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Lily Allen Strikes Back at Perez

Okay, okay, I know, there’s been a lot of Perez-hating around here lately. But this time it’s coming from Lily Allen, not me.

On her most recent MySpace blog, Lily strikes back about Perez posting the following:

In her blog rant from earlier today, Lily Allen spread a bunch of lies, most of which are easily debunked.

Like this one!

Claims the British trainwreck, “And this is not meant in any way [to be mean] but I’d never heard of Katy Perry before I came here [to L.A.] a few days ago, I didn’t even know she was on Capitol.”

Uhmm, liar!

Sources close to both Lily and Katy tell us that Allen “definitely knows” Perry.

In fact, they’ve even met!

Above is a lovely picture of Katy and Lily together.

Oh, and the folks at Capitol also tell us that Lily is lying. She says, “I think I visited Capitols office in New York once, about a year a half ago.”

Maybe all the pAArtying is affecting her brain? Cuz our peeps at Capitol tell us she’s been there MORE than once in the past year and a half.

Why lie, Lily? Why lie?????

Lily’s response:

I am not a liar Pee pEe , how can I possibly have been to Capitols office in the last year when my visa to get into the states was only granted three weeks ago, there is no Capitol office in LA as far as I know and I certainly haven’t been to New York in the past few days , you should know , you’ve documented my every move since I got here ? And many people ask to have their photos taken with me , I don’t keep a record of peoples names . You wouldn’t understand that though , you can probably remember the names and faces of all seven fans that turned up to your clothing line signing the other day.

I made you a present

now if i’m so irrelevant , stop subscribing to my blog and let me get back to work

I dare you to post this on your site

The “present” was the photo I’ve included above.

Again, folks, Lily’s words, not mine.

Thanks Lucy!

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  • Haha!! I will now officially buy EVERY SINGLE CD Lilly comes out with!! How’s that for launching a career Pee Pee????

  • Lily is LeBomq was, is, shall be. Love her music.

    Also… HAHAHAHAAAAHA oh man. Poor Perez now has a piece of his giganormous ass missing.


    Lily 2 : Pee Pee 0.

  • It would be funnier if Lilly Allen wasn’t such a liar. If only she had thought to be an honest person, she probably wouldn’t be in this mess!

    Then again, what else can you expect from a girl who’s so trashy she’s having a blog fight with Perez?

    They’re both trash. They deserve each other.

    • (”KATE” ”THE” HATER!) Look up the history of Capitol Records it was taken over by Virgin records) ”oh my god! Lily Allen actually knows about the company that distributes her records in the U.S. She also knows people that work there. That’s funny.. she wasn’t lying.Lily Allen is always in trouble for being honest, but press reports contradict her statements, wow that’s funny but true! Lily Allen isn’t always drinking it’s the same picture of Lily Allen with pink hair taken last June, (And you thought you were the only one that thinks they get it) that’s funny! Lily Allen is misunderstood because of the tabloids, those are they’re stories not hers. finally! PEREZ HILTON MADE INSINUATIONS THAT LILY ALLEN WAS SMOKING WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT! PHOTOGRAPHS OF HER TAKEN BETWEEN DECEMBER 14 THROUGH JANUARY 28TH PROVE DIFFERENT. HE THEN CONTINUED TO TAUNT HER ABOUT LOOSING THE BABY, LOOK IT UP. LILY ALLEN WOULD NOT HAVE RESPONDED UNLESS, SHE WAS DEEPLY HURT BY THE REMARKS. WHO WOULDN’T BE. Lily Allen is always provoked, she fights back sometimes, trash people will just sit there and take it.. she’s one of a kind!

    • Lily Allen gets far too much flack for not being a liar. Some people want her to shut up because shes so honest. Capitol records was bought by virgin Records, and no longer has they’re offices there. Being trashed is not the same as getting trashed by the papers. Lily Allen’s uphill battle is to keep her name out of the tabloids. Her drinking is greatly exaggerated as is her drug use. She’s always been provoked by the people that start the fights. She is not trash>>>BITCH!

  • I professed my love for Lily like 2 days ago so please back of y’all. She is the cutest thing, though. I want to go camping and tell ghost stories and eat s’mores with her and then hide in our sleeping bag cuz we hear scary noisaes outside. Then we’ll snuggle till the scary things go away. THE END.

  • Ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Point goes to Allen for the WIN. Congrats Lily, drinks on the house for the rest of the night. Well done.

    Bite it Mario, you smell like ass.

  • Perez and Lilly Allen are opinionated, low brow pissants in the gossip-entertainment world and not really admired or believed on most of what they do or say.

    • Gumball that does not make sense! Perez Hilton is the enemy, because he/she like many others put her in that position, if your saying that Lily Allen deserves what she gets your ”Way Off””

  • remember that blind item that was posted about a gossip girl star spreading herpes…. well take a look at chace here, it looks like he has something on his lip!

  • Beet, I just got guest listed to go to his MMVA after-party in Toronto on Sunday. I think I’ll go just to see how many people show up!

  • I am dying of laughter right now that I can hardly type. I hate Perez. I can’t believe I typed his name. I almost thought about making that picture Lily had of him as my screensaver but I am afraid I would toss my lunch; however, it is way funny.

  • Lily Allen is so damn annoying. If she would lay off the Crack, Meth & booze she wouldn’t be in this mess. She had to have been high on something when she posted this because everyone knows that Captiol Records DOES have an office in LA, its only one of the most famous buildings in Hollywood. What a cracked out whore. Drugs are not the way kids, Lily Allen is a good example of that.

  • Ah, Laila, could you be any further up Perez’s ass? Sheesh. He a pig. She occasionally is one as well. He can’t take it when someone dishes back, really. It’s funny. ‘course the world’s forests will suffer for it because it’ll take so much to cover his fat ass.

  • I haven’t had much of an opinion on Lily Allen up until now, but damn! That bitch is funny!

  • Actually Capitol has a building in L.A, but none of the offices are there anymore.

    Check the wiki and its online page.

  • Perez Hilton started this fight, and Lily Allen finished it. You cant blame anybody for defending themselves. Lily Allen explained that the only time she fights is when she fights back. (Her own words more or less) So shes keeping a good record so far!(did i mention shes cute!)

  • the truth hurts sometimes.(especially for Lily Allen who is misquoted a….lot) Madonna’s over rated (YEAH NO SH*T)Cheryl (Tweedy)Cole is a fake, It shows that Lily Allen has a sense of humor to write a song about it, after the chick with a dick comment about her. Lets see what else…. Victoria Posh Beckham is not a good role model, because young girls set there goals too high too soon. Lily Allen has an adult target market and does not feel she should be a role model (given a troubled past, which is behind her)but I can’t see where she’s attacking people when it’s the image they stand for. I agree with Lily Allen 100 percent%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%