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Why Don’t I Like Amy Adams?

Amy Adams at Premiere of “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day”, Pictures, Photos


Does anyone else feel this way?

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s just some random actress who generally does a good job of staying out of the tabloids, but whenever I see a picture of her, I’m just annoyed. I know it’s totally unfair of me. I mean, I have absolutely no basis for this feeling, it just comes.

Here’s Amy at a screening for Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day in NYC

(Side note: As I was typing in Amy’s name, I kept spelling it “Amy Adamns.” I did this like three times in a row, and couldn’t figure out why I insisted on putting an “n” in her name. Then it occurred to me that I’m just so used to typing the word “damn” that my fingers type “dam” and just assume an “n” should come next. I need to be hospitalized.)

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  • I feel the same way too, she was cute in the Disney movie, i liked it, but I just dont like her! She looks like an annoying person, she just has that look of girls with shrill voices and airhead thoughts.

  • Yeah I think it’s because she was the “other woman” there for a while on The Office to the wonderful Jim and Pam (Jam).

  • nah, I’m with ya beet. She “bugs” me too. The Oscar red carpet inteview with Ryan Secrest is what made me not like her. Not sure why, no reason…there’s just something about Amy…she comes across too pure/goodie-goodie or something…

  • Totally bugs me.
    Could have hit her for the way she ‘performed’ at the oscars.
    Bugged me since I first saw her in a mini role on Buffy.
    Is it just me or does she seem…dumb?

  • yeah, not really a fan of amy either. that damn side note was absolutely hysterical, beet. hope you’re feeling better!! xo.

  • Jessica,
    she’s bugged me since Buffy, too! Perhaps because the part (Tara’s annoyingly un-feminist cousin) was very annoying. I absolutely wanted some random vampire to kill her.

  • I think she’s totally cute. She was cute on The Office and she was awesome in Junebug. I had forgotten about her part on Buffy but remember, regardless of the part, it was written that way and she performed it so she shouldn’t be judged for that.

    I haven’t seen Enchanted but I will when it comes out on dvd. And I’ve seen none of those Disney type movies, haven’t seen Shrek or Nemo or … well, any of them, but Enchanted I want to see.

  • Beet, you are so awesome. I couldn’t agree more! I have felt the same way forever – i have no reason to dislike this girl, and yet i just do

  • I’m with you. Something about the red hair, I think. Julianne Moore annoys me too. And that X-Files woman, what was her name?

    Anyway, based on that screechy performance during the Oscars, it’s safe to say I will not be lining up to see Enchanted. Jack Nicholson said it best: “I’d rather stick needles in my eyes.”

  • idk what is your problem with her she is a great actress and she just acts out the script they give her and at least she is trying to go somewhere with her career. she gonna try to make it anyway she can. at least give her credit for performing at the oscars, it takes guts of steel to sing in front of other great actor/actresses. i admire her for working hard and trying her best.

  • True, she’s talented and professional – respected by the people she works with and can manage to have a career without showing us her ladyflower, and appears to be smart with a sense of humor and has some sense of fashion. Yup, she’s annoying.

    • I wouldn’t call her talented. She doesnt’ seem very capable of playing anyone not perky and cheerful and high-voiced. Not that I can truly say as I haven’t seen all her movies yet, but she tends to play very annoying characters over and over again.

  • Just looking at her I think I figured it out – big eyes, big nose, small lips and high screeching voice – she’s completely off balance. Hater her on the oscars but still kind want to see that enchanted only for McDreamy – yum.

  • Just looking at her I think I figured it out – big eyes, big nose, small lips and high screeching voice – she’s completely off balance. Hated her on the oscars but still kind want to see that movie – Enchanted – but only for McDreamy – yum.

    • so welll said. :)

      shes so dam hot…and im not a big fan of readheads…..but i admit i have sthg for her….a lot……hahhaha

      • …but i wonder how she is really, being brought up in a mormon family, and supported by Kirsty Alley…that all sounds a bit……..i dunno….well u know wht i mean….

