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Does Anyone Care If There’s a Lindsay Lohan Sex Tape?

Lindsay Lohan and Calum Best Holding Hands, Pictures, Photos

Thank goodness there have been so many sex scandals lately. I was starting to worry that you people were spending too much time reading about the election, and not enough time reading about gossip. But this week has been good to gossip.

Up now: the Lindsay Lohan sex tape.

Rumor has it that the still of Lindsay giving head to some dude was taken from ex-boyfriend Calum Best’s cell phone — but it isn’t actually Calum she’s sucking on. It’s the son of some famous sports guy.

Whatever. The thing’ll leak or it won’t. I do think that this is Lindsay in the photo, though. The NSFW pic is after the jump.

Lindsay Lohan Blow Job Giving Head Sex Tape from Calum Best’s Cell Phone, Pictures, Photos

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  • They found some other footage and said that it’s not her. I didn’t see any blow either…

  • That totally looks like her to me. And I think it’s hilarious that she’s reportedly freaking out over this cuz she can’t remember the video being taken. Does anyone really think Lindsay remembers much of ANYTHING from then?! Also, like the dude is going to be like ‘yeah, suck my dick & I’m taping it, btw’ puhlease!!!

    I thought Calum WAS the ‘son of some famous sports guy’? Oh well, if Lindsay can’t remember all the cocks that have been in her mouth, why should we?! :)

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  • Thats her in the picture…..What a fucking moron she is. OMG its “girls” (she is NO woman) like her, who are the reason men treat women like shit. Every woman isnt a dick sucking whore. Just the ones Named Lindsay BLOWHAN. She seriously needs to go away, Nobody likes to look at her freckled face, fried hair, Fake Tan(c’mon, no redheads are tan), Coke nose.

  • Ahh…a clear hoax. Take an image of a woman that looks nothing like Lohan with a man that does not look like Best on some amatuer tape. Release a blurry photo. Watch hoax grow. Then watch as the actual tape the photo came from is easily found and it is revealed…that it is not Lohan or Best (and doesn’t remotely look like them). Sites are already starting up with the “maybe next time it will really be her.” The Blemish debunked it first. It is absolutely amazing that people get suckered in. Here’s a clue. If someone has the real juice they are not going to release a blurred image of someone that doesn’t look like her. Ohhh…and if Lohan comes up in a sex tape it will not be with Best or Morton or Giles. Anyone in the know would realize that for all of Lohan’s flaws she is not a submissive to boys woman (nor really into boys period). Good try!

  • There are 3 clips. It’s over. Not her. It’s not a questionable situation. Embarrasing. I wonder if Lohan will start the suing (to whoever was the source). She’s with “friend” Samantha right now in L.I.

  • Uh, kaykay, it’s going to be okay, ‘kay?. You’re in the safe place, with friends. Just follow good doctor with the needle and strait jacket. We just want to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself or others.

  • All the sites stating this was true (due to a bad still) not only got fooled but apparently have no clue. LL has been a no man allowed area for quite awhile. SamRo and LiLo 4ever.

  • Told you it wasn’t her. But it shouldn’t be long before the real one hits the streets!