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Explaining the Presidential Primaries to Paris Hilton

This is pretty hilarious.

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  • HA HA HA HA Paris almost passed out from her own stupidity. Imagine what the make up person was thinking.

  • sadly, a lot of people don’t know much about the primaries. when i was at the polling place, i heard them explain over and over that a)you have to be a registered democrat or republican to vote and b)you can only vote on your party’s ballot.
    I though everyone knew this shit, but apparently it’s confusing for some people.

  • that chick is so empty!!!my current boyfriend is so obssesed with her, the guy actually bought her CD (its horrible). he thinks it good…omg!! and that her voice is really nice, (obviously he didn’t see her karoke clip.) i also didn’t think he saw the pic in the red poka dot dress, where her crotch had a spoon stuck to it, and its so used it hangs.)

    HEY EVIL BEET…..DID U POST THE KAROKE CLIP OF THIS POSER, PLASTIC, IDIOTIC BIRD BRAin dumb ass, making a complete fool of her self?)

    ps my boyfriend secretly thinks he has a chance with her. god.. i should dump the cheezball.