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  • I don’t think she’s unattractive but I don’t get all the hype about her. She can look very good sometimes but odd at others. I think there are other Victoria’s Secret angels who beat her in the looks department, like Alessandra Ambrosio or Candice Swanepoel, or former angel Laetitia Casta. And finding somebody unappealing or criticizing doesn’t necessarily mean being jealous, people just have opinions. I’m quite slim, tall and have tanned skin, thank you very much.

  • You people are insane. Just because you see a video or photo of her where she doesn’t look so pretty does not mean she is not. EVERYONE has pictures which they are not too proud of! Adriana is stunning and as exotic as they come. Even without her blue eyes she would still be a natural beauty.. and saying she can’t be pretty because of her teeth? Come on , that’s a terrible reason to say she’s ugly. Her flaws make her have character and shows that she is human like the rest of us. Isn’t it a no brainer to think that there are some not so attractive people out there with perfect teeth??? As a female myself, I have admired her since she got her start in the industry

  • omg thank god someone understood that she is not beautiful and yeah she is creepy like hell!! ?t s so wrong to fool people with a lot of photoshop she is not beautiful her behaviors are like a whore sorry

      • Get over it she’s a model they walk in underwear and bras doesn’t mean they’re whores. And you told me in another comment jealous people call other people jealous and you’re calling me jealous. So by your logic you’re also jealous? And jealous of what ?

    • that is very stupid and racist to say. You’re so ignorant you shouldn’t even waste your time on forums,instead go grad a book and educate your self.

      • And you’re a jealous, attention seeking, no life bitch!! When will we see you on the runway?!

    • She isn’t deserve it? Speak correctly and you just jealous because she’s on the runway and you’re not ! And she’s probably prettier than you too !

  • You people are insane. She is an amazing down to earth beautiful woman. If you don’t realize that, you are completely ignorant.

  • You people are insane. She is an amazing down to earth beautiful woman. If you don’t realize that, you are completely ignorant.

  • are you guys insane or what??!! adriana lima is one of the MOST GORGEOUS, HOTTEST, AMAZING women in the world. she has eyes like an ocean and when you look into her eyes its like you being hypnotized. she has wonderfully chiseled facial features. her button nose is so cute and those lips and cheeks are just perfect. i admit it she has crooked teeth but you know what that actually what makes her unique and even prettier. some people with not so perfect teeth are actually prettier with those teeth. and the pics above arent the best of her. just go to and youll find thousands of her high resolution photos and just notice how flawless and amazing her skin, her face, and her body is. i admire her natural beauty and her dedication as a supermodel for more than a decade. shes seriously AMAZING and none can deny it. if you still think shes ugly blahblahblah, there must be something wrong with you.

  • Ugh, you’re so stupid. There are so many things I’d like to say to you right now, but I won’t, because I just don’t want to be a bitch like you! So, you found not so great pic of, GOOD FOR YOU!! Look at all the others, she’s the most beautiful woman in the whole world! Post any other!! I’m not saying you’re jealous, you’re just stupid! And how mean is to find pic like this one among million others amazing pictures! Yes, she has the body, she has a beautiful face, she has great personality and everything. How about you? You have….no life, when you’re here being obnoxious!! And the girl who also commented that “Sarah” yeah, she’s jealous and attention seeking. I usually wouldn’t spend this much time writting to someone stupid, but you’re just an idiot! I thought you should know!! And..of course you’re not going to answer on this..but who cares, we already see that your opinion is insane and IRRELEVANT!

    • I agree! Everyone has pictures where they don’t look so good and the writer just picked not so good pics of her.

    • You should take a look in the mirror.

      and YOU care, bahaha, you wrote a whole novel acting like a 9 year old over it! Lol! probably cuz you are. and your opinion is “insane and IRRELEVANT”!

      BAWWWWWW, CRY A LITTLE MORE. you can;t handle the truth. Adriana is the most overrated and unattractive model in the world. go lose sleep over it.

      • I should take a look in the mirror? Haaa!
        She’s overrated model? Give me a break. Yes I’m a 9 year old and I’m gonna lose sleep over your idiotic IRRELEVANT comment (that was sarcasm, I feel like I need to explain because morons like you won’t get it).I can’t handle the truth? I’m not the one who won’t admit that Adriana Lima is the perfect woman and the best looking model in the world.
        Go hide somewhere and die,you irrelevant fuck!

