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Don’t Fuck with Momma Spears

Lynne Spears hits the camera of a paparazzo who’s trying to get all up in her face.

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  • The Spears are about to open a can of Cajun Whoop-Ass on the paparazzi. Hope they brought a full case.

  • im actually really impressed that Britney’s parents can put their differences aside and BE PARENTS together. Say what you want about that family, but you have to admire them for sticking through it together!

  • I can understand spears’ mom. I hope her and Dad can help Britney out before her getting crazy. I support her and hope she will pull through. She has not logged in that millionaire site for a long time. God bless!

  • It’s good to see that Lynne had time to get her hair cut and styled in the midst of her daughters mental peril. WOOHOO Go Lynne ya looking good girl.

    I hope dad is sane enough to handle this and make sure Britney gets better.

    My hubby said to me the other day, that he was no longer going to make fun of Britney, he said that she must be really really ill if someone has taken away her right to feed and clothe and shleter herself.

  • I would be going crazy to with all those assholes and there cameras in my face 24/7 I’d be in jail because i would drop them 4 real