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I Do Not Understand the Adriana Lima Thing



Sure, she has a killer body, but look at that face!

Not hot.

Here’s Adriana being not-hot at some press conference at some fashion thing in Mexico City.

Now I’ll be quiet and you all can remind me of just how jealous I am.

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  • Wow. Um. I feel pretty, at least!

    In Adriana’s defense, those are certainly the very worst pictures of her I think I’ve ever seen. Was she stoned or something?

  • look at the sweatmarks under her arms. Either it’s superhot in Mexico, or this girl needs a new deoderant. Probably both.

  • oh please!! she is gorgeous!! she just doesnt take a perfect picture 100% of the time. she always looks phenomenal in victoria’s secret catalog & commercials.
    her hair & make up at this event doesnt look that great on her though. her hair looks thin & its an ugly style & her lipstick is too pale.

  • She can occasionally look like the antichrist, as evidenced by the first picture. Candids are not her forte; she always keeps her mouth open, like stupid people do, and I think she only has two or three facial expressions in total.

    However, she can look uber gorgeous in professional photo shoots because they make her close her mouth and they put pretty clothes and makeup on her.

  • yall are soooo fuckin jealous it’s pathetic! i bet any of ya that say she isn”t “that” good lookin would trade lives with her in a heartbeat! buncha haters

  • I checked out a bunch of other pictures of her, besides the ones here. And yes, she can look very pretty, I’d love to look like her. But there is just something very odd with her eyes….like they are going to roll back any second or something. I only saw one or two photos that werent creepy like that. VERY STRANGE.

  • The first picture looks sexy~~~Does she have got married? I found some pictures of her at Rich I am just curious~~~

  • I think they are just really unfortunate photos… but anyway she looks damn hot when she’s walking down the runway in her underwear and really who the hell is looking at her face then??

  • She has a very pretty face, this is obvious but beauty is subject to interpretation. I think the main thing is, though a person can have a beautiful face, a smile not that pretty can ruin it. Her teeth are not the most becoming but it fits her face giving her character. For her to get her teeth fix now, she would lose out on her career. If Lima is 24/25 and at the peak of her modeling career, by the time her braces would come off? 3yrs? As long as the industry does not have a problem and she is making out financially, why should she care? She probably does not.
    Is she an ugly woman? Most certainly not. The first pic listed, it appears she is talking while the pic is being taken. No one looks beautiful all the time. Everyone takes bad pics.

  • uh, are you guys CRAZY?! she’s GORGEOUS! and these pics arent even that bad. take a look at yourself, i bet all of you arent even half as hot as this girl is. shes #1 and one of the highest paid supermodels in THE WORLD, that says it all.

  • Yeah of course u had to pic out the bad pics…u see her at the biofit uplift launch??..its more recent than this and theres not a single bad shot of her!!…then again theres always gonna be haters..*sigh*

  • adriana lima i do love you more than amazing thing called your name
    always do you think iworship you ihave no god execpit youare pretty
    more than life in smile

  • I think she’s plain, bordering on ugly. I just don’t understand the hype over this girl. She always looks like she’s about to have an orgasm, I think that’s why people like her. Marissa Miller, Gisele, Miranda Kerr are ALL prettier than her. And I swear I’m not hatin’ or jealous!

  • She looks stunning – just bad top and hair.
    whoeva started this blog is obviously v. jealous and spent ages looking 4 a bad pic 2 try n convince herself that shes not pretty. well i fink shes the most beautiful woman in the world….better than gissele n that…. but they r still beautiful.
    who wouldnt give there right arm 2 have those eyes n lips n figure n hair n skin……………………………………………………………
    but there will always b haters with nothing better 2 do.

  • i am a photographer and i kinda noticed that she does have that weird smirk when she smiles –but not all the time.. and the camera must’ve captured that on this one. but in totality, i still think she is the sexiest woman on earth.. she has a very unique and tantalizing beauty too.

  • I have honestly wanted to be Adriana Lima since I was 12. She is stunning. Everyone takes bad photos; these aren’t even that bad though. Look at other pictures of her and I’m sure you will soon be captured by her beauty. I know any girl would love to have such an exotic and mesmerizing look as her! Whoever started this is just jealous

  • obviously they are bad pictures. Everyone takes bad pictures sometimes. She’s beautiful in general in my opinion.

