The Alex McCord Naked Photos

Um, yeah.


1) I don’t give a shit about Desperate Housewives of NYC.
2) SplashNews already kind of hates me for consistently stealing their “exclusives.” When I do it, I get condescending voicemails from them like, “My darling Evil Beet, we really need to chat about your behavior recently …” and
3) My ad sales team thoroughly hates me because they can’t find people who want their ads to run on my “porn” site.

In light of all these factors, we are not hosting the uncensored Alex McCord naked photos on the site. You can, however, view them here. They are very NSFW. I can, like, practically lick her labia across my computer screen.

Oh, and also, did anyone else notice how this woman is totally not at all attractive from the neck up? She kind of reminds me of Ann Coulter.


  1. Alan says:

    wow… thats wrong

  2. Alan says:

    Her nipples are huge and her pussy looks like it is open for business 24/7.

  3. sara says:

    ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew…. Just… ew! I mean, you post pictures of her face and that’s bad enough. I am not, not, not looking at the vag shots. I don’t want nightmares. I learned my lesson from 2 girls 1 cup… never going to be curious again! EWWWWWWWW!

  4. :o) says:

    damnit! That last comment was not sara… It was me :o)… sorry, sara!

  5. Yum says:

    Her nipples look like top hats, but in pink. Not cute.

  6. jinx says:

    Yikes! Looks like her areolae are giving the thumbs up.

  7. Roma says:

    How did you not warn us of her nipples, Evil Beet? I am so, so disgusted by her nipples. That’s totally going to stop my girl-on-girl fantasies for a couple of days…

  8. jinx says:

    I thought I would hate the show, I truly thought every person on OC housewives should be publicly executed for stupidity. I liked most of them, and except for Ramona, who’s got a sub normal IQ and TALKS REALLY REALLY LOUD ALL THE TIME, it was actually okay, and all of them do things for lots of charities, and have lives not concentrated soley on themselves.

    I can’t believe I know that, but just like in the show, Alex is the attention whore of the group. Insecurities are a bitch, but she’s not.

  9. Jen in PA says:

    Those are the douchyest poses I’ve ever seen. But if it were someone else, I have to admit I’d think the last one was kind of cool. And if her nippes weren’t in it

  10. EvilT says:

    OMG, those nipples are insane….

    She grosses me out. She is SUCH a wanna-be. I mean they should spend some of that money they use on ugly clothes and fix that ugly townhouse of theirs.

  11. loveitloveit says:

    okay so girl has got some NIPPLES. not terrible pictures though, she seems pretty averageskinny looking…your right about the face though.

  12. Sprocket says:

    Those are some serious nips! I have no idea who she is, and didn’t know there was a DHW_NYC or some shit. Whatever, she looks like she was used as the T in a T-ball competition for the Special Olympics (those kids can’t hit the ball for shit). That face looks like a sack of smashed assholes.

  13. Darth Paul says:

    If Nicole Kidman and Ann Coulter had a child together, it would be this woman.

  14. Chris says:

    We don’t hate you Beet! and Darth Paul, you nailed it.

  15. meh.. says:

    whoa….that gives a whole new meaning to “meat curtains” her vag looks like someone was usings the labes to do pull-ups…..

  16. fuggggg says:

    For someone that has soooo much $$$, you’d never know it. The girl needs a MAJOR makeover. Her hair always looks like the cats been sucking on it and even her husband has the worst toupee I’ve ever seen. If I saw these two walking down the street, I’d never in a million years think they were rich….

    With that said, I’m not ABOUT to open the pictures and look at more fugliness….

  17. Raye says:

    Her face looks like a fun house mirror

  18. Señor Loco says:

    Her boobs look like a search result on Mapquest.

  19. quirkygirlkitten says:

    i don’t think i’ll be able to sleep tonight….


  20. Admirer says:

    “looks like the cats been sucking on it” hahahaha true

  21. :o) says:

    Do any of you losers know what happens to a woman’s body after giving birth and breast feeding?

    Oh wait. None of you have probably seen a real live naked woman that close before.

    Stop whining from your mom’s basements and put your little peckers away!

    What’s happened to this country?


  22. I like her even though she has a spoon for a face!

  23. Haha! Just seen the pics, her nipples are too perfect! Are they stick-ons maybe?

  24. Elyop says:

    That’s not naked

  25. Zelda says:

    If Ann Coulter and Nicole Kidman melded into one unholy mess of botox and “love-me” issues, this is what they would look like…

  26. hukilop says:

    Wow! I found Alex McCord nude video at […LINK…]
    She so seXXXy ;)

  27. Cynthia says:

    You know deep down she has always wanted everyone to see her hole. What a perfect opportunity now that her tities are bigger from her pregnancy. It was nice of her to shave it though to get a better shot her junk. I can only imagine how lose that hole is

  28. natt says:

    ok, i’m tryin to find these nude photos. i obviously missed them first time round, and now it seems they’ve been removed from everywhere!! whilst looking, came across her ‘family site’. even her two kids have their own pages! you know when a person is kinda fame hungry, when they inlcude their kids in all the ‘look at me’ behaviour.
    also, alex? learn how to use a fucking sentence when you ramble on about your kids, and their boring-as-hell anecdotes.

    that is all.

  29. natt says:

    i dont want to go on about it, but wtf?…

    ”Francois first went to St Barth’s in 2003 when he was in utero and has been back for two weeks every year since. Summer 2008 will be his 5th trip (well 6th if you count 2003). ”

    in utero? that is so gross.

  30. A says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    where can i find these pics

    • nathan43 says:

      People have differant ideals on what looks good or not ,but to me i would hammer on hour or so just to see if was any good, where can i find some more pics?

  32. HHH says:


  33. regg says:

    they are the most huge perfect nipples ive ever seen!

  34. Keer Leer says:

    all your favorite celebrity news, exposed vids and photos at

  35. Jlbchhlz says:

    She is sooooooo ugly

  36. Annastewart says:

    i think she is beautiful she doesnt look like everyone else and the nude pics r hot her husband is a lucky man

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