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Mario Lopez is SUCH an Asshole!

This guy just treats all women like shit and I hate him. I have no idea why anyone would date him. He’s such a gigantic loser with really, really, REALLY low self-esteem, and probably a tiny penis that only gets hard when he can see himself in the mirror. Seriously I heard rumors about him being an enormous asshole even back on his SBTB days, and then he cheated on Ali Landry just days before their wedding, and all of a sudden he starts to get all famous and popular again and I was kind of like “WHAT THE FUCK??? Don’t people remember what a DOUCHEBAG he is???” Well hopefully this kind of bullshit will help solidify in the minds of the American public that THIS GUY SUCKS and we don’t need to be casting him in anything or watching him on TV or drooling over him and or doing anything other than hating him and all his shittiness.

Here’s his ex-girlfriend, Karina Smirnoff, appearing on Chelsea Lately right after news broke that Mario had been cheating on her for a long-ass time with a stupid hooker who worked at Hooters. CLASSY! Chelsea asks her if she found out along with the rest of the country, and she says that she just found out a couple of days ago, and then she starts to cry. It’s so sad! And then Chelsea is totally kick-ass and awesome about it and consoles her and notes what a total fuckhead Mario is.


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  • Come on, it was a hooters girl. That should be a get out of jail card all the time. Us males can’t resist hooters girls. It is like superman and kryptonite. We are powerless.

  • Certain women like you who think they “know it all” deserve to be cheated on. It puts you in your place Beet.
    You’re one of those women who try to control everything which is why you’re single with the only things in your life being a dog 3 cats, and a blog (all things that you can control)….. Get over yourself and learn some humility, and guys won’t cheat on you. Stop blaming “mankind” for your shitty life.
    Not everyone lives in your image.

  • Aww, she and Chelsea both come across as totally likeable. Wish I had cable!

    I’ve NEVER understood A.C. Slater’s appeal. To me, he’ll always be a short kid with a mullet in a little red Bayside wrestler’s unitard. Mr. fucking Belding had more sex appeal than Slater!

    Donkey Punch and TSS: I grew up with a great dad, wonderful grandfathers, a shitton of uncles, and innumerable older male father figures and male friends who have NOT cheated on their wives/significant others. I definitely don’t think that all men cheat, and I don’t think that Beet was implying that, either. The men who DO cheat are complete douchebags, though. Especially serial cheaters like Mario who fuck other women at their own BACHELOR PARTIES.

    Donkey: if you lived in my town and met the kind of skanks who work in places like Hooters, you would not wish to dip your wick in ’em. Trust me.

  • Geez Beet, a tad bitter at all? She knew what she was getting into. He may be a douche but that’s the way it goes.

  • @ Ernestine – I was just joking about the girls at hooters (although some of them that work in Toronto are mighty damned fine).

    Been married 17 years to the same woman and never cheated.

    @ Beet – Can you check TSS’ IP to see if he really is Perez Hilton?

  • Um, Lindsay.. What the ef are you talking about?? & TSS, u need some help son.. really.. A little angry at Women?
    Beet, keep rockin on.

  • TSS, darling, stop telling other people to get over themselves and try to get over yourself. You’re the one who needs it.

    Donkey Punch-

    You know that loser isn’t Perez Hilton. He’s too silly to even be Perez Hilton, and that says a whole lot. Probably some lonely virgin high school kid with a penis as small as Mario Lopez’s who thinks he’s a badass for posting mildly offensive comments in blogs. Everyone watch out for the internet Rambo.

  • Ah yes, that all-too-familiar female bleating against “those assholes.” OMG, that poor girl! Wahwahwah!

    Funny that it’s always the bloated single ones with emotional problems of mythic proportions and WHO STILL CRAVE MALE VALIDATION that voice such pathetic diatribes.

    (High5 to TSS)

  • I saw Mario on my morning news program here in San Diego (where Mario is from) just last week. He was saying how bitter he is that he has gotten all his gf’s into shape and all hot b/c he likes girls who like fintess and stuff. He said he gets them all looking good for the next guy to enjoy so he has had a lot of “new boyfriends” thank him for getting her so hot.