  • I use to think she was really gorgeous, but my opinion slowly changed over the years. her eyes weird me out. Everyone thinks she has sexy eyes, but they look overly-seductive….like she’s kind’ve always squinting them, trying too hard to look sexy. And I don’t like the color of them. too light. I’m not usually a big fan of real light-colored eyes, and the color just doesn’t look right on her.

  • ok seriouslyy, what is so hot about this girl? I have never found her very hot or pretty, like many people make her out to be…wtf???

    crooked MANGLED mouth (not exactly pretty where i come from) HUGE face! (stuffed chipmunk cheeks) (not to pretty, again my side of the world) most peole go in to get their faces streamlined and the fat sucked out not IN! lol she need serious lipo of the whole face..

    the only thing i can say are pretty about this girl is her bod! (wow yes) nice body!!! and her blue eyes. and dark hair. ( so her coloring is wanted) other than that this girl is screaming for a “bone Streucture” makeover. ( i mean serioulsy how did she become a model with such lack of bonestructure)????? bc of her eyes??? thats pretty damn sad!

  • Okay, I don’t understand why almost ALL of you guys are ripping Adrianna Lima to shreds. She looks gorgeous in catalogues, and the Victoria’s Secret website, she can’t look perfect in every single picture of her. It’s pretty funny how all of you judge the shit out of her I’d like to see what you all guys look like.

  • You know what, it’s possible for people to say she’s average-looking without it coming from some kind of insecurity. People’s opinions and preferences can differ! Similarly, I ‘hate’ girls who say Gisele or Alessandra or Heidi are ugly in the sense that I don’t agree with them at all, but I don’t personally attack them saying they’re jealous c*** and whatnots. To me, Adriana Lima’s face screams porn, but I could not find beauty in it even if I stared at any of her photographs for hours. To be honest, I prefer my own face to hers, and I don’t think I’m incredibly beautiful or anything! That’s right, you can go call me conceited or whatever, but it’s my opinion. Sorry if it offends you.

  • Ha #47 I’m sure you think your face is prettier than Ms limas keep lying to yourself because nobody else thinks it is. Why don’t you post a picture for us? Its seriously hilarious how jealous people are of this girl because none of you are even close to be being as scary gorgeous as she is. I find this chick on myspace who is a dead ringer for her an jolie this chick is hot!

  • You all are too cute,you really are.It’s amusing how the WOMAN that posted this is 99.9%% likely some fat dyke sitting in the dark of her 1960’s styled condo.

    Are not aware of how disgustingly GORGEOUS Adriana Lima is????Victoria’s Secret hired only the elitely beautiful,oh but since shes in VS that must mean nothing,right?She is absolutely perfect,and I had the honor of meeting her once,shes a total sweetheart if I might add.
    EVERYONE takes a bad picture once in a while,even models.
    So why don’t you get over yourself and YOU try modeling while going through poverty and an ill mother for over 12 years.

    Also,why don’t you visit a treadmill instead of bashing on her,and probably all the other beautiful women you bash because of such envy you hold.
    Butterface?My ass.

  • I think she is very special and pretty!! Whats happened if your boy flirted with her, or want sit all day long with her and drink beer?? You only laughing because its the same as when your boy sit and have fun with his friends..? (boy friends, not girl. Yo know!! She looks like swedish man..) ohhh my God, i would freak out and be scared!! :(
    Of course every one have different taste.. But someone thinks she looks like a man??? Come on girls!! You are very hard for different girls now, i think!! If i can choose,- I want look like myself, only a little bit more pretty! ;) Its good ve are looking different everyone! The world are going crazy! We must start be more nice with each other!!
    Good luck everyone.. Hello from Norway.. (From girl that is not very pretty and not very ugly either. ..but have very bad english ;)

  • spending your time being jealous,and angry that you will never look like that?/
    you see people that are secure and happy with theselves dont go out of their way to put other people down about their looks
    especially when they are beautiful supermodels ,,,

    dumb ass

    • Ok, I had to post something because this is getting too far. I AM SICK of these stupid illogical rationality that if you don’t like someone you are jealous! I mean, wtf? Is one supposed to like veryone and to admire everyone in this world so they are not considered jealous? Really? Well, newsflash: it;s ok not to like someone, it’s ok to disagree and it’s ok to have a bad opinion. Have you ppl ever considere that if someone doesn’t think X is beautiful maybe they like Y or W? Ppl who say someone is jeakous for not liking ADriana needs to open their foggy minds and learn to respect other people’s opinions. As long as nobody attacked you or called you stupid for thinking ADriana is beautiful, why should you disrespect someone who thinks differently?

