I Am Totally Not Above Running the Emma Watson Crotch Shot Photos

Emma Watson 18th Birthday Pictures, Photos

Um, so, this is kind of a moment where I should pick up the phone and call my boss and be like, “Um … is it okay if I run photos of Emma Watson’s vagina?” Because, like, I’ve kind of gotten in all sorts of trouble for this sort of thing lately.

But I love you guys above all else, and I really think it’s important you have the opportunity to see Emma Watson’s vagina. Better to ask for forgiveness than permission, right?

And you know what’s even better? (And what my management will be very, very happy to hear?)


Emma hit the town in London this weekend to celebrate her 18th birthday, and, on her way out of the club, gave us a real gift. If this had happened a week ago, I would be HELPLESS here! Helpless, and screaming, and crying, and sitting on these photos and TOTALLY UNABLE TO RUN THEM!!! But today, oh, today I can run them. Thank you to Emma Watson’s parents for conceiving her precisely when they did.

Uncensored photos of Emma’s naughty bits are after the jump. Download them to your computer now, before I start getting angry phone calls from the Powers That Be. I’m like that neglected little child who figures negative attention is at least some attention. Like, they’re gonna be mad, but at least they’ll be paying attention to me!!!

Oh, I am gonna get in so much trouble for this.


  1. ummm says:

    aren’t those just panties??

  2. Obviously says:

    It’s see through.

  3. Mary E says:

    This is what I love about you, Beet.

    (Note to self: Always wear OPAQUE panties.)

  4. Eeewwh! says:

    Umm… there seems to be a trail of some sort of white dribble on her thigh WTF?

  5. Yum says:

    So that’s what a 20 million dollar vagina looks like. Happy birthday Emma.

  6. Yum says:

    Yes, the white dribble is disgusting and (sadly) newsworthy.

    I just see striped panties besides that (I know you say they’re opaque! Sure! Maybe I’m blind!!)

    It’s still better than Britney or Lindsay

  7. IndieA says:

    i totally didnt look at those pictures caus i was too damn transfixed by the weird ass shadow on her right arm that makes it look like she has madonna-like muscles…

  8. Donkey Punch says:

    I think those are needle marks on the inside of her thigh. She is a junky.

  9. rahh says:

    who is she? haha

  10. Alix says:


    thanks for taking one for the team, beet. haha

  11. priness pink says:


  12. Poppanna says:

    definitely not the best vulva in town.


    <3 beet for saying “naughty bits”.

  13. B*tchy says:

    YIPES STRIPES!! She has a striped VUHGINA!

  14. archfiend says:


  15. Junkets1031 says:

    I feel really weird right now for looking at this. Hermione what are you doing?!

  16. Stevie says:

    hahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha danielle and rupert are probably stroking their wands to these as we speak…

  17. jewbag says:

    lawlcawks, OH SHIZZLE

  18. sophdick says:


  19. karl says:

    freaking sweet…if more women would wear skirts and flash on occasion this world would be a better place

  20. jason says:

    it seems that we always want to see certin girls in these situations because we figure they will never end up in this situation and then when we see it we lose that sense of mystery and disire and go straihgt to calling her a slut or tramp we seem to have higher standards for these “celebs” that they are supposed to live up to who are we to judge these people who are bound to make mistakes just like any other human

  21. Meggie says:

    Poor Emma! :(..that is not fair!

  22. percy wtf? says:


    Are there no catholics out there? God will punish u all!

  23. abber says:

    hey everyone – CHECK THIS OUT>
    here’s one really SHOCKING Emma Watson Crotch VIDEO footage >> http://hotserved.net/video.php?v=Emma_Watson_Paparazzi_Video
    no comments

  24. Anonymous says:

    ok first of all “perchy wtf” is saying God will punish and is using language like wtf. go read a bible u frkn hipocryte (sp)?

    and leave emma alone! poor grl…

  25. Anonymous says:

    Come on….those are panties, not vulva. You can’t even SEE her vulva, just a small bit of pubes. Yes, bad mistake on her part for not wearing opaque panties, but still…..this isn’t NEARLY as bad as Paris, Britney, or Lindsay (who go completely commando).

