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Chris Noth’s Girlfriend Pops Out That Kid


It’s still baby season.

Chris Noth’s girlfriend, Tara Wilson, had a little boy, Orion Christopher Noth, on Friday.

“Chris and Tara are thrilled and all are doing well,” says their rep.

Jesus, looking at these pictures of Tara from January 12, it looks like she had about 8 kids. It looks like she ought to have birthed an entire replacement cast for Sex and the City.

The baby was 7 lbs., 10 oz. That’s a big kid, right?

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  • That is normal. But damn she looks HUGE!!!!!!!!!

    My daughter Ruby was 10.5 at birth… thats big. I have diabetes so that attributed to her weight at birth. And, I didnt have to push the lil sprite out… I had a c section. Of course, I didnt have the OPTION of requesting this c section like some of these giant IM SCARED OF THE PAIN, BABY celeb moms have done… Brit Brit and Christina… I actually had to be in labor for 48 hours before one of the those fucking idot doctors realized “Gee, I dont this baby is coming out this way” NO FUCKING WAY GENIUS!!!!!!

    Anyway… awwwwwwwwwwwww to them on thier baby!

  • Finally and normal baby… This is a healthy size ,normal baby.. All the young stars that aren’t even “giving birth.” Yes they make the babies in their womb but when they start to get uncomfortable and their babies reach 6 pounds theyschedule a c-section and get them cut out….I guess thats what money buys you. A healthy baby is born at 40 weeks and is about 7.5 pounds plus.

  • Im sorry but this girl has one of the UGLIEST faces. Seriously? She is not cute at all. Not even the pregnancy glow helps this girl out. ♥

    • Also, having seen the three at the zoo recently, she is not only not cute
      but seems to be afraid to speak. Mr. Wonderful cut across my path and
      never even looked at me. When I asked her if it was Big, she was almost
      afraid to answer but then muttered “yes”. No way was I interested in
      his autograph so they needn’t have worried.

  • Mr. Big should have been with a blond, huh? She’s a beautiful woman of color who ate real food and had a healthy baby. Take notes Hollyhood.

  • Why do people have such nasty things to say about an expectant mother, and an innocent newborn which they will never know? It’s easy to talk trash from behind a screen…cowardly and evil-hearted. Towards the end of term, of course there is bloating and discomfort. She is doing something amazing…u do not value human life. Have respect, because u would want people to respect you and your children if u ever have any. Or maybe that’s why you’re so bitter?

  • Wow it is a shock to see Mr big with her though, dont expect him to be with a blond but they just dont fit together. hope all go`s well with the baby anyway. She looks like that celeb who`s cosmetic surgery went wrong u know cat face.

  • when i had my baby girl this past june she was 7lbs 9oz, and noone could tell i was pregnant till i was almost 8months! and im small myself, this lady must just look really huge in this picture

  • It’s not strange to me that he’s with her considering he used to be married to Beverly Johnson, one of the 70s/80s black supermodels.

    If he was with a blond – that’s what I’d find strange.

  • She only looks huge because unfortunate for you celeb hungry whores, she is by no means tall. She is very short and two she is carrying a boy its evident. Those boys sit up high, still never will understand that. The first person that can post some pics of a celeb at 9 months pregnant with a not-so-big or flat belly then I swear I will paypal you 100.00. Today.

  • Eliza, Christopher and Beverly were not married they just lived together for several years. Some of you and you know who are….are allowing a bit of your racist side to poke through. How could you judge a person you do not know, so very rude of you and again you know who you are. I wish Tara and Christopher the very best with their family. Besides at the end of the day do any of you really think your rude comments (oh yeah I guess they are opinions) really matter to either one of them. Afte rall do any of you pay their mortgage, car payment, make deposits into their bank accts, yes, I thought not. It is called living your life the way you want and not allowing small minds to matter. Was that too much? ….giggling, oops but I forgot who cares what any of you thinks anyway. All the best to Tara, Christopher and Orion, I am extremely happy for them. By the by 7lbs is healthy, Tara looks like she is carrying a boy and like she ate unlike some of the people in hollywood who give birth.

