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Denise Richards’ Kids Hate Her, Pictures, Photos

“I’m in a no-win situation. If I don’t have my children in my show, then people will say ‘Well, she’s really not a hands-on mom.’ If I do have my children, people are saying that I’m exploiting them. And I think there’s plenty of reality shows with families, where you don’t watch them — at least I never did — and think they really exploited their kids.”

Denise Richards, on why she’s exploiting her kids.

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  • Here is a win-win situation you dumb cunt. Don’t shoot a reality show at all. Stay at home with your kids and actually be a mom. Fire the nanny and take all the millions of dollars Charlie pays and live happily ever after.

    Stop trying to get your face on camera so your ego can get stroked.

  • What a whore go back to fucking b/f’s hubby. I think Paris should be your new bff.

  • How about you don’t do this show and do something else that doesn’t require you to have your children abandoned to school and a nanny.. or forced to star with you on a lame TV show that exploits their privacy, feelings and mental health, for your ego-puffed money making schemes stupid Denise? Go it alone. Mommies do that everyday.

  • Denise
    I am not you
    if I were
    I would mind my own business
    and give no explanations whatsoever
    except in the presence of a lawyer
    if and when strictly needed
    the more one talks
    the more one sinks

  • She’s hooked on the worst kinda drug “look at me,look at me, arent l special? love me”

  • why would anyone want to watch this? she might be hot, and good at playing chicks half her age, but shes rather boring otherwise, yeah?

  • Those poor kids always look so miserable – and what’s with the thumb in the mouth? AND her little security blanket looks disgusting – why not throw that thing in the wash before posing for a picture. I guess that’s what happens when your mother is crazy.

  • And check out Denise! Doesn’t she look a little frazzled in the pic? LOLOL you can just see the crazy in her eyes ;-)

  • denise looks like she trip’in or twicking out.
    wha kind of bf steels her hubby rite under her eyes…Denise u trick ass bitch.. u do need to be bf wit Paris…

  • wha kind of bf steels her hubby rite under her eyes…Denise u trick ass bitch.. u do need to be bf wit Paris…

  • That poor older kid, she looks so stressed out and insecure. She needs her security “blanket” even for a photo with mom!!! Those two kids are nothing more than props for Denise. :(

  • Denise’s face in the photo says it all: “I’m happy. No…really…I am…I’m VERY happy. Can’t you TELL! I said I’m…”