    But, ummm….yeah, you guys are right about there appearing to be a “dribble” on her thigh. Either that, or its just bumps from getting waxed, and its just a bad-quality camera picture, so you can’t tell for sure.

  26. ew says:

    that’s disgusting…she’s like, what, 17 or 18?
    i’m not even looking at the pictures.

  27. THOR says:

    Ummm, how old is this girl again!?!?!? Well, anyway…. I’d still hit it!!

  28. J says:

    OMG that poor kid :P This is so sick >D

    She gets a lot of slack from the media, what about those potter boys? What’s with the double standard !

  29. J.K.Long says:

    I think is fuckin hot. I lot the brits and even mor when they show their bits. I hope that her playboy photo shoot is CUMMING SOON

  30. ffdrgf says:


  31. Wtf says:

    why do people even look for little things in pictures like that anywayz. when it wasnt zoomed in you couldnt even notice, i feel bad for her…

  32. da Ordi says:

    all the time i’ve been waiting for this this picture….i know one day emma will show up with her pussy…mmmm delicious vagina…..

  33. job-rad says:

    I wish to visit hermione’s chamber of secrets

  34. duffy says:

    suck it

  35. emmawatsonnude says:

    Hey every1! If u like emma watson, check this out! Totally nude!


  36. Anon says:

    After what jump? Where are the photos?

  37. anonymus 3 says:

    you are really awfull.imagine if you were emma watson, how would you fill if somebody would make such an awfull photos of you?! It’s disgusting poor emma. this disgusting photographers have ruined her birthday. If somebody respects her even a bit than mustn’t see this photos.

  38. DOC 832 says:



  39. ymmit says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    It was only a matter of time before I got to see Emma’s cooch

  41. booty hunter says:

    I fucked Emma last night it was awsom

    nude pics

  42. floppycockXTREME says:


    is your dick not erect? worried about girth? buy now pills pills pills pills pills lololololololololololol rofl


  43. Nanna says:

    yes, see-through panties.. and who cares ?

  44. luigi says:

    sei veramente tu???????????????????????
    se si sei davvero bellaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  45. tiina says:

    hermione & härryphoter

  46. Anonymous says:

    Beet, you suck, just because the photos are there doesn’t meen you have to go screening it all over the internet. Its bad enough that a bunch of guys out there are making a lot of fake photos just so they can get a story, but you aren’t helping poor Emma by screening these photo’s. If you have any dignity what so ever you’ll take these photos off.

  47. shane says:

    fuck off

  48. Your mom's chest hair says:

    “Download them to your computers now”


  49. fuckthathairyshit says:

    that’s fuckin’ sick! that’s so fucked up!
    if i were going to run around town with see through underwear with my shit hanging out i’d shave it!


  50. fuckthathairymess says:

    that’s fuckin’ sick! that’s so fucked up!
    if i were going to run around town with see through underwear with my shit hanging out i’d shave it!


  51. Sarah says:

    Men are so immature about celebrities! Celebrities are JUST LIKE US! Only more famous. Give her a break you son of a bitch!

  52. Anonymous says:

    whats that white stuff

  53. AlexandraP says:

    There is deffinitely NO trail marks on the inside of her thigh OR disgusting white dribble. You people will stop at nothing to make shit up. Do you have nothing better to do?

  54. LauraC says:

    Where can I get close-up pics of her feet?

  55. carlos says:

    que loco con ese tesorito

  56. sladdy says:

    my goodness! What a nice slightly haired pussy. I have to take a jerk off before my pants will explode

  57. splinter says:

    If my only chance to fuck Emma would be in a threesome with my mom….. i would totally do it! ;)

  58. LauraC says:

    I want to smell Emma’s feet and suck on her toes!!!

  59. Tone-Lock says:

    I bet that Harry Potter himself haven´t even look at her panties and now we’re lookin’ at Herm’s tight pussy.
    See-thru panties are sexy!

  60. kinowipo says:

    Hey Guys! You have to see it!!! I have found Emma Watson Sex Video it in the Internet!
    If this video not a Fake then I think it will be a real scandal!!
    Attention! Adult content! only 18+!!!