    • A lot of straight guys don’t, and I’ve never heard of any girls hating her. I don’t know why they would- she seems nice and smart and she’s not particuarly hot so why hate her?

  • I love the way she brings confidence to all those underestimated pale girls with red hair out there… being one of them myself, I think she’s a great role model! =PP

  • I can confirm, having spent lots of time with Amy on the set of Junebug, that she is one of the most genuine and talented women that I have ever encountered in the industry. She is totally laid back and down to earth, and she is not an “airhead” by any stretch – she is an intelligent, career-driven woman.

    • Thank you !
      I was looking for “the” nice comment in there and finally found it !
      I don’t know what’s wrong with people, I believe part of it is jealousy.
      All I can say is that, as far as I know, if there’s one actress, ONE, that I’d like to congratulate today it’s Amy Adams.
      I’ll remind or inform some of you that Amy comes from a big family of 7 kids and didn’t become an actress because her mummy or daddy worked in the movie industry. From what I’ve read and heard she worked very hard to become what she is nowadays.
      I’m seventeen and I’m an aspiring ballet dancer who lives in LA on my own, which is probably not exactly the same as being an aspiring actress i guess, but I still know how hard it can be to battle for something that seems unreachable to you and how being positive and determined is an attitude that you have to adopt in order to be able to put yourself together, focus, and get to work everyday!
      So those of you who are “bugged” by Amy’s positivity, cheerfulness, sense of humor, good manners or whatever..(not even talking about the physical criteria that some of you mentioned ) I hope that one day you will understand that those are the things that, again, I believe, brought her to the top.

      • exactly Aurelia!. u r right, its very tough to relish all those qualities after a passing through a tough phase in life and Amy could still retain her positivity, cheerfulness, sense of humor, good manners with her. you have summarized it well. Thanks!

  • You are mostly all demented and evolving the wrong way. You’re either jealous or nasty as Amy Adams is the most beautiful and talented actress in Hollywood

    • Amy Adams is a breath of fresh air, a real sweetie. I hope she will retain her classy, well mannered image and not be corrupted by Hollywood. The mean spirited comments here reflect badly on the persons making them, not Amy.

    • Screw all you who think amy adams is not gorgeous! She is one of the best looking woman acting today!!! And i know a guy who met her at a wedding and he said that she was one of the nicest people he had ever met. Don’t be so jealous, all you are doing is sitting at home criticizing someone who built themselves up while you have probably done nothing in your life worth mentioning. Wonder why you dont have a picture on the internet for people to insult? It’s you are not nearly as talented, beautiful, intelligent, or hardworking as Amy Adams!!

  • i agree she just annoys me i dunno why…. shes a great actress with good, looks, style and integrity, but she just annoys me

  • I agree- she seems OK for a popular Hollywood star, but she annoys me too. Probly cuz she tends to play annoying people all the time, and as a great lover of unusual beauty, she’s very generic. Generic people just annoy me for some reason. I think she’d at least look better if she hadn;t dyed her hair; red doesn’t suit her.

    also… I may be the only one but her eyes frighten me. o.O

  • Everyone uses the word ‘annoy’ to describe how she irks them. I don’t find her annoying or irritating so much as just inexplicably successful. She is neither beautiful nor a good actress. In every film I’ve seen her in, she seems acutely aware of the camera and herself, and this tense energy around her is distracting. In Julia and Julia, she comes off overly cutesy as usual, and this is greatly magnified by her starring opposite such a stellar and natural actress as Meryl Streep. The film would have been worlds better if they’d matched Ms. Streep with someone either closer to her own caliber or a total nobody.

    Her emotions are stilted and over-exaggerated, her lines are delivered with the natural ease of Teddy Ruxpin, and if you stare at her photo for a minute you will see she is not at all attractive, even on the homely side of plain. And I usually love redheads. With her lack of talent she should have to look as good as Catherine Zeta-Jones to be successful

    How many films will we be forced to endure before the studios realize what a sugary toothache-inducing puppet she is?

