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Prince William and Kate Middleton, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Prince William and girlfriend Kate Middleton attending William’s graduation ceremony at RAF Cranwell.

They are SO adorable together. I just love Kate. I can’t wait until their wedding.

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  • she is the type of girl whos always pretty no matter what shes wearing lol but yeah they make a adorable couple!

  • You Americans are weirdly forgiving when it comes to the British monarchy…

    She is not adorable! She is not cute, she is average and her style is bland and inoffensive and she cannot be seen to be embarrassing the monarchy.

    She is not universally adored by the British public either, I think you tube would have cleared up that myth… and she is such a social climber! ick ick ick! how can this be seen as a positive thing?! Her indiscretions and expensive partying are brushed under the carpet and she doesn’t even have a real job anymore. A total leech living off taxpayers money. I suppose you think that not been Britain’s answer to Paris Hilton makes her chic and sophisticated. *sigh*

    Yes Paris is annoying and i smirked when she went to the pokey [haha] but at least she earns money [in a fashion.]

    if i were to be pointlessly picky i would also point out her odd man hands, odd as she hasn’t ever done any actual work for some considerable time…

    William is doing his best i suppose but again, looking like a man older than his years already.

  • I like him as I like his brother
    she may not be a role model and profit from being his girl
    but that’s a problem that comes along with monarchy
    in the open
    in the countries where monarchy is not the case
    the politicians also take advantage of taxpayers money
    and try to make it invisible to our eyes
    which ones are best?

  • She’s always dressed to perfection. I know she has to, on account of her day job (accessories buyer) and the fact that she’s dating one of the world’s most eligible bachelor’s, but still. Love her coat. Who knows? Maybe after they get married she’ll become a fashion icon in her own right?

  • woops! my mistake she no longer has that job (accessories buyer) she quit to lounge around and party all night in London nightclubs! Sad though as the job was specially created for her as her mother knew the manager at the London Jigsaw, so after all that trouble she just left :(

    Still at least the army of stylists are making sure she can’t do a nipple slip by choosing and buying all of her clothes for her

  • This makes me so angry – “profit from being his girl” and “get married and be a style icon” ahh yes THAT was why she went to university and became educated! to get married and have an army of stylists dress her so she could be called stylish!! Ahhh yes, that’s the dream, that was indeed the degree she took “climb to the top of the English social scale, marry and become a style icon whilst living off the English taxpayer” oh no wait… it was georgraphy. Doesn’t she have ANY pride in wanting to keep herself?! or have a job?!

  • spohdick, don’t be so angry
    at this level of the food chain,it’s to be expected
    because they are brainwashed in order to act that way
    it’s such an opportunity, addictive ,I guess
    and pride….oh dear…pride has a totally different meaning

  • They dress like my grandparents!
    They aren’t cute. Well maybe William is in his own way but Kate is ugly, nothing special, just plain.

  • Okay so the only thing “cute” about this Kate girl is her coat. She’s too plain and Hecht, I could do a better job then she could at being a Princess. She’s just gonna waste all the Royal families money on stuff for herself. What a poser… (and Wills deserves much better than this chick)