      • Get over it: other way around your comment is insane and irrelevant and most unattractive model in the world? There are MANY models in the world. Have you seen EVERY model in the world?

  • A bunch of jealous bitches on here. Adriana is gorgeous. Everyone has pictures where they don’t look that good in it and the dumbass writer picked those pictures

      • In your other comment you said only jealous girls call others jealous. You called me jealous so I assume you’re also jealous?

      • Doutzen is better: Your name says it all! You are a Doutzen fan. You clearly don’t like other VS angels, stupid. Doutzen is great and beautiful (her fans obviously aren’t), but Adriana is one and only. I’m guessing you watched at least one VS show since you love Doutzen, and you must’ve seen Adriana, and yet you say these are normal pictures? Please!
        Butterfaces? I’m sure she’s one of the best models EVER but she has an ugly face! How can you not laugh at yourself? Words can’t describe how stupid you are.

  • This is a joke right? Even making those faces, she’s clearly stunning. Her eyes are smoldering. Her body is actually probably the least attractive thing about her. Her face is perfect.

    PS, why are the first 5 comments all from the same person? Did the girl who posted this article do that to make it seem like people agree with her? Hunny, you need to change the email next time so the avatar changes.

    • holy shit i didnt even notice that. some people are fucking creepy… and yeah it probably is the girl who wrote this article, who is pretty ugly herself lol

    • not even close. but I’d bet you’re worse than both, if your face matches your mouth.

      only jealous young girls call other people jealous and are too ignorant to think of a better insult. Lol!

      You guys, especially Anita, are so butthurt over a dumb MODEL. And not even a good (or pretty) one. her mouth, nose, and eyes are weird and she has no bone structure. Doutzen and Miranda now, they’re gorgeous. you just like Adriana because Hollywood tells you to.

  • Heh, look at all the shallow little 13 year old girls sobbing hysterically over a stupid lingerie model (who isnt even good at it). Unattractive at best in layers and layers of makeup and plastic surgery but they’re too shallow and in love with whoever Hollywood teaches them to like to care. just look at them getting so emotional over it! ;) it REALLY ruins their day! hahaha. they’re so insecure. and their insults suck, they just parrot the same thing over and over again, “OMG UR TEH JEALUZ BEOTCHHHH!!1!11ONE!!ONE!!!!11!11!” wow, that’s pretty hardcore for a 6th grader.

    • Are you okay? I first saw Adriana Lima years ago when she started modeling for Victoria’s Secret. She hasn’t had any plastic surgery, and she is beautiful. Any straight guy knows this.

    • Haha ! What a moron sorry Adriana looks the same ever since she was young. She hasn’t had any plastic surgery but good one.

  • Anita WTF is your problem learn to show some fucking respect. Not everyone is supposed to like whatever the fuck you like.

    PS: I don’t even think you are a woman or maybe you aren’t mature, why the fuck would you otherwise care that much about Adriana Lima fans/haters.

  • for all people fighting with each other about Adriana Lima,honestly she has a very nice and attractive body.but her facial features are fact without this body,she would not be considered into fashion industry.overall,i think she is attractive but way too far to be considered beautiful or pretty.

  • All of you dumbass bots posting on here don’t realize that the whore Adriana and the other slutty trashy vs models are PHOTOSHOPPED, SLEEP AROUND WITH DIFFERENT MEN, and , STARVE THEMSELVES!!! the trashy hoe also lies about the whole “sex til marriage” bullshit, VS told the hoe to say that lying crap. And none of them have “sexy, healthy bodies” as they want you dummies to think, they are just PHOTOSHOPPED and are really anorexics!!! And they sleep around to get toned/fit bodies. Those trashy vs models LIE to the public about “eating healthy and exercise”, they don’t do none of that!!! they eat fast food too!!!! Not hating, simply telling the truth, you haters!!! Ain’t nobody jealous of a bunch of hoes who do nothing but sleep around with different men and starve themselves.

  • Those trashy hoes don’t have toned/fit bodies because they are PHOTOSHOPPED!!! They think they are “better than everyone else”, well no need for them to think that because all those sluts do is just sleep around and starve themselves etc.!!!! The slutty vs models are NO DIFFERENT and NO BETTER than kim k, wwe divas, singers, etc. Because they do the same shit too!!!! We live in a sex industry where women don’t care about sleep around, being anorexic, etc. These hoes are not perfect, they want people to think that, because all they do is lie to the media and the public!!!! Fake, trashy, brainless dumb whores!!!!

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