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Fashion Victim of the Week


Since the T is back for the moment…I thought I would bring back Fashion Victim of the Week!

Now I am a big Lucy Liu fan, I watched “Cashmere Mafia” a few times to give props to productions that film in NYC but seriously…the clothes she is wearing to promote this show is just a joke.

This outfit is just crazy. The purple dress is cute but they you add this weird Pepto Bismol shrug thing. Honestly it looks like she put on her normal clothes and Bobby Trendy attacked her with pink chiffon. Somebody needs to tell this woman she is NOT Sarah Jessica Parker. It worked for her in the “Sex and the City” days because she was an icon. It seems weird to be taking risks like this before your show is a hit.

“Cashmere Mafia” really is the bastard child of “Lipstick Jungle.” FYI they were the same show until Darren Star and Candace Bushnell got in a big spat. Sadly we are left with this disaster in its wake.

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  • I dunno I think I prefer the pink bubble shrug to the dress. There’s just something about it that makes me dig it. Yea pink bubbly shrug Yea!

  • The shrug looks like those cheap party globe decorations that you opneup and they become a huge paper ball….weird.

  • omg and earlier i picked her as my gay celebrity sex encounter person. lame. now i have to find some other celebrity to have sex with if i ever turn gay.

  • I’ve already decided to boycott this show for two reasons: 1) it is a BLATANT S&TC ripoff, and 2) the wardrobe.

    I love Lucy. She’s gorgeous. But she needs to cut the shit.

  • i bet you could gift wrap some bling with that tissue paper. there is no help for the beauty pageant sash that it’s all strung on.

  • Well I for one am totally in love with Cashmere Mafia and make sure to Tivo it every week. Although I would have to say it seems like they take the most risks fashion wise with Lucy Liu and it just doesn’t quite turn out as planned.

  • Well I guess someone decided to test out the “Lucy Liu could wear [fill in the blank] and she’d still be one of the most beautiful women on the planet.” Shame on them.