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Ugh. Denise Richards Is Dragging Her Poor Children onto TV.


Despite Charlie Sheen’s objections, a court ruled last month that Denise Richards can use her poor young daughters as pawns on her upcoming reality TV series on E!.

Those kids hate being on camera.

“The show will give viewers an inside look at what it’s like for Denise to go through these ups and downs while always in the public eye,” said Lisa Berger, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Series Development for E!, in a statement. “At the core of this series is a resilient single mom who is trying to get her life back on track.”


GO AWAY, DENISE! And keep your fucking kids out of your mess of a life.

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  • “the ups and downs while always in the public eye” lol seems like the only time she is in the public eyes right now is when she cheeses to be liiike red carpet events and reality shows.

  • People don’t watch her movies, why would they watch her tv show?!?! My favorite part is “a resilient single mom who is trying to get life back on track” they had to edit it from “this man stealing whore is still around? somebody give her back her crack!”

  • 24/7 child tenders so she doesn’t have to deeply care or train them to have manners and show respect.., free clothes and school but the kids hate her so what’s going to happen when they get moody at being force to act, behave in a certain way.. then they’ll have tantrums over and over again losing valuable film time? Sheen will soon win the case and have his kids back.

  • The whole battle with Charlie certainly looks different now when we see how low this woman will go. Child abuse if you ask me. Sick stuff.

  • I can’t believe that a family court judge agreed to let those kids be exploited by a no talent whore like Denise. She drags those kids out and they cry and act out in public each time she does, what’s it going to be like being filmed constantly for them? Well the older daughter has some security issues – what kid that age is still dragging around part of a blanket – one with some problems.

    Ryan Seacrest is producing this child abusing mess, he’s doing promos of it on E! as a ” news break item” which is misleading. Why is he allowed, without disclosing he’s the producer of this show, to run Denise what the hell her names reality show as a news item – and not mention he’s going to be making money from the suffering of those kids. I have given up on watching E! at all. This is just a horrible thing to do to those girls.

  • One of those kids will be a great actor one day, from all the practice they will get BSing their stupid .. stupid parents.