    • very well said!

      So don’t be surprised if and when the Amy Nazis attack you. They hate anyone disagreeing with her mediocre acting, plain looks, and boring but famous arse.

    • I know this blog post is old, but watching The Muppets just now brought me here …

      You hit the nail on the head. I wholly agree with much of what you’ve written.

      I am utterly baffled as to how Amy Adams has reaped so much success as an actress in film. And I’m even more perplexed as to how on God’s green earth she’s managed to snag four Oscar nominations in less than ten years.

      Truly great actors and actresses in H-town are few and far between, and some are not only underrated but also underutilized. Instead, lots of mediocre actors/actresses are hailed and overexposed in film after film for no good reason at all. Typical Hollywood, I suppose. However, Adams is apparently regarded as being incredibly versatile and nuanced in her performances. I remember hearing left and right that she put on this phenomenal, typecast-breaking performance in The Fighter — a performance in which the moviegoer wouldn’t even be able to recognize her, she was so outstanding! I was expecting to be blown away. But I saw the movie and thought she was one of its weakest links. She wasn’t necessarily terrible; I mean, it wasn’t like watching Heather Graham trying to act. But I did NOT buy her as the tough, loud-mouthed, take-a-stand, “sexy bitch” (courtesy of Wikipedia) from Lowell, MA. Her acting was, yes, self-conscious, mapped out, not subtle, and lacking essence. She came across as a good girl trying really, really hard to look like a badass.

      I perceived the same lack of character essence in her performances in Doubt and Julie & Julia, though the role she played in the latter seemed to come more naturally for her. I have yet to see The Master.

      I actually do think she’s pretty, though, in an approachable way. She hasn’t ravaged her face or body with plastic surgery, and I like that she doesn’t sell her personal life to the media. She doesn’t strike me as a famewhore and seems pretty grounded and harmless overall. I can believe that she’s probably a pleasant, easy person to work with too. Those qualities do still have clout in the industry, and they can be advantageous to actors/actresses.

      She’s worked hard, I’m sure, to reach her current station, and she apparently has great work ethic, so props to her for that.

      I will just continue to be flummoxed and, therefore, peripherally annoyed by her ability to garner so much critical praise and secure such great film roles. Especially when I think that for every one of her, there are likely countless other — mostly lesser known or altogether unknown — actresses with superior talent and capability that will continue to be overlooked and underused.

  • You must all be seriously deranged from jealousy, Amy is very sexy, beautiful, genuine and wonderful woman
    If all women were like her, a world would be a better place

    • Not jealousy. There are plenty of other actresses who are super hot, and I love them….Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron. Amy Adams?….uh, no.

  • I know this post article is from 2008, but I had to post, as I find her sooooo annoying/obnoxious! I just started watching Sunshine Cleaning & although the movie is pretty good, I just can't stomache finishing the film, as I find Amy so damn annoying! I've been wondering for the last hour what MY problem is and why I'm such a hater. :-) So, came to google, typed in “Amy Adams is…” and “annoying” was the forth option in the drop down suggestions. :-) At least I know I'm not alone.

  • eu dou 100 motivos para gostar e 100 para provar q qm naum gosta dela é um babaca
    ela é um docinho de coco
    é linda
    é talentosa
    é gentil
    é amorosa
    é mto gata

  • I don’t think she is annoying. However, she speaks in this quiet, monotone voice that seems to have no variation in volume or tone, and her big, round eyes seem never to focus on anything. It’s as if she were a zombie or something.. And I’m not picking up on this “goodie-goodie” vibe everyone else seems to be picking up on. To me she comes across as someone who is probably very uptight and secretly self-depricating. I can’t stand to listen to her mousy voice for an entire two hours. And why do people think she’s hot?? That idea completely eludes me. Maybe it’s the thin, tight upper lip, or the sunken in, round, vortex-eyes, or the boring red hair, or her freckled, speckled, pale skin. And for those of you sighting jealousy as our gripe, that certainly isn’t it. Angelina Jolie? Guilty. Totally jealous of the b*tch. Amy Adams? LOL. Not so much. But truly, my feelings about Amy Adams don’t run as deep as they sound.