  61. *sighs* I wish I was magic says:

    emma might be nice but look at ginnie weasly ****** dunno who does her in the movies but nice!!! :)

  62. ur jelouseofme says:

    WTF leave her alone just becouse your all jelouse it’s not you in the prop trailer with her and not me. P.S. I’m not rupert grint

  63. LauraC says:

    I just want her barefeet !!

  64. Malfi says:

    oh oh oh my GOD i will lick her pretty hairy pussy….and I’ll go into her cave every day….YES///:D

  65. omg says:

    o pooor emma… so SORRY!!! *lol*
    Beet, you are GREAT!
    Haha! i can’t stop giggling… Hihi…

  66. juggernaut says:

    that shot is some much better than lindsay lohans shot.and im yay 4 me im exactly 3 months olde han emma

  67. johnjac says:

    i like the pic very hot. would nail her like jesus to the cross.

  68. Cat says:

    Probably the wrong thing to ask in a situation like this, but where in the hell did she get those adorable panties?

    xoxo~ cat

    P.S. Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back.

  69. Kaylyn says:

    Gyuhh. D: I never thought I’d see innocent Emma with a panty shot.

    Poor thing. But you shouldn’t wear see through panties unless… well… you just shouldn’t.

  70. Bi-otch says:

    That is only panties, but still, i would not want to be her right now! i do feel kind of bad for her though because her crotch is all over the internet.

  71. PervGurl says:

    “Umm… there seems to be a trail of some sort of white dribble on her thigh WTF?”

    Huh..that’s what I thought, maybe their whiteheads or a cum stain…

  72. LauraC says:

    I just want her stinky barefeet. FEET FEET FEET !!!

  73. jessica says:

    the white dribble is probably her cum, i think she’s wet

  74. Anonymous says:

    come on people! you can’t even see her slit.

  75. M. says:

    Ok, just quick aside here…Laura C? WTF? I’m very, very worried. And you guys, there isn’t even white stuff there? What are you guys ON?

  76. MindSpy says:

    Emma needs to shave the cat

  77. LauraC says:

    M., what can I say, it just so happens I like barefeet and would like to see more of hers.

  78. zen says:

    its awesome but i would like to see the bare vagina

  79. ejdj says:

    I’d like to rub my cock up and down every were on her body.I’d just put my cock as far as i can in her pussyevery night.And just to see her naked i willpay 2999999.999999.999999999

  80. j says:

    i want to suck it all night and day

  81. neng says:

    Ohh i want to big image

  82. zipp1 says:

    com’on, you, me and all your freinds would hit that harder than anything you have before. SHE IS HOT!. so cute. only one thing could make it better….no pubes…..;)

  83. lol says:

    lol lol it was lke free view her bra and PANTS were see thou

  84. Michael says:

    She’s Hot as Hell….. My tongue There, yumming ,…..That’s My Girl……

  85. underblack says:

    She is hot. She is become 18 and would love to rub my balls on her face. She is defenitely worth the f$%k.

    Her armpits are nice and her body will sell for a million anyday.

  86. Anonymous says:

    shame. emma should not be portrayed like this, making her out to be slutty or somethin. and so what if she’s got white stuff on her thigh. if its even what people think it is it doesn’t matter. she’d just be doin what a lot of 18y/o brits are doin, seen as legal age is 16 in UK. stop bein so cruel, she just bein normal.

  87. mini says:

    that is a beautiful pussy. man i just want to screw it.

  88. unknwon says:

    nice vagina emma its preety hairy but beautiful

  89. Human says:

    Lol she’s 16, but she’s legal in england.. lol wtf?

  90. iori says:

    fuck it `lick it `suck it babe

  91. iori says:

    you such a born fucker!!!!!!
    fuck you !!!!!

  92. dragon says:

    wot is up wit thos guys i totaly agree wit anonymous emma realy deserves to be potrayed in a better manner. ok i agree wit u guys iwod definetly wont to fuck her anyday but common her pussy isent even shown fully how??????????can u go on about it by saying it’s hairy or there is white stuf on her thigh it dosent matter ithink she is beautiful and is agreat acteres!!!!!!!!!!

