed on the website long enough to look)… the black looked marginally green. actually, most of the colours did.
    silly Paris…

  • Hey Annie, the sad thing is that at the animal shop there was a collar with Tinkerbell written on it…I mean I live in Montreal, Canada
    and Paris even influenced us here with all that publicity she gave her stupid dog…Argh!

  • to: ‘Paris love’
    Paris is richer than me because of her FAMILY’S money and I am 100% sure that I’m happier than her.. I don’t need fake friends, fake success and fake hair. I beg to differ that she’s pretty – her lazy eyes are highly unattractive and you could scrape her make-up off with a trowel. And successful..?! Pffft. Every single thing in her life has been handed to her on a plate. A shiny pink one with fake hair. At least I know that every success in my life has been down to ability and intelligence – something Paris is definately lacking. Please, don’t insult me; there are a thousand reasons why I would NEVER want to be Paris. The fact that she somehow thinks we all would is one of them.
    I pity her.

  • yes, because everyone wants to be a free loading skank. y the hell would ANYONE want to you paris? give me ONE good reason. and FYI- money does not make everything better. i have it and right now, life isnt looking as amazing as it used it-so fuck off paris.