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Dude, You Guys, Diddy Didn’t Kill Tupac

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Because Tupac’s still alive!

Ahhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

No seriously though.

So the LA Times ran some ridiculous, sensational story about how Diddy and B.I.G., like, orchestrated Tupac’s murder shooting, and Diddy’s all like, “Um, negative Ghostrider” because he totally didn’t. Honestly, people, there’s an election going on. Aren’t you guys supposed to be “real” journalists? Leave shit like this to the bloggers. And seriously this Tupac shit is nearly 15 years old at this point. Let it go, guys. Just let it go.

Here’s the actual statement from Diddy:

“This story is beyond ridiculous and is completely false. Neither Biggie nor I had any knowledge of any attack before, during, or after it happened. It is a complete lie to suggest that there was any involvement by Biggie or myself. I am shocked that the Los Angeles Times would be so irresponsible as to publish such a baseless and completely untrue story.”

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  • How does calling out the “legitimate” media for putting out such a completely ridiculous story make her a racist? Got some issues there C?

  • so biggie was gunned down in Retaliation for no reason? come on .. do you honestly believe that neither of them had involvment?

    • yeah i have to say that i totally agree with this person because if u look at the facts i think tha yea hes dead but the other guy is right to we do need to put this behind us this is dumbe now but the facts are there why would he get gunned down for no reason and they were at the scene when it happened if u ask me i think the did capp him down extra hard

    • there is ‘direct’ involvement and ‘indirect’….p. diddy and B.I.G were obviously ‘involved’ with tupac’s murder/shooting…unfortunately, p.diddy (puff dummy) got rich quick with all the hype and publicity surrounding all the gangster crap ….too bad the public buys into garbage rap-crap

  • EB and those like her rather follow Brit or Paris’ every move than to report and maybe help solve the murder of a human being. Devils care more about pets than ppl. God forbid you mistreat a dog or cat than the wrath of hell will come.

  • I hate the way everyone likes 2 use the word racist this is a free country and people have the right to like or hate any race they please stop telling people how we should feel if everyone would be honest there is a racist in EVERYONE so get off your high horse asshole fuck you

  • Dude tupac is alive, like a couple of weeks ago it was on BET, a couple of tupacs family members wanted to see the body of tupac, so they had him supposivly dug up and taken to a morgue to look over the body and it was fake! so it looks like tupac paid for his death. hes still out there some where. Back in 2005 some one took a photo of a man in southern africa who looked exactly like tupac and another man filmed it and the man got all defensive. If it wasnt him, then why did he care so much some one was filming him :)

    • If you knew what you were talking about you would have known that Tupac was cremated and his ashes were spreaded in the sea by his family and friends.

    • Ur a twat he wasnt buryd he was cremated then some of his ashes smoked with marajuana a few yrs later by members of Outlawz. look it up gimp.

  • ..Maby Tupac will come back at know… it says in….weard..if it is….then why he do this…..hhmmm…

    • tuapc faked hiz own death becouse in order to gane power n make bare money he sayz it all in hiz songz n makeveli in itali mean in order to gane power and money u need to die n datz wer tupac gat dat from n in one song he gose im not sayin da world ganna change but der will be a big change

      • i think tupac is alive after all da thingz i heard i think hes out there.he inspierd me alot and hes music was gr8 so 4r that i take my hat off for him.but we don’t know da real truth so if hes in a better place in heaven god rest his sole.

      • How culd he fake his death if he died frm internal bleedin from 2 bullets 2 head 1 to arm and thigh and 1 to right hand and then was cremated and smoked???

    • think you may be right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we will see!!!!!!!!!!!! am a crip and tupac was a blood but i have a great deal of respect fo him.if you listen to some of his music he tell how he would be kill???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????2014.