  • damn, there are quite a few jealous bitches on here! lol
    she’s usually very gorgeous. i just don’t understand that pose. and her teeth aren’t her best asset

    she is NOT a butterface by any means however

  • She is one of the prettiest girls in the world, she wouldn’t be a Victoria Secret Angel if she was ugly. Everyone has their days when they are not picture perfect…but Adriana Lima is drop dead gorgeous hands down.


  • Are you serious. get over yourselves. EVERYONE has their not-so-perfect-picture moments. F*ck you guys need to talk about something other than Models and their Bad Moments.

  • It makes me really sad that she is so pretty, neeeh..I don’t think I’m jealous of her though. Maybe of her body, because I have an awkward body and hers is perfect. But I dunno. She’s really fuckin pretty and my boyfriend is in love with her, basically. So it’s kind of upsetting. Oh and by the way, she doesn’t have a butterface, and theses pictures don’t make her ugly. Cameras can do weird things.

    • yeah, cameras do really weird things like make her natural eye shape all tiny and squinty, make her cheeks look fat, and twist her wide mouth into that ugly smirk she obviously is not choosing to make herself.

      she’s ugly as SIN with or without all te 50 gallons of makeup on, and you ugly-loving losers who’ve been brainwashed by the media to be so jealous and love unattractive people like this need your heads checked.

      and I agree she isnt a butterface, to be a butterface she actually needs a nice body ;)

  • i searched this because i, too, do not understand whats the big deal with adriana. if you saw her walking down the street you wouldn’t be like woah that girls hot.
    she just has a unique look about her, that’s all. so in that way, she’s special. but if you were just a normal person in everyday life you wouldn’t call her “hot”

  • You are all clearly jealous of her natural beauty. Of course if you find any awkward picture of anyone you can say their ugly!
    Why don’t you try out for Victoria secrets modeling and see what happens. You’re probably just mad because your boyfriend jacks it to Adriana on the daily. Post a picture of yourself and let’s be the judge of it. and hunny don’t test me I’m 5different rare exotic nationalities so please believe I will stick up for the exotic rare Brazilian bombshell Adriana.

  • The happiest man on the planet is the men witch Adriana love. First i thought Ale is the one but Adriana is more fun.

  • she is not as amazing as a lot of you are saying but i still think she is pretty, although i can understand why some can find her unattractive even though there will always be the people who are jealous of her.

  • “if you saw her walking down the street you wouldn’t be like woah that girls hot.
    she just has a unique look about her, that’s all.”
    You posted that because you think if you walked down the street everyone would be like “woah that girl is hot”.I bet your some fat ass 17 year old girl thats jealous of her body&face.

  • My god, just because someone doesn’t like the way another person looks doesn’t make them a jealous fat bitch. I have to admit her face looks funny here, this is honestly the first picture I’ve seen of Adriana looking kinda ugly.
    I will have to say, personally, I think she’s a beautiful person, but just because the majority agrees with me doesn’t mean all of the minority are jealous, ugly, fat dyles. Ahahahha.
    I think Adriana needs some criticism, so her head won’t get too big.

  • I agree, I saw her on top 10 sexiest women on earth. I think her body is beautiful but I see her features and she’s not all that good looking like gisele or alessandra ambrosio, her teeth are weird and she is not consistently gorgeous on pictures like the other angels are, that’s why too, I searched for criticism on her. Her eyes look gorgeous on her tanned face and body and all but she’s still not gorgeous enough. Of course I wouldn’t mind looking like her, of course, I’m not an ugly pasty white dyke either and it’s not that I’m jealous, I can recognize beauty, it’s just that when somebody makes a career out of her looks and earns millions at least she can be criticized on what her job is and that is being beautiful, so I don’t think she’s worth all that money and hype…

  • First, i am an average looking person and i know adriana is much prettier than i will ever be:p
    Adriana Lima is NOT average- her toned, tall and sexy frame already makes her above-average. She is also tanned and has gorgeous hair and a glow. She has very pretty eyes as well.
    I first read about her- how she is GORGEOUS, PERFECT, VERY BEAUTIFUL and went to see her videos and pictures. And i was shocked, She isn’t ugly and she’s sexy but she is definitely not very pretty. It is her mouth- she has bucked teeth, and she is very gummy. And when she talks, it is all quite scary…
    I thought i was weird, so i typed “i think adriana lima looks weird” and here i am, i think i’m in the minority though..every site makes her sound like a goddess.