  • Apparently Hollywood and the general public don’t find her as annoying as you do, three Golden Globe, two BAFTA and three Oscar nominations in less than 3 years. She isn’t an airhead, or like the characters she portrayed. Go watch The Fighter, she’s a completely different character. Meryl Streep, Steven Spielberg and other actors have all praised her work ethic.

    Ya’ll just haters.

  • She’s a fuckin bitch just look at her sneaky face she’s pretending to be good but B.I.T.C.H is written all over her and inside her.


    Can’t belive that a long time ago i thought she’s cute and good EVIL BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just watch her interviews on TV shows. She is genuine, funny and smart person. And i like she’s cute, not a slutty-type bitch

  • it’s her voice. she can act but all her lines are delivered from her throat and she has sibilant esses and retains her regional accent. she needs voice training.

  • i hate this actress.. she’s the living epitome of every insecure airhead girl who tries to fit in but in the end just sucks all the energy out of the room with her constant need to be reassured she’s part of the group. even in her roles almost every scene she’ll act out a part, then hesitate like she’s thinking “oh god i hope i did a good job..yea yea i did ill rise above this…ok breathe….lmao what ajoke

  • I just don’t like ANYTHING about her. I think the film industry would have been WAY more fulfilled without her. She does nothing for it, and will be a terrible louis lane. The only thing I want to see out of her, is getting punched in the face one good time. And she’s ugly.

  • I’m a straight guy. Hate her. Do not see her appeal at all. And she made me want to throw up in that Mark Whalberg boxing movie. Watch catch me if you can, or Julie and Julia, and then try to explain to me why she gets the leading “hot girl” roles??

  • EXACTLY the way I feel. Just another random actress I don’t give a shit about, but annoying as fuck to watch in a movie. Just saw man of steel and she was annoying as hell, almost killed the movie. Thankfully Antje Traue brought it up.

  • I was watching American Hustle previously, n I seriously couldn’t take her phony acting, it’s just not persuasive at all. It annoys me to a point that I had to shut down my laptop, n realized I only watched less than 30min of that movie. (I love Bradley Cooper btw!) I don’t know what the hell is wrong with the Academy this year, she was nominated for best actress in American Hustle, I mean seriously!? She is just not persuasive in whatever role she acts and she looks like the kinda of person who’s got awkward issues. So yup, she is really annoying.

  • Yup remember the scene in AH where Bradley Cooper was so attracted to her while she sat on a desk, I was like f**k Dude r u seriously, she looks like grandma with hips of body plastic jobs done. N she seems to be the type who fakes orgasm in bed.
    Er……. She ruins American hustle

  • Amy Adams, she has ruined so many pictures I want to see and haven’t knowing she was in them. She has been in some big money hits. But then we as a society have really lost sight of was is a real actress. And what is a poor attempt at acting, then giving them an a Oscar. I would rather watch the theater down the street to see a good proformance.

  • She bother me too. Especially in American Hustle. Her British accent was awful, every scene with her bitching about something I fast-forwarded. I don’t really know why either, but she bothers me.

  • Omg. It’s not just me!! I think she must remind me of someone from my past who I can’t stand. Just looking at her irritates me.

  • Yes I don’t know what it is about her and I feel bad hating someone publicly with unjust reasoning but holy fuck just seeing her face and her dead eyes and her smile and completely insincere acting maybe these are the reasons but I think I even without these things she just has a bitch face….shes gives me anxiety…..ive never asked Google a question like “does anyone else hate Amy Adam’s?” until now….well I’m relieved it’s not just me…peace bitches

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