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Does She Ever Not Wear Jeans?

Elizabeth Berkley and Husband Greg Lauren, Pictures, Photos

Here’s Elizabeth “Nomi” Berkley at a film premiere in LA. She’s pictured here with her husband, Greg Lauren, who is — you guessed it — Ralph Lauren’s nephew.

He’s pretty hot in a creepy way.

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  • Jessie Spano bagged a Lauren, good for her! :) I can’t say I remember her wearing much other than jeans either, they didn’t call her ‘Legs’ for nothing!

    He is pretty hot…in a creepy way. He reminds me of a fucked up Christian Bale, so close, yet SOOOOOOOOO far.

    What’s ‘Nomi’ about??? hmmmmmm

  • If you ask me, SHE’s the one that looks creepy. Her eyes are scary and her face is plastic… =S

  • I gotta agree with the other commenters. It’s like Bale and Cruise merged into a confusing, weird jawed fella. And then tragedy struck when his head got stuck to Jesse Spano. :( Poor Balruise.

  • Am I being overly critical by thinking that she is much too young to be wearing that outfit? Light jeans, tucked in shirt, belt!? (I threw out every belt I own that is actually meant for loopholes.) And did she leave a pack of cigarettes in her back pocket for too long or something?
    Can’t the Lauren family help her out?

  • They strike a pose in order to look cool,I guess, or hot as you say
    Beet loves creepy looking guys
    I have a neighbor she would love to meet
    The guy looks like Dracula
    and many women fantasize about these strange looking fellas.
    Motion pictures have profited from that.
    The Berkley woman?I thought she had chosen another career in the meantime.

  • her rear is seriously under pressure in those jeans…and he looks like a transsexual surgery gone wrong

  • hey hey Dracula is hot!!! he’s supposed to be a charming-womanizer-gentleman!!!
    and this guy looks like a transsexual surgery gone wrong, as I just said