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Yes Of Course Julianne Hough Is Releasing a Country Album

America’s favorite dancing virgin is hoping to become the country world’s favorite singing virgin.

Julianne Hough (pronounced “Huff,” in case you’re curious), is releasing a self-titled album on Mercury Nashville, and will be hitting the road on tour with Brad Paisley.

Above you’ll find her single, “That Song In My Head.” I mean, she’s not a musical miracle or anything, but it’s a catchy country tune, and she’s got a solid country voice. Taylor Swift better watch her pretty little virgin back.

Talk all the shit you want, this chick is gonna be huge. Huge. I’m calling it right now.

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  • Hopefully this blog entry won’t turn into another hate fest….

    She has a much better voice than I expected, and the innocent strategy will bode well for her in country music.

  • Not going to listen to it, I hate country, nope, nope, nope, won’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s really pretty & I liked her on Dancing With The Stars, she better stay away from Apollo though!!! ;)

  • She is so pretty. I lover her smile. Just remembered, I’ve seen her pics at a celebrity site called Seems she is looking for love and romance there.

  • She’s adorable! but I hope she keeps doing Dancing with the Stars, she my favorite dancer. She sounds good too.

  • Hahahaha, reminds me of that Golden Girls episode where Sophia has the Festival of the Dancing Virgins and recruits Rose as the queen of the ceremony.

    What an amazing show. Seriously, they do not make TV shows like that anymore.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there instead of talking about Julianne whatsherface.