    • fuck biggie fuck badboy as a staff and da record label and da motherfuckin crue and if you wanna go down wit badboy than fuck you to chino XL fuck you too.TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR AKA MAKAVELI IS ALIVE.COMING SOON. 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014 2014

  • tupac iz a live he sayz it in hiz song n he sayz “im plotin ma death watchin 50cent gettin hot on da chest” if u noticed tupac wassnt allive wen 50cent gat shot beleive me tupac will apear 2014 it all addz up to 7 he died at 4:3 time n in one of hiz videoz released after he died tupac waz rppin n da hotel time behind him waz 4:03 n plenty of oder shit like dat all u manz beleive me tupacaveli iz alive n i really wish he came bak to rappin dont u guyz

  • obviously p did and B.i.G are affiliated with the murder/shooting of tupac…they are rich enough to cover their tracks….money bought oj freedom

  • Oh, c’mon, you guys are idiots. First off, Tupac was first shot in November ’94, then died September ’96. Biggie was murdered six months AFTER Tupac was killed.

  • first of all i think dat tupac is actually one of the best people in the world who evr the motherfucker who killed him u deserved to be killed but tortured for 17 years and during those 17 years if u die i will cook u up find any relatives of ur’s and let them eat u with out them nowing after they done saying it tasted good im going to make sure i show them pictures of the tatoos that i took of him cause who didnt have tatoos back then then im going to say he was missing and u guys just finished eating the rest of him cause i fed some to the dog earlyer……and if the punk is still alive i wish u to come on this website and read dis u mother fucking bitch ass punk mother fucker.. u know i think it was a cop who did dis a white one or black i dont know could be more likely white….

  • Tupac IS ALIVE he survived 7 days on the 7th day at 4:03 he ‘suposivly died’but it was all a fake he palned this because he had 2 many enimies he got this idea of faking his death when he was in jail he read books about Niclolo Machiiaveli an in it stood ‘ONE SHOULD FAKE THRE DEATH TO FOOL THERE ENIMIES’ MACHIIAVELI who also faked his death at age 25 the same age as tupac and he returned at 43.still don’t believe me in the song ‘GHOST’in the beginning he says th only way 4 me 2 come back is through MAKAVELI also HENNESSEE hes new song made befor his death had never got releast in the beginin when he starts 2 rap when reversing the song in 1 part he says ”and i ran from this and 2 rolled to a new world of when will he return?2014 why?well makaveli went in hiding for 18 years he left at 25 and came back at 43 pac left at 25 and died at 4:03 thats a year apart 25-43 pac born june 16 1971 1+9+7+1=18 died 1996 1+9+9+6=25 25+18=43 N.M left for 18 years pac is doin the same year 2014 18 years gone wont go to jail 2+0+1+4=7.there you have it believe it or not hes ALIVE…TUPAC………………………………….

  • yeah i do agreee with jack hays tu pac is still alive. west side bad boy killah. remember in most of his songs sings about how hes go to disapear and came back to rule the rule the world. watch this space 2pac is coming.

  • u guys are idiots, tupac got shot by a gang member. A relative of Orlando Anderson (the crips gang member that Tupac and the Death Row crew beat up outside a hotel). They came back for retaliation, but like a week or two later everyone who was involved in Tupac’s murder was shot dead in the streets. Biggie and Diddy had involvement with the Southside Crips and Tupac and Death Row had involvement with the Northside Bloods. There ya go, case closed!

  • …. Hes dead… no questions asked, he chose not to wear his bullet proof vest that night because it was going to be to hot at the Tyson fight and he felt safe. He WOULD HAVE LIVED but he didnt. He’s not super human, you get shot, you die. They removed his right lung in the hospital because it failed. Then he died…. he couldnt breath and lost a lot of blood. hes dead

  • tupac MIGHT be alive! look what happened to micheal jackson with the involment of his doctors and the drugs that the doctor gave him illegally. there is a possiblility that tupac paid people to cover his fake death. this shows that people in high places are willing do such things for money. Would you lie for tupac and get paid for it????? My homest opinion is that he is dead and hez in heaven, the only place he deserves to be, god bless his soul. make the most of your life and just enjoy it and always be true to urself.

  • fuk bad boy records and 2nd shooting i beleave had to do with orlando anderson..puff n piggie were involved the first time wen pac took 5 n smiled