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Paris Is Still Dragging Benji Around with Her



Paris did a little press conference tonight for her new reality show, My New BFF, where I guess she’ll be on the hunt for young women who want to be her friend because they care about who she really is deep down inside, and obviously the best pool from which to choose such a person is the group of girls who volunteer to be on her ridiculous reality TV show. If Paris wants a friend who cares about who she really is, she needs to, like, go to Antarctica and befriend a penguin. Because no one else on earth is going to see her as anything but Paris Hilton Incorporated.

And speaking of people who know Paris deep down inside, she’s still tugging around little Benji Madden, and sporting that dumbass ring with his initials on it.

This is a stupid Paris Hilton romance. I like it better when she plucks super-hot nobodies out of obscurity and we can all just marvel at their toolishness and hotness for awhile, until she dumps them. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that Pizza Boy? Isn’t it about time he sells a tell-all? And then reports directly to my bedroom? I think yes.

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  • Promised born to be elevated, admired and married into high society, basically ruining her life to stupidly settle for a dopey-wasted childhood girlfriend’s piece of junk semi-crappy talented may be brother-in-law family?

  • It’s probably some long ass prank from that new show Ashton Kutcher has, it cant be real, its too obvious, I’m wondering why no one else has said this, but I mean, nicole is with that dude’s brother, and now shes with this guy?? I don’t buy it, plus we all know Paris likes the pretty boys with wealthy families, not fat ugly has beens!

  • Ricardo is right. This is the longer version of punked. They want to show the unwashed public how hip they are compared to us.

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