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Looking AWESOME, Denise!


Here’s Denise “Bad Person” Richards at a charity event for Fertile Hope, which provides fertility resources to cancer patients.

You are not fooling anyone, Denise. You only go to these charity events because no one else wants you around.

And Denise? Bright pink lipstick went out about 20 years ago. You should donate the remainder of your collection to charity and issue a press release.

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  • When I look at her eyes, all I see is a “vacant” sign. Seriously, there is no one home, and there is no depth behind her. So, for those who say, the eyes are the window into the soul, her eyes merely say the window is cloudy and the soul is lost!

  • A lot of formerly attractive blondes end up looking like caricatural 80’s Barbie dolls as they approach 40. Hmmm. I have to remind myself to go brunette in 15 years.

  • For a second I thought it was Kim Cattrall. She should definitely lose the blond look. She looks so much better with flowing brown hair.

    She looks pretty hot, but I think that smile is way forced. Her eyes look sad.


  • She is sexy.I have searched her photo on M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e .C o m which is a celeb dating site. It is said that she is dating with a guy but i do not believe that!

  • I can’t stand her! And her poor little girls always look angry and miserable. I’ve never seen them smile. And now she’s going to exploit them on a reality show! Terrible!

  • her eyes are sad because she’s at a charity event for cancer and recently lost her mom to cancer….she looks beautiful and I love that she brought her dad to the event..

  • she looks a bit haggard. not a fan of hers really but i have to admit i love the movie “wild things” – it’s so trashy!

    *hides in shame*

  • This woman’s girls go to the same school as my son. She calls the paparazzi and tells them where she is going to be and when – pathetic

  • I’m ridiculously jealous of her hair. And her legs. And her face. And btw, she’s had kids.