  • Okay seriously, a couple bad pictures doesn’t make someone ugly. ESPECIALLY not Adriana Lima. I’d like to see you look as amazing as she does in ANY of your photos.

    And all of you who seriously don’t think Adriana Lima is fucking gorgeous are probably just jealous fat bitches, I’m sorry. You’re have to be a psycho not to see how stunning she is. And if I did see her walking down the street, I’d be like “HOLY FUCK SHE’S HOT. I wanna look like that.” Yeah, she’s gorgeous, no question about it.

  • Hey I dont get the adriana lima thing either, shes ok to me thats it not flawless and stunning like many like to claim she is. #1 flawless you would need perfect STRAIGHT white teeth. she has the opposite of that. You know when you have a mangled mouth usually 99.9% of the time means you will have bad breath, lol I mean every person I have known to have crooked teeth has had bad breath.

    and she was beautiful back in the day I ll give her that. (circa 2003-2005) but since then her looks have gone down fast. She has aged badly, (wrinkles in her forehead, and keeps getting fatter) Im sorry but in those above pictures there is nothing remotely pretty about her face, other than the coloring she has. butterface for sure!

    ewww she is so fucking fat now! at least her face is, looks like she wuld be a size 16 in those avbove pics, wtf is so pretty about that??? L<MAO

    • Aged badly? Weight gain? Butter face? Size 16? Possible bad breath because her teeth are not “perfectly” straight? Your observations are misjudged.

  • she isnt ugly but in these pics she is a butterface! I think she looks like a man must be how big and tall she is and she has a huge foootball neck now. is she on steroids?

    her mouth/teeth are absolutely disgusting, I cant find myself to like someone who has a jacked up mouth, sorry. bad hygeine if you ask me. what is up with her funny retarded faces she makes to, like she just farted? lol she looks constipated. she is huge now also.
    the only thing i find remotely attartive on her is of course her body when its not so big,her skintone and eyes. if she had some brown blah eyes, she would be nothing great. she looks bloated and has no jawline/chin

    she needs to lay off the doritos and alcohol. its is making her so puffy. see she is sweating under her arms like a fat pig that she is

  • shes beautiful i saw a photo of her when she was young she is naturally gorgeous i would love to look like her

  • HAHA I do agree that adriana is a stunningly breathtaking young woman but you guys need to realize she is SO photoshopped its not even funny i met her at a signing in france and i was SOO shocked i was like OMFG is that her she look sooo different in real life well she didnt look bad of course she still looked gorgeous of course but she certainly didnt look like she does in any of her photos and yes while i do not hold a candle to her beauty me being a great looking woman myself i have to say thta you guys cant put these people up on a pedastal like they are perfect its just so silly theyre just human and if you actually met all these celebrities you realized they are just as flawed as the next person but i dont think slander is needed. gossip is overated and are for people whos life are boring and pathetic.

  • haha thats two awful pictures of her, i mean i’ve seen interviews whith her and she’s just soo pretty, but it all depends on the hair and make up and this time someone did a horrible mistake.


    you mean you really dont get it????
    of course if you are extremely jealous
    of this girl you will go looking for bad photos,
    im sure even if you are a good looking individual
    that you have at least a photo or two of yourself
    that isnt exactly flattering. these two photos of
    her are the only two unflattering pictures of adriana
    that i have personally ever seen. but hopefully you
    fell better about putting down a supermodel.

  • Regardless, that’s not Adriana’s best picture. And the author of this post knows that, obviously. You have to literally try and search specifically for ugly pictures of Adriana Lima in order to get that, a picture that still exemplifies just how gorgeous she still is at her ugliest, and that’s hilarious that you have gotten to that point. And you must think Megan Fox is a goddess, but when it comes to harsh reality, throughout all unbias, she exemplies average beauty, I’ve grown up in agencies with so many look-a-likes of her. OH AND SHE’S 5’3 WHILST ADRIANA’S DEFINITELY 5’10. Height is everything. Ever wonder why she’s never modeled? Magazine appearances don’t count. She’s not tall enough. Adriana Lima is definitely a goddess to me, nevertheless of whomever thinks otherwise; unique beauty is the most remarkable kind, go search other pics of her and look at her eyes.

