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Getting Out the Drunk, Gay Vote

Chelsea Clinton at at GLBT Gayboorhood Pub Crawl, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Chelsea Clinton at the GLBT Gayboorhood Pub Crawl in Philadelphia, supporting Hillary’s run for President.

It’s awesome that they sent Chelsea out to support this event. It’s cool to see the daughter of a Presidential candidate sporting an LGBT sticker at a campaign event, and it indicates that we’ve come a long way in terms of public support for gay rights.

Still, it would have been even cooler to have Hillary there wearing that sticker. We have plenty of room to grow, I suppose.

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  • Who would support a woman like Hillary? She stood by her husband who got caught cheating just for political reasons. She will do anything to gain and keep power.

    A person like that can’t handle the power. They turn into Bush.

  • Uh, I’m pretty sure no presidential candidates would want to be documented on any sort of pub crawl. But I get the greater sentiment.

  • In the relationship department, she’s a wuss who didn’t have the guts to do what she and everyone else in the nation knew she should do: DROP AN UNFAITHFUL HUSBAND LIKE AN EXCRETED PIECE OF POOP.

    However, she’s stronger in other departments, like networking and getting Chels to attend the LGBT. Good for her. I hope she truly means her support for them.

  • Vote for my mom or I can NOT get Married! She said it’s the White HOUSE or NEVER and threw ashtrays, sucker tripped me coming down the stairs and body slammed me on the floor and stood on my hair snapping large sharp steel scissors, until I agreed.
    Your’s truely and I mean that sincerely and without bias to anyone, dead or alive or aborted.. Love Chelsea.

  • The clinton administration gave us ‘don’ ask, don’t tell’ and now I say, don’t bother .. I am looking for someone to look us straght in the eye and support equality for ALL citizens, without fear of the reprecussions.. This three legged monster campaign ( Hillary, Bill and Chelsea) just proves to me that it’s more about them wanting to sit around the Whitehouse dining table.. AGAIN.. like it’s their TURN … all over again… it’s not that Hillary isn’t a strong candidate.. it’s that she Brings with her a Cruise Ship full of baggage and More importantly, Bill Clinton .. and his whole Act .. Again .. I enjoyed Episodes one and Two, but time for a CHANGE ..for a change …