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Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi were spotted leaving a medical clinic in LA today.


A couple’s visit to a medical clinic?

Could there be a baby in the works for these two?

2008 is the year to make it happen!!!! Get pregnant while it’s still cool, folks!

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  • What HAS Portia got on her feet? Those are fugly!

    Well, if it’s baby time, good luck to them. It’s certainly more cheering than the rumour I heard that Portia was leaving Ellen in order to pursue younger, hotter women.

  • ok, the idea that being pregnant right now is the “in” thing, is getting pretty dang old, beet. we got it.

  • She’ll dump Ellen sooner or later, she has a nasty hard aspect from venus to uranus indicating she does a 180 on her lovers, and venus in capricorn, she goes for money and status so maybe when she finds someone who also has big bucks and is younger, hotter and up and coming. After all, Ellen is getting OLD. he better make the young blonde bimbo sign a pre-nup.

    Oh and she is a bimbo, she’s as hot as any other 30 year old blonde in hollywood

  • I ment to say SHE better make the bimbo sign a pre-nup! Cuz it ain’t gonna last! Portia is USING ELLEN! SHe should have stayed with Alex who is a beautiful and real Lesbian who was much more suitable, but just like a macho hollywood guy, she wanted a babe who is 20 years younger. IT NEVER WORKS! Ellen, smarten up the bimbo is USING YOU! AND SHE DOESN’T WANT KIDS ONLY TO GET CHILD SUPPORT FOE LIFE!!

  • Hi! I never did like Portia deRossi, she is a Hollywood bimbo alright! Ellen is going through a midlife crisis and will regret dumping her nice girlfriend Alexandra. Portia, (Amanda whatever) is such a little user, she won’t have children and she won’t settle down. She is 17 years younger than Ellen so as soon as a younger and very famous Lesbian looks twice at her dyed blonde pussy, she’ll dump Ellen. You’ll see.

  • I sure hope you are worng for Ellens sake. She acts like she adores Portia. It would be devastating to her.

  • OH YEA! Portia is gonna dump Ellen. She doesn’t love Ellen! She’s She is not even gay, she’s been planning on being the next Ann for years. She is straight, she went with Francesca to get in with the music industry trying to get close with Melissa Etheridge or KD Lang and it worked, she got her skinny ass on TV, but KD and Melissa go for much more down to earth chics so then she planned on making her move on Ellen, stalked her, turned on the I’m a skinny whore for you old lady, and boom She is now a very famous whore. This union will NEVER LAST, I’ll give it another year and Portia will be down the road with a cuntload of cash. Just another bleach blonde bimbo using Ellen Degeneres the dumbest dyke in the west. She should know bette by now than to pick a 17 year younger opportunist!

    DId you see Portia posing at the breast cancer benefit? Everyone was dressed in casual jeans and sneakers raising money and Portia is in high heels and some ugly designer number posing and pouting for the cameras, what a jerk! It ain’t about you Portia!Her name should be Meme Me Me Me Me Me, puke

  • I agree with most of what has been posted here. But, what is even more alarming is that I had read in several articles that Ellen did not want to have Portia sign a pre-nup because she (Ellen) did not think that was “romantic.” I, too will be surprised if Portia ever has a child with Ellen. A 15 year age difference in a mate is literally being with someone that was raised in another generation. I hope for Ellen’s sake that we are all wrong about this. If not, Ellen will be out of half of her earnings.

  • Portia derossi is such a liar, she was trying to hook KD Lang years ago, just ask Leisha Haley. SHe is in it for the money money money, i agree with whomever said Alex was better, Ellen, you are just like a horney old man. Portia sucks!