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I Still Think Mena Suvari’s Pregnant

Mena Suvari at launch party, pictures, photos

I brought this up a couple weeks ago, and you guys disagreed, but I’m sticking to my guns. This new set of pictures has me even more convinced.

Mena normally has respectable fashion sense, but lately she’s been rocking these outfits that there is no earthly reason to wear if you’re not trying to hide a little baby bump. And look at the way Simone’s touching her. That’s the way you touch your pregnant girlfriend.

She’s knocked up, you guys.

Mena Suvari at launch party, pictures, photos Mena Suvari at launch party, pictures, photos Mena Suvari and Simone Sestito at launch party, pictures, photos

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  • hm. I dont see how that outfit would hide a baby bump…and if she was pregnant a couple of weeks ago she would have def. grown a lot more,

  • Okay so if you go back to the photo you posted of her on Jan 1st she is super super skinny and now not so much. Two months difference and you are gonna notice some belly growth, a couple of weeks not so much (unless its the final few weeks).

    She’s so pregnant. You nailed it Beet!

  • I just have to say… HOW GREAT is her buzz-cut grow out? I have no sense that she’s preggers, but her hair is adorable. THAT’S how you grow out a shaved head.

  • nah, on someone as small as her a few weeks makes a difference at least thats how its been with the skinny people in my life, and she still looks skinny to me, no belly at all, there would be more of some kind of little bump/bulge.

  • I just saw she is always dating sexy play boys in site””.I curious is she really has a baby now?

  • She doesnt look a lot a pregnant, but that belt IS kinda high off her waist and right under her boobs, so I dunno… may be she is hiding something