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Dakota Would’ve Done It!

Abigail Breslin recently told the LA Times that she — gasp! — didn’t cut her hair to play a short-haired girl in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Rather, she donned a short-haired wig.

“I really don’t know if I could handle having my own hair really short, but wearing the wig was fun. It didn’t really feel that different but felt like I was wearing a hat. But I’d never do that to my real hair, because I like putting it in a ponytail. I really don’t like short hair.”

The nerve! Silly Abigail, now no one’s going to take you seriously as an actress. You know what you should do? Sign on to a film where you’ll get raped on screen. That’s what the real pre-teen actresses do.

And I really don’t know why I so enjoy pitting Abigail Breslin against Dakota Fanning. It’s probably pretty cruel and immature of me to pit two pre-pubescent girls against each other (yeah, Dakota’s 14, but she still looks to be miles from puberty), but it amuses me to no end. Also, nothing else is going on right now. This election needs to hurry up and be over, pronto.

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  • dakota looks like she eats other kids for breakfast, so be my guest to bitch about her. and she seems to like tom cruise.
    abigail is a pretty normal little girl who likes her long hair. everyone does right? seriously. most of the l.a. bitches would refuse to getting their hair cut short. character actresses are rare in hollywood, didn’t you know?

  • Also, Miss Breslin’s wig makes her look even more like the American Girl Doll she portrays.

  • At least shes not a pushover! Good for her if she can still pull it off, plus after her dance scene in Little Miss Sunshine, she needs no proof of her acting talents!!!

  • Dakota dropped out of My Sister’s Keeper with cameron Diaz because she refused to were a “bald” wig in the movie…

  • Is it just me or don’t you guys think that Abigail looks like a younger Kirsten Dunst in this pic?

  • Like Sue said, Dakota and her sis opted out of Sister’s keeper because of the bald cap.
    The new actress went one further and actually shaved her her hair off.
    Abigail is so much more special than Dakota in my eyes.


  • It is really immature to pit two excellent young celebrities against each other. They are both wonderful actress and two of my favorite.Actually no Abigail should NOT do a movie where she is getting abused just to show that she is a wonderful actress.She is eleven years old and is doing excellent in her career. If I was her I would not want to get my hair cut off for a role because it is my choice if I want to keep my hair or not.Really I am taking acting classes and this just came from life you should not be pushed into anything if you want to do it. Every one has a different option that is the main point.And I don’t care what any other actress or actor would have done I know that she is a wonderful,excellent actress in my eyes and others!!!!

  • Khalen, Beet was being sarcastic about the rape thing. Geez.

    Abigail looks way cuter with the wig than her normal hair. I like her anyway.

  • i agree with khalen (in regards to the immaturity thing i know beet was being sarcastic about the rape -.-) it is stupid to pit the two against each other for many reasons one of which is that they are both little more than children and therefore still haven’t found all of their “comfort zones” in regards to their career but first and foremost it is foolhardy to compare them because Abigail Breslin will always win XD