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Britney’s Heading Down South

Britney Spears and Father Jamie Go to the Bank, Pictures, Photos

I guess it has been brought to Britney Spears’ attention that her little sister is pregnant.

She’s reportedly in Louisiana this weekend — with Papa Spears dutifully in tow — for Jamie Lynn’s baby shower.

Hopefully she’ll be back in LA in time for her May 6 custody hearing. I really want her to show up for it.

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  • You can take the trash out of the trailer but you can’t take the trailer out of the trash. Gad, she must get dressed in the fucking dark!

  • Lollylicious, you have made my day. I needed a good laugh today. Thanks, honey. :)

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  • Can one of you dear people residing in the US please get a hold of those boots and burn them for me? They are hideous. Much obliged.