    • There is nothing unique about her, as pictures will prove. blue eyes dont make you unique, sorry. she looks lik the average overly tanned college chick off the street, like a darker Megan Fox. Ugh. Terrible mouth, chubby cheeks, squinty eyes. yYou dont even need to TRY to find uglky pics- they’re everywhere! Justg google her name or type in “adriana lima teeth”.

    • Height is everything? In terms of modelling, it certainly is, but in terms of’re actually stating that she can look like crap bodywise as long as she’s that tall or, if she were less tall, having the body she has, she wouldn’t be hot. WHich to me, doesn’t make sense. So, strictly in terms of beauty, height is not what defines a hot body, you either have a good shape or not, tall or short. It does however give you an advantage. My point in this case is, Megan does have a great body and just like Adriana has her assets over Megan, like height, legs, exotic type of beauty, Megan has hers: a great waist, great body shape over all, and classic, graceful features. I prefer looking up to beauty in all its forms insetad of taking sides. :) Have a great day!

  • only thing i see real beautiful in that shot is her eyes. ive always thought she wouldnt be half as hyped up to be as beautiful, if it werent for her dark hair and light eyes. everyones obsessed with that, but put some poop brown eyes on her and cut her hair, her face is nothing but a bloated,snaggle tooth,fat face

  • are you serious?!
    adriana is GORGEOUS
    i bet your not even close to how hot she is
    shes soo pretty your jealous and want to hate on her cause your ugly
    stop going around putting down supermodels when they have a bad ones perfect,but shes sure closer than you will ever be

  • Its more like she has a beautiful face but ugly body. she has a really really pretty face but shes square and has no asss( an apple shape).

    • I kind of agreee… her body is really overrated, no waist definitionand a flat butt (Miranda Kerr’s butt is almost flat too but she’s such a tiny girl it looks cute on her), big tits dont make a nice body -_- but I dont find her face good, however her body looks better in comparison with her face.

  • Looks like you all need an anger management coach or psychologist in your life. I am wondering if you are all teenagers and if so, that’s pretty sad. Mommy and daddy didn’t teach you any manners. I usually don’t post but couldn’t resist. Reading this thread made me laugh. You are all full of such hate and anger. Get a life and do something constructive with your lives.

  • Sure we all hate Adriana Lima, because we all want to look like her. We don’t actually hate her like want something bad to happen to her, but we hate how gorgeous she was born and how she doesn’t have to try to look beautiful and how great a body she has and how she probably doesn’t have to work out. But if you see a gorgeous girl don’t hate her. I’m sure she looks at herself in the mirror and has some stuff she doesn’t like about herself like every other woman. Plus, if you put all of your mind into hating someone you don’t even know it shows how much you hate yourself. Find something that you like about yourself and go from there.

  • Thank you I have never got it either! she looks like a big buck toothed man in these pics. wtf happened to her? I thought she was only pretty in 2005. SInce then WAYYYY down hill. chicken legs,jowl stuffed chipmunk cheeks,mangled teeth. If it werent for her blue eyes her face is NOTHING special. The girl can’t model worth crap either. One dead fish expression. OVER RATED.

    • Yeah she can’t model. Which is why she’s earning millions a year and you’re probably not. Get real and quit hating !

  • Those pictures above are photoshopped!!

    Come on people! How can she go from looking like she does to the above pictures? Before you can argue that she’s photo shopped in every picture she looks pretty look her up without makeup.

    Thats a HUGE step from the above pictures.

    Look her up in vids.

    She does NOT look like the knobs pics on the runway either!!

    She is NOT average.

    She is pretty and yes her teeth aren’t perfect but it makes her look somewhat quercky.

  • This is so funny. I think these are kinda bad pictures but I mean everyone knows that she doesn’t normally take bad photos HA. I think her teeth are a little weird and she does sort of have a round face and there are other little things if someone HAD to find SOMETHING. But I mean everyone has something off about them, even someone as beautiful as Adriana. I would totally trade places with her, even if I had some of these little things that people are going out of there way to point out. I mean look at her body, her body is pretty perfect I think. I think most of the world says she’s flawless, there are a few people who would notice things like teeth or cheeks…I mean I dunno, I prefer Alessandra Ambrosio.

  • First of all, let me start off by noting that I’m not a jealous woman but a completely heterosexual 32-year-old man. And yes, I agree that Adriana Lima is ugly as hell. She looks like someone pasted the face of a hermaphrodite with Down’s syndrome on a hot chick’s body. How the hell can so many people actually find this slag attractive? I much prefer chicks who are actually pretty i.e. Jessica Alba, Jessica Bowl, Kate Beckinsale, etc. Hell, there are probably ten ordinary girls that live within a mile of me that make Adriana look like shit.

