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Snoop Dogg Is Married?

I guess he is, because his wife was arrested for DUI in Fullerton this weekend.

Her name is Shante Broadus, and she’s been married to Snoop since 1997. She was taken to jail in Fullerton and released. There was no one else in the car.

Look at this chick! She’s been doing a lot more than drinking and driving. That is some serious crack-face. You’d think Snoop would have ditched her ass long ago.

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  • Snoop,wife and kids have a reality show on E and she looks pretty when made up. It’s a funny show-check it out!

  • Well at least we know that Snoop’s hard earned money isn’t being spent on frivolous beauty treatments like facials, make up, or lip gloss. It’s refreshing to see a woman with freshly picked zits, who proud and out there!

  • Gotta respect the fact that they’ve been together for a long-ass time and are married w/kids. As far as substance abuse problems, and ditching her Snoop should be the last pot to call any kettle black..

  • hmm i’m not really seeing any crack face there, just pissed-off-face. you’d think she’d be the one to ditch snoop i find him to be endlessly repulsive. i saw their show once and snoop was giving one of his kids shit for crying when his brother punched him in the face. sweet.

  • You call yourself a blogger but you didn’t know that Snoop has been married for years. They seperated and got back together; not to mention the fact that he has a hit show on E. Then you make mention to her looks- which if you watched the show you would know she does not always look this way . Well, it’s back to Perez for me- at least he knows who people are.

  • @ naquan: I went to perez’s site and took a look at the blurb he wrote about Ms. Dogg. Surely enough… he says she looks like a dog and adds “woof!” afterward. He also adds little white dots under one nostril, the purpose of which I leave to the reader’s imagination.

    In fact, beet was nicer than perez.

    @ peanut gallery: In addition, beet does this cool thing called satire. It’s a pretty complicated literary construct. Perhaps you should look it up.

    Also… don’t badger the beet. bloggers aren’t historians or scientists and perez didn’t show any special knowledge in his blurb. Plus, as I understand it she’s on the road traveling and dodging beet-stalkers and beet-munching bedbugs. Cut her some slack.

  • That’s the Boss Lady! Don’t fuck with her or she’ll rip you a new one! Shante is the shit! She puts up with Snoop and those bad ass kids and still manages to keep her calm through everything. No wonder she got a DUI…she had to get drunk and get out of that damn house for a minute! I love you Shante, no matter what these other haters think!

  • That’s crazy talk. Who is Snoop supposed to ditch her for, some hollywood, mixed race gold-digger? You people are a trip. He’s married to his high school sweet-heart, and she’s good enough for him so what the hell is your problem? Snoop is not a Denzel by far, so why shouldn’t he be with her! Beet honey, I suggest you learn more about people that are not in your little box, even if it is “just gossip”.

  • Angry Pirate- I would consider arguing with you if either one of us actually got paid for it. Satire I get ignorance I don’t. She should at least Google a person before making a comment. Who cares if she was on the road she had time to add the story.

  • OH MY GOD! Woah she looks messed up! I guess E! really saved her life with that reality show they had. Snoop Dogg’s fatherhood. You should have seen it…. really non-interesting show about Snoop, where he goes and his family coping with his not being home.
    Funny thing is, they call Shante “Boss Lady”… should be Bag Lady!
    She’s bringing out a clothing line as well… CoCoRi.
    Is this the face of the product? Scarybananas!

  • “”Angry Pirate- I would consider arguing with you if either one of us actually got paid for it. Satire I get ignorance I don’t. She should at least Google a person before making a comment. Who cares if she was on the road she had time to add the story.””

    Why should beet google her? The whole point of having her OWN blog is saying what SHE THINKS. Get it now? ‘Bag Lady’ is MARRIED to a celeb. I’m sure YOU don’t know every celeb’s significant other by face and name. And obviously her comment “Snoop Dogg is married” is aimed at the fact that he makes a living cavorting as a pimp.

  • lol haha all of yall is funny.who the fucked do u kno gets drunk and look like a prize,and kno one is perfect.thank god she didnt have an accident and harm herself or anyone else.the girl takes one fucked up pic and everybody being so dramatic omg plz,and all that about dumping her FOR WHAT, cause she got drunk and pulled over,i think its very rare to find couples who’ve been 2gether since high school,all her kids have the same baby daddy and she’s married to a celeb,YOU GO GIRL,yeah and it may be snoop, but a thugg needs love 2.i take my hat off to them for still being 2gether with there 3 children and still trying to keep it going,cant say that fro a lot of ppl,and just think he’s a thugg out rapper who knows how to keep his family 2gether,.stop hating dammmmm.

  • Hay people, I have met Shanta in person and she doesn’t look like this she is cute and has a nice figure as well. Everybody has a bad day and this was hers. Let’s be adults and move on. Or ask ourselves if the camera was in our face on that day how would our picture turn out?

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