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Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out at Perez

I do try to keep Perez off this site as often as possible, but I couldn’t resist posting this MySpace correspondence Lindsay Lohan had with blogger/famewhore Jonathan Jackson. No one hates Perez more than his fellow gays!

Loves it.

Oh, and I love how her MySpace profile is

I remember at one point that was her MySpace screenname. I changed mine to “Privacy Cunt,” too, just to jump on the bandwagon, and got a million emails like “WTF?” Ha ha. I’d forgotten about that.

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  • Hi Evil Beet: Without some explanation of context, I don’t really understand this. Did Jonathan Jackson voluntarily make his personal email with LL public? Thanks.

  • Hahaha… it looks like she needed two weeks to ponder the problem, come to a conclusion, draft this email, locate and correct most of the mistakes and then finally send it off.

  • She’s a stupid fucking whore. If she wants privacy so bad she should get off my fucking TV and take her inbred trampy family with her.

  • I just started reading your site and i’m wondering did i miss something? why do you dislike perez so much? not defending him, but just wondering.

  • not like we need to start trashing perez here, ’cause if i wanted to get in the middle of that i could just go over to his site(zing!), but i just want to say that i used to LOVE his site. in the last few months, is it me or what, or has it just been getting meaner and meaner? on top of that, his comment area is just…it’s like it brings out the absolute worst of everybody.

    now i have Beet and the girls over a GoFugYourself and my celeb fix is well satisfied :D

  • @loveit:

    Thanks for the tip, I’m checking out GFY now!

    @Beet’s twitter:

    Thanks (she said sarcastically). Now *I* want a big mac!

  • For the record, people started hating Perez because he kissed Paris Hilton’s ass all the time and he sold out. You would only understand if you “knew” him back when….back when he was a nobody with a website called

  • Perez is one of the most useless, disgusting people on this planet. He proved that when he got a “little” famous, the only thing little about him – it went to his head, and his nasty, cruel self loathing nature came out. I can’t wait for that douche bags 15 minutes to be over. I have organized about 250 people to contact Warners in regards to doing ANYTHING with him. I can only hope that they listen and stop all projects connected with Mario. He’s truly evil. If you contact Warners, let them know you will financially support none of their projects, in any arena as long as they work with Mario Lavandeira.

  • wasn’t Perez a douchenozzle to you at Sundance, Beet?…I think I remember you posting something about that…but, yes, I think he is awful and his treatment of Lily Allen after her miscarriage was abhorrent…

  • I’m curious too, Beet. Did you and Perez Hilton have a personal falling out?
    There are plenty of reasons not to like Perez, so I’m not surprised if you dislike him, but I seem to recall a time when I stopped in on Perez’s site and he thanked Evil Beet as one of his sponsors/cohorts/whateverhe callsthem. I also believe that there was a time when his site was one of the places that you actively and regularly checked for stories.
    Or am I totally fabricating a revisionist scenario?

  • I don’t like Mario’s site and I don’t like the mindless sheep who are so easily swayed by whatever rant he’s on.

    He’s got too much influence with the easily-influenced. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” (Lord Acton 1834–1902)

  • Ok, Beet? I love your blog and you crack my shit up, but you seriously are going to slam Perez when you obviously read his blog yourself? You either post things here after he’s posted them on his site, or you say things he says…even in this VERY entry! “Loves it”??? That’s something Perez says, dear. But this isn’t a competition between the two of you….don’t turn it into one by talking shit about him or his blog.

  • Beet can talk smack about anyone she wants. Plus, the way she used Perez’s own phrase is called irony. It’s funny.

  • what is her last name?? i’m trying to add her on myspace
    would greatly appreciate it.

    um..the fact that she was interested in samantha came from left field. but its her life. so she can do what she wants

  • I don’t know why people feel the need to invade other peoples’ privacy like that. Was it really nessecary for him to do a printscreen of her myspace like that? If anyone wants to know, that myspace account has been changed again.

    I really think people need to lay off Lindsay for all her crazy shit. Shes famous but she as human as any of us and some of the stuff the media says has got to hurt and alot of it is not even true! Leave the girl alone! if shes dating a girl what! if shes drinking again, peole should be trying to support and encourage her not put her down. Part of recovery is relapsing. Damn guys don’t be so harsh.

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