  • I don’t think she’s pretty. Promise I’m not jealous, I totally don’t have a problem admitting jealousy and I would list right now any woman I envy if someone asked. I think she is GORGEOUS in VS pictures, but without all the Photoshop, I just don’t see it – in any picture. Even with all the makeup and beauty enhancers. But alas, someone will state I’m jealous anyways. Why is it so difficult for everyone to understand people have different tastes?

  • Adriana is ugly as sin. no FAINT idea why she’s so hideously overrated or why she’s almost universally considered to be th emost gorgeous VS model ever, and to say actually exotic and beautiful models like Heidi or Gisele are ugly but not this Jokerface with Taylor Swift eyes is stunning in any way is laughable. She’s not the best model, either, with her one-look expressions.

    Her body is OK but I don’t think it’s as “amazing” as everyone says. I’d prefer Candice’s, Chanel’s, Gisele’s, Miranda’s, or Karolina’s any day of the week.

    The only reason I can come up with why she has such rabid fans- as seen here- who get so HYSTERICAL when so much as ONE person dares to suggest she is not attractive, is that since her bland, overhyped kind of “beauty” is exactly what the media loves and they forcefeed/brainwash it to the masses, teaching them that this girl is exactly how all women should look face-wise, despite the fact that she has no exotic features and looks awful with or without makeup.

    That all being said… I will say it’s often said that she is a nice person, which is good, because she’s not a good model.

  • right.. you shouldn’t call anyone jealous just because they have bad taste to the extreme. Adriana Lima is gorgeous, beautiful, and cute. Even her imperfections makes her perfect with character.

  • Guys really what is so wrong with other people not agreeing with you?
    I think she looks like a porn star.
    That doesn’t mean I’m jealous of her. It means I think the reason VS chose her is cause she always looks like shes about to come.
    Now Candice Swanepoel, Miranda kerr and Iman chanel,
    Those are some girls I am massively jealous of.

  • It’s not her TEETH that are ugly it’s her LIPS. When she smiles and talks they do some funny looking sh*t lol. I have seen Lima many of times and sometimes she is breath-takingly beautiful, and sometimes she is just plane average. The only reason I would consider her “Ugly” is when I compare her to the other VS models… like Candice (who also makes some pretty ugly faces sometimes! lol) The only diff between Candy’s ugly faces and Lima’s is that Candy’s ugly faces are cute lol and Lima just looks frighting!

  • I Think shes Super pretty.
    But Not in a classical Way she has Something of a Wild animal.
    I totally Get that Dome People dont See that!! So whats the Big Deal?

  • You cant say only ppl having Big eyes, Thom noses etc. Are beautiful. Adriana isnt perfect.. But her Face kinda matches in a Real great Way.. She Looks Wild and like a porn Star she is i guess what youd call an exotic beauty..
    You really Need to be Open for that to recognize.
    Pushed by the Media Most of you do it anyway.
    Can u Tell me someone whos without doubt beautiful?
    Keira knightley Looks like a weird Girl from 18th century,
    Miranda Kerr has a babyface, claudia Schiffer is boring, candice looks stupid, Giselle like a man. There is noone

  • I don’t think she’s unattractive but I don’t get all the hype about her. She can look very good sometimes but odd at others. I think there are other Victoria’s Secret angels who beat her in the looks department, like Alessandra Ambrosio or Candice Swanepoel, or former angel Laetitia Casta. And finding somebody unappealing or criticizing doesn’t necessarily mean being jealous, people just have opinions. I’m quite slim, tall and have tanned skin, thank you very much.

  • You people are insane. Just because you see a video or photo of her where she doesn’t look so pretty does not mean she is not. EVERYONE has pictures which they are not too proud of! Adriana is stunning and as exotic as they come. Even without her blue eyes she would still be a natural beauty.. and saying she can’t be pretty because of her teeth? Come on , that’s a terrible reason to say she’s ugly. Her flaws make her have character and shows that she is human like the rest of us. Isn’t it a no brainer to think that there are some not so attractive people out there with perfect teeth??? As a female myself, I have admired her since she got her start in the industry

  • omg thank god someone understood that she is not beautiful and yeah she is creepy like hell!! ?t s so wrong to fool people with a lot of photoshop she is not beautiful her behaviors are like a whore sorry

      • Get over it she’s a model they walk in underwear and bras doesn’t mean they’re whores. And you told me in another comment jealous people call other people jealous and you’re calling me jealous. So by your logic you’re also jealous? And jealous of what ?