  93. dragon says:

    wot is up wit thos guys i totaly agree wit anonymous emma realy deserves to be potrayed in a better manner. ok i agree wit u guys iwod definetly wont to fuck her anyday but common her croch isent even shown fully how??????????can u go on about it by saying it’s hairy or there is white stuf on her thigh it dosent matter ithink she is beautiful and is agreat acteres!!!!!!!!!!

  94. god i want to stick my fingers in her pussy and move them around and then bone her like beast! She is hot!!

  95. god i want to stick my fingers in her and move them around and then bone her like beast! She is hot!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    i want to fuck with him

  97. Flaviano says:

    êu te amo mesmo que eu nuca te verei eu te amarei

  98. luved says:

    emms do you have daniel raddcliff’s number he is HOT

  99. Anonymous says:

    thts just a loose thread from her bag.

  100. Hermione says:

    Emma Watson is Hoat!

  101. METAL HEAD says:

    u guys r all assholes, shes hot but she is still a virgin k so shut up guys im a dude and i still think u guys r being perves, plus its a bad shot

    • kriskris says:

      what does it matter if your a guy? sure i think it’s sad that something so embrassing could happen to her. but lets face it. i’m a girl and i didn’t wanna miss the chance to see her vagina. and it is a bad shot. but the have better ones on different sites. but i mean see through panties? really? it was only a matter of time. this seems to be the fad now right?

    • kemif says:

      rofl and u know shes a virgin because… am not accusing her that shes not but hell sayin she is for fact is pretty dumb and we’re the pervs? ur also luking on this site dipshit =]

    • Tom says:

      If she is still a virgin, then I’m the next president of the United States( and I’m not).

    • Anonymous says:

      metal head is gay she is fucking gorgous, virgin or not!

    • jamie says:

      lol your a fucking pussy “dont talk about women like that they have feelings”
      is your mum walking yet after the anal beating i gave her because your dad could not get it up

    • kenny says:

      Metalhead,u r the dumbass here u call us perves but yet u r looking 2 so it doesn’t fucking matter5 anyways

  102. hating you says:

    OH my God! How can anyone be stupid enough to publish these pictures??? Even though there isn’t much or actually anything to see in the pictures it is sexual harassment. I mean… I hope someone will punch you!!!

  103. SeventhSin13 says:

    It always strikes me as funny when ppl leave comments like “U guys are so perverted, how can you look at this?? You are all a bunch of pedophiles with no lives and you’re going to burn in hell!!” I could be wrong (I’m not) but I don’t think that this is the type of shit that just pops up when you open your browser. Isn’t this the sort of thing that takes at least a little effort to find? Do these people just jump around from website to website to find dirty pictures and leave these comments? Who doesn’t have a life? **By the way, dragon, “I think emma should be portrayed in a better manner… I mean, I’d totally F— her, but I’d be respectful of her acting career while I was doing it” Funny, funny stuff, man.

  104. 0-0 says:

    my eyes are bleeding from the awesomeness!!!^_^

  105. scoff at penguins. worship FLAMINGOES!!! says:

    i honestly not find anything wrong with it. yes her undies are showing- but half the guys in my school are too. it was an accidental slip. it’s also nervewrecking to have hundreds of people swamp you at once- for whatever reason. she was probably in a rush to get in the car-and wala! there you go- people think it’s an instant money shot. blech. i go on websites like this to read everyone’s opinions- because i run the school paper- and i get told to look up interesting dramas that actually happen- no matter the circumstance. but- as a Harry Potter fan- i truley believe that she should wear more modest clothing because of the young-child fanbases. i certanly do not want to go to HP camp and have everyone point and laugh because i’m the girl who had a picture of her undies taken on Evil Beet when i’m not even her. it will be upsetting. i don’t wanna get kicked out of camp.:(

  106. METAL HEAD says:

    WTF U ASSHOLES. u guys r fin perves and still a bad shot u sickos wat the fuk is wrong with u guys sure shes hot but still not old enough for u pedophiles and stop comin here u sons of bitches

  107. i luv my vagina i luv ur vagina says:

    u roc i luv vaginas and boobs

  108. finguer man says:

    i want to fuck her and do her up the ass

  109. ANGRY BEAVER!! says:

    FUCK U ALL!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      why u on this site then? this stuff doesnt just pop up when u click internet so shut the fuck up!!

