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Prince William Lands Military Aircraft at Kate Middleton’s Home


You know, when you’re dating a Prince, you expect the royal treatment.

Kate Middleton got it this weekend, when Prince William landed a $16M military Chinook helicopter in her family’s lawn, sparking plenty of controversy in Britain. And last week, Wills flew brother Harry to their cousins bachelor party in a different Chinook. (The British media calls a bachelor party a “stag do,” and I’m totally going to use that in the future.)

Says a member of the British military: “At a time when the Armed Forces are short of money and there is a lack of kit in Afghanistan and Iraq this is a total waste of money. He uses a Chinook to land in his girlfriend’s garden then travels to a stag party in one. Where will it end?”

And, more importantly, what the hell is “kit”? I totally don’t speak British.

Says a different military force: “This is an absolute waste of training hours on the Chinook helicopter that the military are hard-pressed to afford. No other pilot at Prince William’s stage of training would be allowed anywhere near the left-hand seat of a Chinook. It’s like a learner driver being given the keys to a Formula One car just because his father owns the racing team.”

Eh, whatever. He’s a prince. If he wants to land a military aircraft on his girlfriend’s lawn, let him. It’s the closest thing we have these days to a knight on a white horse. I want to live my fairy tale through Kate Middleton, dammit!

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  • Kit is the essentials that each solider carries like water, rations, ammunition (I think), first aid, techno things to find each other etc.

  • Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile…in the Air Force, BTW, the plane/helicopter is generally more valuable than the pilot. It costs more. In this case, maybe not so much.

  • Their kit actually refers to their boots/uniform and all the other bits they should carry with them!

  • if i was a prince I would fly my helicopter to the corner store if need be. All that crap the queen does for fun…I be damned if I didnt get te perks.

  • Ah, jeeezzz, the kid hardly gets to fart without somebody having a friggin opinion about it! So, yeah, it is maybe the most expensive, maybe even irresponsible way to impress your girl. So.

    He doesn’t bomb whole cities to impress his father, like some people we know.

  • Regarding youreamoron’s post, I’ll never understand the people that visit this site and have no understanding of basic humour or sarcasm.

    Regardless of all that, how much do you love her coat?

  • Showoff. Why couldn’t he just borrow his father’s Corvette, like every other college-aged bloke.

  • eh, wot you on about? ano you fink its hard to speak british but its defo easy ~ just remove 70% of your brain.

  • Even American’s speak English – they just b@stardise it.

    He DOES look like Charles more and more each day – well said!

    That coat looks like a snowman with those heavy tights and boots, urgh. Why didn’t her stylists give her better footwear for this even?

    He should actually get a job where he can work – the army would never risk the first in line in battle, so he’s getting away with doing the minimum. lazy so and so.

  • i think this is great. and flying his bro to a BACHELOR PARTY is the best way to infuriate the fundamentalist MUSLIM SCUMBAGS. they hate our way of life and we should flaunt it in there faces and maybe they will flatulate themselves to death. GO INFIDELS.

  • What a son of a b*tch..
    Like you couldn’t spend your money for a better cause!
    There is war out there and young kids are starving in third wold country’s and mister pothead is having fun in his Chinook..
    Urgh, huge stick is in his ass!

  • wow

    what a waste of army equipment

    and to think this guy is one day going to be my countries king

    and to the person which said this

    “ano you fink its hard to speak british but its defo easy ~ just remove 70% of your brain.”

    1 ) please do me a favour and learn to spell
    2) as a british person i would just like to say fuck you your implying people that talk british are stupid well no actually there not , I dont offend your country and its many different accents

    thats all

  • British isn’t a language, Britain is a collective term for the four countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If someone spoke “British” then they would have to be fluent in English, the Welsh language and the several different languages spoken in Scotland and Ireland. Americans speak English, the American language doesn’t exist.

  • KIT = KINGS ISSUE TEMPORARY..its what we call gear issued to us by our employer…being the queen…in the u.s. its called same thing…and most of the world. its a common expression…like awol…asap…or morron with his head in the sand.