    • that is very stupid and racist to say. You’re so ignorant you shouldn’t even waste your time on forums,instead go grad a book and educate your self.

      • And you’re a jealous, attention seeking, no life bitch!! When will we see you on the runway?!

    • She isn’t deserve it? Speak correctly and you just jealous because she’s on the runway and you’re not ! And she’s probably prettier than you too !

  • You people are insane. She is an amazing down to earth beautiful woman. If you don’t realize that, you are completely ignorant.

  • You people are insane. She is an amazing down to earth beautiful woman. If you don’t realize that, you are completely ignorant.

  • are you guys insane or what??!! adriana lima is one of the MOST GORGEOUS, HOTTEST, AMAZING women in the world. she has eyes like an ocean and when you look into her eyes its like you being hypnotized. she has wonderfully chiseled facial features. her button nose is so cute and those lips and cheeks are just perfect. i admit it she has crooked teeth but you know what that actually what makes her unique and even prettier. some people with not so perfect teeth are actually prettier with those teeth. and the pics above arent the best of her. just go to and youll find thousands of her high resolution photos and just notice how flawless and amazing her skin, her face, and her body is. i admire her natural beauty and her dedication as a supermodel for more than a decade. shes seriously AMAZING and none can deny it. if you still think shes ugly blahblahblah, there must be something wrong with you.

  • Ugh, you’re so stupid. There are so many things I’d like to say to you right now, but I won’t, because I just don’t want to be a bitch like you! So, you found not so great pic of, GOOD FOR YOU!! Look at all the others, she’s the most beautiful woman in the whole world! Post any other!! I’m not saying you’re jealous, you’re just stupid! And how mean is to find pic like this one among million others amazing pictures! Yes, she has the body, she has a beautiful face, she has great personality and everything. How about you? You have….no life, when you’re here being obnoxious!! And the girl who also commented that “Sarah” yeah, she’s jealous and attention seeking. I usually wouldn’t spend this much time writting to someone stupid, but you’re just an idiot! I thought you should know!! And..of course you’re not going to answer on this..but who cares, we already see that your opinion is insane and IRRELEVANT!

    • I agree! Everyone has pictures where they don’t look so good and the writer just picked not so good pics of her.

    • You should take a look in the mirror.

      and YOU care, bahaha, you wrote a whole novel acting like a 9 year old over it! Lol! probably cuz you are. and your opinion is “insane and IRRELEVANT”!

      BAWWWWWW, CRY A LITTLE MORE. you can;t handle the truth. Adriana is the most overrated and unattractive model in the world. go lose sleep over it.

      • I should take a look in the mirror? Haaa!
        She’s overrated model? Give me a break. Yes I’m a 9 year old and I’m gonna lose sleep over your idiotic IRRELEVANT comment (that was sarcasm, I feel like I need to explain because morons like you won’t get it).I can’t handle the truth? I’m not the one who won’t admit that Adriana Lima is the perfect woman and the best looking model in the world.
        Go hide somewhere and die,you irrelevant fuck!

      • Get over it: other way around your comment is insane and irrelevant and most unattractive model in the world? There are MANY models in the world. Have you seen EVERY model in the world?

  • A bunch of jealous bitches on here. Adriana is gorgeous. Everyone has pictures where they don’t look that good in it and the dumbass writer picked those pictures

      • In your other comment you said only jealous girls call others jealous. You called me jealous so I assume you’re also jealous?

      • Doutzen is better: Your name says it all! You are a Doutzen fan. You clearly don’t like other VS angels, stupid. Doutzen is great and beautiful (her fans obviously aren’t), but Adriana is one and only. I’m guessing you watched at least one VS show since you love Doutzen, and you must’ve seen Adriana, and yet you say these are normal pictures? Please!
        Butterfaces? I’m sure she’s one of the best models EVER but she has an ugly face! How can you not laugh at yourself? Words can’t describe how stupid you are.

  • This is a joke right? Even making those faces, she’s clearly stunning. Her eyes are smoldering. Her body is actually probably the least attractive thing about her. Her face is perfect.

    PS, why are the first 5 comments all from the same person? Did the girl who posted this article do that to make it seem like people agree with her? Hunny, you need to change the email next time so the avatar changes.