    • ur a dumbass says:

      if u think we are pervs then why u on this site? this stuff doesnt just pop up when u open browser…. so stfu!!

  110. ani says:


  111. dude says:

    I wanna fuck her hairy pussy…

  112. Dan says:

    emma watson should marry me : )

  113. LEROY NAUSTER says:




    • jason says:

      ur a dumb ass paris dosent even wear panties. i wou;d also like to see u walk around with 100s of people taking pics of u without them getting somthing like this. Leroy Nauster ur stupid

    • sexybonana says:

      I wear see through panties!!! Why did you put this in all caps?

    • jamie says:

      all you guys and girls need to get laid i hope you all die of aids and for your family oohhhhhhh there dead they died of common cold

  114. t-money says:

    i want to fuc her in both holes&eat her out 4 days

  115. lover says says:

    nice shot good poon

  116. fucker says:

    these were good… ^^
    Every second person here tells the others to fuck themselves…
    Thank u guys but I prefer fucking Emma…

  117. fuck says:

    ang laki ng puke nya

  118. me says:

    yeah coz she totally meant to show the world her most sacred parts. Every girl should be allowed the wear nice knickers – atleast she is wearing a fair bit more than slutty paris! you really think she did this on purpose? I hope your all sued by her lawyers. Or killed in your sleep, perverts.

  119. Anonymous says:

    hott. i would fuck her again.

  120. Lachlan Clear says:

    Hey fucking bastard of pervert! How dare you going to get the shitty photos and plan for fuck up in her LIFE! You are GODDAMMIT SON OF A BITCH! I WANNA U GOING INTO AUSTRALIA FOR NOW!

    I’m DEAF & CEREBRAL PALSY…I’m Champions Australia of Sailing Race for disability! I’m only one DEAF MAN involved on the Sailing Race! I’m NEVER afraid of huge STORM between of the ocean! I’m gotten bet u…You will scary of a HUGE shitty into your FUCKIN’ pants like an HUGE of a CHICKEN SHITTY!


    Emma, I’m empathy and try to protect of you…I love u so much…I’m understand for 100%…it just shit happen…it same thing about me…I was gotten 7 cans of RUM with COLA…then I was huge drunk and knocked out…also I was gotten huge wet in my fucking pants…I was feeling so really huge a SHITTY and bad day for me…I was ashamed and guilty…then my mum was come into my home and looking at me…I was whimpering like an chicken and thinking about…how I could be survive from my mum’s face? I’m lucky!

  121. RAHUL says:


  122. 2+2=5 says:


  123. Mista Spud says:

    wel u all sayin shes a virgin, den i dont no y no one hasent f**ked her yet cos she is real hot. by da way dat betta picture u wer lookin 4 wel tis on google. ; )

  124. bryanna says:

    listen you bitch you should be ashmed of your fuckin self. Honestly you are a horrible roll model.

  125. bryanna says:

    You are the fuckin worst roll model ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. nacho says:

    ufffff que buenas fotos eh

  127. vince says:

    i want some of that

  128. i says:

    how do u know shes a virgin?

  129. noble man says:

    Don’t you AHoles’s have mother n sisters peace…
    U fckers have no other business peace… If U need it so badly then do it to Ur MoM & SiS peace…

  130. I'd buttsex emma says:

    noble man….you’re in like 3rd grade now, i’d guess. it’s time to start using complete sentences.

    Emma is hot. I’d spend all night lapping her pussy and ass like a hungry puppy. Golden shower…yes please!

  131. Anonymous says:

    this is as good as you guys can get? what the fuck. your all just fucking bored with your own lives. damn. get a liiiife. how old are the people that make this site? like fucking 50? hahahaha. lame asses.

