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Oh, Go to Hell, Bitch

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey at Premiere of Fools Gold

Camila Alves is all smiles at the premiere of Fools Gold, with her soon-to-be baby-daddy, Matthew McConaughey.

Yeah, fuck you, too, hooker.

And that’s a stupid dress.

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    that is gonna be one FABULOUS looking kid—No one should look that GREAT in her first trimester!

  • They look so fucking happy. This is a great shot though the dress is weird, it’s either really windy right where she’s standing or she fought over the dress with Edward Scissorhands and won.

  • Ha ha. Rob must be a newbie. Welcome. That dirty talk is just Beet’s way of scolding a chick who’s had the audacity to corral one of Beet’s fanciful flames. I’m sure Beet wishes them nothing but the best…[breakup].

  • sometimes she looks pretty like here & other times she looks kind of blech. i think she looks much better when she smiles. she has an amazing body & gorgeous hair, but i am not overly impressed by her face. she looks like a more glamorous penelope cruz. isnt that his ex?

  • Y’all are freakin blind. That girl is FUG. she is a gross hairy thing with a big old nose that is crooked. She looks like an ape. I wouldn’t touch her at all much less procreate with her. Nice brows gorilla girl.

  • aww they look cute but that dress is a little too short for someone whos pregnate but i understand she wants to look good for as long as she can before lol

  • Hi, im form Brazil, and i’m so happy that a a brazilian girl is pregnat from a gorjest guy and i think she lokks fabulous!!!I love to read your website, i’ve found in google, when i was searching some publicantions about Lauren Conrad, since then i always see this page that i thing is great, but don’t need to talk about the peoples like you talk about Camila, she is pretty anda gonna have a baby, what is wounderful.

    Tank you

  • that bitch is STUPID looking. who is she anyway? matthew is a douchebag. but when it comes down to it, i just wish people would stop having bastard children. its getting ridiculous. what happened to longterm comittment, THEN marriage, THEN babies???
    this world is going to shit.

  • Are you jealous?
    She is great and he is humble to date her, procriate with her and share his live with her. I

    I guess you would like to be on her place

    Keep going, you can reach a famous position.

  • Wow, who wrote this area or is very jealous of it or wanted to Matthew and he did not want nothing with you.
    They form a beautiful couple.
    The dress is perfect in it, because it is perfect and they had a beautiful baby!!

  • i understand where the beet is comin from. you see, men win women over based on their accomplishments, which they have full control over (for the most part), but many women win over men solely through looks, which they have no control over. of course, there are girls who can win a guy over on personality alone (even if she is not his type physically), but those cases are few and far between. usually, a girl has to be a guy’s physical type and then her personality comes second. but that’s all well and good, too, because at least she’s still getting judged based on her personality at some point. but then you have a category of guys who choose a girl SOLELY based on her looks. and the funny thing is that these girls who usually get chosen solely based on their looks and nothing else tend to be the most stuck up about it (as if they earned it or something, which we know is not the case). that’s why it’s easy for other girls to be jealous of these types of girls. it’s like not only did you not earn your looks, but you act like you are better than others because you snagged a guy based on those looks that you did not earn. it’s quite easy to be jealous or hate on someone like this.

    as for camila and matt, there is a chance that he may have chosen her based on her looks. her english is not that great and she seems somewhat airheadish, which begs the question “how do these two relate?”. add to that the fact that he’s only having kids with her and not marrying her, and it makes it seem like he is only using her for her looks in order to make babies with her.

  • got cut off. anyway, what i’m saying is that it seems like camila was chosen based on her looks and not her personality, so that’s why girls get jealous.

    as for me, i admit that i am attractive and i could probably snag some older guy with money who cares only about looks and being with someone younger who they think they can control easily, but it’s not in me to do that. i’d feel so cheap. so i stay single and try to find a guy who’s on my level intellectually and otherwise, and who is closer to my age. who knows, maybe i’ll regret it if my plan doesn’t work out (lol), but as of now, i like my plan :)

  • you can not go around saying that Brazilian women are prostitutes, are people too that your problem? is because she married a Brazilian, is that his lack? I think we can leave our countries and to find love is in that continent, rich, poor, old, new, we have the chance to be happy. OK Do not insult us by Brazilians who not only respect you more all the peoples of the world is not to say reverence! We all have our places! and Camila is a winner for sure not manipulated the situation in which they live today!