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  • They could have been product of a sperm bank. Just because someone has children doesn’t mean they have to have a named father. The turkey baster method could still work, kids. :) Or, you know… in vitro. Whatever. I’m glad she’s being a good mother, and a good partner to her longtime girlfriend. Go her.

  • David Crosby? I hear he’s the go-to guy…. which I think would be bad fuckin ass to say that my father is David friggin Crosby. Even with one lung and half a liver.

    I just think I was born in the wrong generation.

  • since when has jodi been a lezzy? OMG! i mean i knew that she was tomboyish, but i just didn’t think that she was lez. my lezdar doesnt work, but my gaydar works great

  • A couple of years ago Jodie was accepting an award and offered a moving tribute to a friend of hers since childhood who had just passed away, he was a casting agent named Stone. I believe he may have been the childrens’ bio dad. She really loved him and you could sense a tremendous loss by what she said.

  • I warned you, iiirene! Your ugly dog is history, but I’m keeping the poodle to pleasure me. Stop spamming, bwahahaha!

  • grrrrrrrrr. (that was not me who wrote that)

    stop using my name damn

    Eb is there anyway you can delete them or something =[

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