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Not a Kid Anymore

Little Dakota Fanning ain’t so little anymore.

She’s 14, and she’s beginning to develop that distinctive teenage look.

It’ll be interesting to see where her career goes in the next few years. She’ll probably end up playing all those angsty teen roles that Jena Malone used to get. But hopefully I’ll be able to watch Dakota in them without wanting to gouge out my eyeballs.

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  • That must be why she’s got her hands behind her skirt – so you can’t accurately guess her weight, right? ;)

  • I’ve always thought she was adorable as little girl. And it looks like she’s growing up to be a pretty young woman. She has a little of the Kate Hudson look going on in that pic. It’s cute that she’s wearing those little kitten heels. At least there’s ONE classy teenager in Hollywood now. Sheesh!

  • @Kelly:

    Hey, I can’t be blamed because Beet is old and has arthritis and the joints of her hands were all swollen :p

    Oh crap, I joked that she was old too. More calls for me to be banned!

  • aw, she IS really growing into a sweet looking young woman. i’m glad too, that her face is changing a little too. she was a cute kid, but it’s got to suck to keep your ‘kid face’ on top of a body that’s quickly growing up(LINDSAY).

  • okay UM, in what universe does she look fat exactly?
    and whatever, i have huge feet, and they keep me extremely well balanced!

  • One more year until Annie Liebowitz and Vanity Fair come calling. They’re hoping that she has a Disney project to promote at that time.

  • @Beet: Tee hee – couldn’t let that one slide after all that yesterday!

    @Donkey: Oh, it’s SO on now – you’re fully blacklisted in my book. Oh wait, guess that means I can’t comment on your comment, huh? Shit. :)

  • yes… weird to think she’s only a year younger than miley

    wow i feel like i’ve accomplished NOTHING in my twenty years
    f college
    i should have moved to LA when i was 4

  • I’ve always thought she was cute but now it seems like she is growing into a pretty, young-lady. I can’t believe someone actually accused her of being175 lbs. – she’s all skin and bones! And, for the person who said she looks like she has big feet – guess what, my older sister had big feet and she grew into them – she’s 5’10” and a size 4! Dakota has always appeared to dress classy, it’s nice to see her that way and not like she has to show off – keep it real Dakota!

  • Dakota looks great. Skinny and beautiful top to bottom.

    And her feet are big cuz she’s going through puberty- Duh!that’s the first sign of your body changing

  • Dakota’s very skinny. She’s little! Under 100 pounds, for a fact.

    And her feet are pretty average sized…

    I love her. She’s my baby.

  • I adore Dakota, she’s such a smart kid. And I sure hope she will NOT follow that pattern so many teenagers have chosen. She’ looks exactly her age in these pictures.

  • She’s cute, always has been in my book. Has natural instincts and talents as an actress, and thank goodness she seems to be developing into a TEEN not an adult at the ripe old age of 14. Good for her parents…


  • I saw that Hound Dog is out on DVD now. Saw it when it came out at the premeire, liked aspects and disliked others. Wondering if anyone knows if the DVD version was scaled-back by deleting her controversial scene. I’ve asked around, no one has a clue…