  • All you homely women need to shut the F$%K UP! Your fat asses will do anything to bitch about your probems except go out and improve yourselves.
    For some reason you brainless twats think bitching about men in a group is going to change….UH OH……Wait a minute…. I feel myself changing…..My penis is transforming into a bitter self-loathing cheesy vagina….It’s working…keep bitching!!!
    That Dancing With the Skank bitch knew what she was getting into wayyy before she moved in with Mario. I’m not sayin what he did was right, but she was looking for honesty, decency, and monogamy from a guy who cheated 1 week into his last marriage????
    She’s either a fame whore or the stupidest bitch on this earth (present company excluded of course)
    Women on here Crack me up.

  • I do believe TSS stands for The Shit Stirrer.

    Please, oh great master, guide us in the proper use of this medium so that we may find your approval and reach the zen-like state of being and maturity where you abide. Oh wait…I forgot … you’re a knob …go kick a puppy so you can feel better about yourself.

  • uh, tss uh, ”dude” calm down. who cares, really. I mean so he is an asshole. so. maybe a Prozac will take the edge off. Maybe the girl was a bimbo or whatever and certain personalities attract these ”types” others do not. seriously, you’re f***** angry.

  • I completely agree with you, Beet. When I heard he cheated on ALI hot-doritos-chick LANDRY DAYS before their WEDDING I officially started to hate him. These women are far too beautiful, talented, and interesting to waste their time with such a douche.

    (BTW I’m reading Chelsea’s new book, “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” and it’s hilarious.)

  • I didn’t read all the other comments, so this may have been said already…First, it was NOT a prostitute, Chelsea said “it could have been worse, it could have been a prostitute or a man.” Second, Karina did NOT get emotional, she was joking about getting emotional.
    I really like this web site, but you obviously didn’t watch or listen to the clip very closely.

  • Ugh, I remember him also being charged with rape a long time ago. The charges were dropped but I have always wondered. Regardless, he is douche even without the rape rap.

  • I thought that he was closeted – guess not. He’s a total cheeseball. It’s like he has gone from acting to being an entertainment “journalist”. What a comedown.

  • Thank You for being one of the few to REMEMBER!!! AND THEN there is the thing about the rape. The little prick raped a beautiful young lady I know, and this PRICK should be in PRISON. He was SIMPLY able to “BUY HIS WAY” out of a conviction, and for those with an IQ that does not exceed double digits, who will be ignorant enough to say, “Well he wasn’t convicted,” remember that justice is always for sale (SADLY) and particularly if you are lucky enough to have even the slightest amount of celebrity, it’s PARTICULARLY true! Don’t agree? Just two initials: OJ!! Simply look at the SPECIAL undeserved treatment of VIRITUALLY ANYONE who is in the least known OR WHO is at all wealthy!!!!

    For all the idiots sluts who are so mesmermized by the crooked, immoral, lying bastard, Wouldn’t you like to be raped forcibly, then assaulted, then laughed, at as he tells you that, “noone will ever believe you over ME!!” THEN AFTER LAUGHING, THREATEN YOUR LIFE IF YOU SAY ANYTHING! If you defend him, YOU DESERVE THE SAME!!!!

    We have people who have been caught smoking one simple bit of weed who are in prison for years. THe justice system is crazy. Actually, I doubt LOPEY would mind being in prison, since I think he could go either way. He SUCKS, AND SHOULD NEVER BE ON ANY SHOW, much less hosting one, or appearing ON ANY! The fact that ANYONE defends him says it all about their morality!

    Now, plug that info into the cheating just before wedding, It is all about being a total prick!

  • Totally overated and a closet homo, Eva Longoria and I are best girlfrieinds honey! Isn’t it funny how people belive their own hype when nobody else does?

  • Well, we can exact revenge by continually posting what a douchebag loser he is. His career is nothing anyway – he’s a reporter on a fucking entertainment show. To go from a TV hit show to TV movies to EXTRA!!! or whatever the name of that show is – he’s SUNK FUCKING LOWWWW!!!! All he has is looks, and they will fade. Then his career will go even further down the toilet.

  • I love the girls that suspect there boyfriends, but have to proclaim that there man would NEVER cheat, haha, yeah right, yes honey, your man too…..I promise!

  • a no-talent prick that is only on air as eye-candy for teenie boppers. he started on that dopey kiddie school show and has nevr actually “acted”. why do networks even promote this creep ?

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