    • holy shit i didnt even notice that. some people are fucking creepy… and yeah it probably is the girl who wrote this article, who is pretty ugly herself lol

    • not even close. but I’d bet you’re worse than both, if your face matches your mouth.

      only jealous young girls call other people jealous and are too ignorant to think of a better insult. Lol!

      You guys, especially Anita, are so butthurt over a dumb MODEL. And not even a good (or pretty) one. her mouth, nose, and eyes are weird and she has no bone structure. Doutzen and Miranda now, they’re gorgeous. you just like Adriana because Hollywood tells you to.

  • Heh, look at all the shallow little 13 year old girls sobbing hysterically over a stupid lingerie model (who isnt even good at it). Unattractive at best in layers and layers of makeup and plastic surgery but they’re too shallow and in love with whoever Hollywood teaches them to like to care. just look at them getting so emotional over it! ;) it REALLY ruins their day! hahaha. they’re so insecure. and their insults suck, they just parrot the same thing over and over again, “OMG UR TEH JEALUZ BEOTCHHHH!!1!11ONE!!ONE!!!!11!11!” wow, that’s pretty hardcore for a 6th grader.

    • Are you okay? I first saw Adriana Lima years ago when she started modeling for Victoria’s Secret. She hasn’t had any plastic surgery, and she is beautiful. Any straight guy knows this.

    • Haha ! What a moron sorry Adriana looks the same ever since she was young. She hasn’t had any plastic surgery but good one.

  • Anita WTF is your problem learn to show some fucking respect. Not everyone is supposed to like whatever the fuck you like.

    PS: I don’t even think you are a woman or maybe you aren’t mature, why the fuck would you otherwise care that much about Adriana Lima fans/haters.

  • for all people fighting with each other about Adriana Lima,honestly she has a very nice and attractive body.but her facial features are fact without this body,she would not be considered into fashion industry.overall,i think she is attractive but way too far to be considered beautiful or pretty.

  • All of you dumbass bots posting on here don’t realize that the whore Adriana and the other slutty trashy vs models are PHOTOSHOPPED, SLEEP AROUND WITH DIFFERENT MEN, and , STARVE THEMSELVES!!! the trashy hoe also lies about the whole “sex til marriage” bullshit, VS told the hoe to say that lying crap. And none of them have “sexy, healthy bodies” as they want you dummies to think, they are just PHOTOSHOPPED and are really anorexics!!! And they sleep around to get toned/fit bodies. Those trashy vs models LIE to the public about “eating healthy and exercise”, they don’t do none of that!!! they eat fast food too!!!! Not hating, simply telling the truth, you haters!!! Ain’t nobody jealous of a bunch of hoes who do nothing but sleep around with different men and starve themselves.

  • Those trashy hoes don’t have toned/fit bodies because they are PHOTOSHOPPED!!! They think they are “better than everyone else”, well no need for them to think that because all those sluts do is just sleep around and starve themselves etc.!!!! The slutty vs models are NO DIFFERENT and NO BETTER than kim k, wwe divas, singers, etc. Because they do the same shit too!!!! We live in a sex industry where women don’t care about sleep around, being anorexic, etc. These hoes are not perfect, they want people to think that, because all they do is lie to the media and the public!!!! Fake, trashy, brainless dumb whores!!!!

  • People overrate other people too much for sex and insecurities. Maybe her fans are JEALOUS? You never know. In honesty she seems very average looking and boring too, since she’s a model the industry is bound to make her seem like a big hype only to promote her; I’ve seen hundreds of look alikes of her, she’s just another model going to be replaced by the next one and so on.

    I do agree though,if she was walking down street I would think she’s just some normal person whose a daughter of some local family down the road.

  • I think she’s not super hot like she’s made out to be, I mean she’s overrated and that annoys me. Look at her without makeup and she’s average. But she reminds me of a druggy not sure why maybe the eyes I’m not sure, and she looks like she had a spray tan by rolling in mud (the color of the tan looks like mud) and she need braces for her unusual unusual smile. She has bushy eyebrows and fish lips, she also has a weird asymmetrical jaw and chin. Not jealous but I don’t get it

  • the jealousy in these comments are crazy. she’s stunning get over it an the fact you used the most unattractive pictures to prove you’re point proves you’re just jealous an bitter.
    All i know is she’s better looking then you ugly people cant call others ugly honey.


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