  132. mad lad says:

    tits out for the boys tits out for the boys once this happens we might actually get some where

  133. Canada says:

    emma is pretty but take down the pics please or else I’kill u just kidding take it down she’s 18 and a “virgin” she’s not like paris I hate u guys cause ur lame asses

  134. canada says:

    Emma is pretty but she is 18 and a “virgin” please take it down because pervs like me and the people that came here will say shit and make crazy comments about people they don’t know and will never know. You guys are weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So am I

  135. Ass says:

    emma is hot I hope she gets in playboy just kiding I hope she don’t do more stuff like this

  136. irakli says:

    i want say somthing in my country where i live they are not publishing this kind of photos but i want say that it is emmas falt everyone will be engry but i dont kear

  137. johnnybagadonuts says:

    hey she’s a fox and im glad she wears those hot skirts..besides…you cant even see her penis!

  138. lovelyangel says:

    im way cuter then her and fuck you all and shes so ugly miley cyrus is cuter then

    • phantomfreak says:

      No little girl…..you’re really really not…..you’re simply dillusional……and she’s really really not ugly, do you have any idea how jealous you sound. And Miley Cyrus is a fuckin child…and that’s about that.

  139. J.Tiger says:

    you look great to be just eight-teen. don’t worry about the tabloids they will try to make you fail. It’s thier job to do such things. I love the way you look Emma. Just because others put you down and can’t keep thier noses out of your ass or any where else doesn’t mean it’s always you doing something wrong. Hope to see you more on movies in the near future.
    A Friend

  140. Al says:

    Get your terminology right. That’s nowhere near close to showing her vagina.

    Isn’t even a good vulva shot.

  141. bakul says:

    its very bad.ok

  142. Anonymous says:

    you people truly are amusing

  143. Isyana Paramita Oktasari says:

    Lol ..

  144. queefeater!! says:

    Damn u guys are freaks! I love it!! Emma is a fucking goddess and I would stick my tongue so far up her asshole she wouldn’t shit rite for a week!! Thank god for see thru panties! She didn’t do it on purpose but thank god for small miracles huh? Emma, anytime u want ur colon cleansed by a big tongue enema u give the queefeater a ring. Lovelyangel if ur so hot let’s that pus? Miley is a child!!. . . . .but damn I’d hit it!

  145. girly says:

    she is hot and should wear or shorter dress

  146. "Ace" says:

    com’on! where’s her pussy?! Me want pussy!

  147. Doggy C says:

    wtf people, no 1 in this website can be called a perv. every1 is here for the same thing….Emma is hot as fuk, and she was turned a lil down after dat shot, t fuk dat, i wud banger anyway….who cares if she is a virgin or if she showed her pussy to the entire world…i donno bout yoh all btif i had the chance to hav sex wid her, i wud sure not waste it…
    by the way, this is getting old, she’s gonna be 19 in 2 days…hoping for more shots…lol

  148. Anonymous says:


  149. Kettle says:

    she would still get a lick even if shes hairy, shes worth everything!

  150. Anonymous says:

    WOW! She is so sexy!!!!!

  151. hahha says:

    ewwwwww nasty

  152. asian box says:

    wow that looks yummy,i want some of that!

  153. bi 123 says:

    she is so HOT.to bad it was coverd by panties.get one of her fully naked.That would make me the happiest bi in the world!!!

  154. bi 123 says:

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  155. LauraC says:

    I just want her feet. To touch, kiss, lick or just smell them.

  156. steven says:

    I like her eyes, its so pretty. Her legs are the most fairest of them all. She has a great figure and most importantly a great smile thats lights up my day

  157. wesker's fucker says:

    im a girl and me say i love wesker sorry if i cant bring something else up but still me want wesker he is a B-I-T-C-H

  158. don says:

    wow she has a harry twatter Lmao

    • i'll bring the razor says:

      rofl nothing a good ole mach fushion can’t handle and god damn you guys need to one get laid or wax the carrot this scares me that you guys have this shit pent up anyways emma if you read this i will shave you “lets shave each other” lol like that blonde freak says in the 40 year old virgin

  159. Anonymous says:

    go on gagreport it has hear fully naked

  160. Anonymous says:

    that is disgusting I thought I’d like but no, shame lol !

  161. frank says:

    mannnn u gotta shave that mother fucker

  162. Anonymous says:

    u kidding? hair is sexier so long as its groomed.

  163. Anonymous says:

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