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I Am a 10-Year-Old Boy


Above, find cast members at the Berlin red carpet premiere of a German-language film called Urmel voll in Fahrt.

I laughed for like ten minutes. I’m still giggling as I write this.

Also, I drove through Beaverton, Oregon today, and got quite a kick out of that.

It’s a mystery why I’m still single.

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  • I’m learning German right now, so this entry was way cool.

    I think it means “Urmel [a name] in full force/motion.”
    ps. blondie’s yummy

  • hey I’m actually german and I can tell you that the blondie mercedes likes is a complete idiot turned wanna-be comedian. his name is oliver pocher btw.
    I seriously wonder why beet’s reporting about such a crappy movie…nice to see you report about things going on in germany and europe but about this kid movie!!!! really weird.

  • I teach German at a very large university. I think what beet finds funny is probably what most of my students find funny….the “fahrt” bit, right?
    btw… I know the actor on the right – his name you might find even more entertaining than “urmel voll in fahrt” – it’s Wigald Boning

    I was an extra in one of the first films he was ever in and he came up to me and asked me if I was from Bremen, because he was sure he went to high school with me. Frankly, I think he was just trying to do some “boning” with me.

  • I would just like to tell you that its horrible that you have actual pictures of bad things on hear you shoudnt do that. . . i was just browsing and came across a bad pic.