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Going Gray!

Roseanne Barr has apparently decided to embrace the aging process.

The 55-year-old actress showed off some gray at the TV Land Awards in Santa Monica on Sunday.

Eh, you have to hand it to her: in the long run, at least she turned out a lot better than Tom Arnold, who can’t seem to find a red carpet without first finding an eight-ball of coke these days.

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  • The only probably that I have with this photo is that she’s not completely gray, it’s just her roots. If you look at the bottom of her hair it’s still colored. She needs to cut the rest of that shit off and go completely, totally gray or color it. The way it is now she just looks lazy, like she can’t find enough energy to “get that gray right out of her hair” so to speak.

  • that’s the only problem you have?

    How can no one have said anything about the gloves?!?

  • Oh no, there’s plenty wrong here. But I have to say I also hate when women grow their grey out this way, it just looks so damn horrible.

  • I love this woman… I don’t give a shit what she looks like, she’s bad fuckin ass.

  • Exactly! Melissa said it best. Who doesn’t love the Zan Barr? And I’m quite liking those rapist gloves.

  • You kidding? Roseanne Barr is fat, old, extremely loud and obnoxious and did I mention she was fat?

    She shrivels up the privates of every guy on the planet.

  • I don’t care if she’s fat, but aside from that, you’re spot on, Donkey Punch. WTF? All the b!tch does is make a retarded scene of herself. Even her “human face” is sh!t- wahwah…I was sexually abused…wahwah…I have no self esteem. It’s all b!tching and complaining with no follow up, like helping others in similar situation.

    I’m ashamed that she’s a Jew, too. She doesn’t shrivel my ‘nads, but she makes my soul nauseated.

  • good for her. gray hair it not a big deal. her weight isn’t a big deal shes is roseanne barr ad she not trying to be like anyone. although the gloves indicate shes insecure about her hands aging, just like Diane keaton. another amazing women.

  • at least shes aging gracefully, and doesnt look like that Plastic Nicole Kidman, who cant even smile human.