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Jack Nicholson Supports Hillary Clinton

If I’m going to run that Barack Obama “Yes We Can” video, it’s only fair I give Hillary her chance to be endorsed by random celebs.

I guess all that’s left is for a celebrity to make a John McCain ad. We’re waiting, Hollywood.

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  • The three real questions everyone needs to ask themselves: 1) “Do I want more or less government in my life?”
    2) “Do I want a government by the people for the people or by the government for their special interests?”
    3) “Do I want to be in control of my destiny or do I want the government to control my destiny?”

  • she is a control freak she doesnt know when to let go look at the marriage she still holds on bitch let it go with the vows that bill said to you just wonder who will be sucking bills dick now or if you go back in the white house …..And by the way the only reason Jack endorsed her was because she looks like him in Batman… she has bad botux…. i dont know how bill put up with a lifles bitch so long