  • I agree with Maria, all the nasty comments sound racist to me. As a black woman, I get so f-in tired of White America (or anyone non-black for that matter) judging African-American beauty. If you don’t understand it or like it…then keep it to yourself. Has ANY of you EVERY thought that they may be a perfect match for what’s going on inside?? WTF?? Who cares about how she looks, the same argument can be had about his age…and he’s NOT the best looking actor in Hollywood himself. And, how can you tell whether or not someone is a sleaze ball just by looking at them?? Are you (Ashley) basing that on his character on Sex and the city or the fact that he’s in a relationship with a black woman? As for KayKay, I’m sure the woman is loosing much needed sleep over what YOU think of her looks! LMAO…why don’t you post you photo on here so we can judge YOU?! He’s fuckin’ her, not you so your opinion so doesn’t matter!!!

    Ugh…some people of the world are so f-in weak!

  • I see a great many white people publish their racist thoughts by hiding behind posts on sites like this one. She’s a beautiful black woman, carrying his child and for all you white women who don’t like it and white men who think you’re above having sex with a black woman, TOO DAMN BAD!!! I guess a lot of you were equally shocked by the fact that an African women had a son for HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco a few years ago. Obviously one of the most wealthiest and eligible bachelors in the world at the time who could probably have his pick of desirable white women, but chose to date an African woman. Granted, he did not propose to Nicole Coste, but no one put a gun to his head to compel him to sleep with her.

  • That is the normal size for a full term baby. I was huge at the end of my first pregnancy too. I gained 60 pounds. It wasn’t from eating too much either. the doctor said I had a large placenta and more than average amniotic fluid. It sucked though. My baby weighed only 5 pounds 6 ounces. I bet she has some horrid stretch marks!!!! Poor girl.

  • I think it wonderful that Chris Noth found love. I think it wonderful that it doesn’t matter what color the love is. I applause Mr. Noth for his choice of love, because it shouldn’t the color.

  • There’s pics of the baby now…his name’s Orion (cool name)…very beautiful baby…he’s going to be one handsome man.
    This was her first pregnancy and majority of women seem to gain quite alot of weight/swollen with their first…

  • Wow, what a bunch of really nasty people! I always wonder what compels a person to make such negative remarks particularly to someone they don’t know. To the uninformed, Chris Noth has always dated women of colour, thats his preference I found that out about 14 years ago when I was a love struck PA working in the production office down the hall from the law and order production office, someone said hey you might have a chance he likes girls your complexion. Second of all he’s not a sleaze and happens to one of the nicest people who you could ever have the pleasure of running into on the elevator daily. My advice? save the negatives for situations and people that truly deserve it.

  • I think that all of you think it is ok when a Black man dates or marries a white woman but when we Black women dates or marries a White man it is all of a sudden a crime! Well the double standards have got to stop. As for all you racist white women, you all don’t look as good aas you thought you did. You are just white and that is all. Not so pretty or so great-just pale. Black women are exotic and beautiful with full round features that only white women can dream of and buy at the local plastic surgeon. I am GLAD he is dating and mating with a Black woman. So take that racists. Yeah take it.

  • I am so sick of the double standards. I saw the baby pictures and he is white looking and beautiful. I am married 12 years to a white man and I am a black female. He loves me very much and told his family if they don’t accept me then don’t accept him. They came around and now his sister and I are best friends and even shop together on the weekends. See, there can be a happy ending for a Black woman and a white family as we have 2 kids together and they are beautifu. They don’t mind having a blond blue eyed father and a chocolate colored mom. We go good together. We have a true friendship and good good sex. Get over racist feelings White America as this is not going to go away and you are going to see more of this in the future. I know some Black women who date White men, but the White men just don’t be seen in public with them, but the sex and everything else is happening. Don’t be silly. It has and will always still happen. Chris and my husband are just some of the men who are bold enough to come out in the open and I encourage more White men to try it and don’t be afraid.

  • Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are a beautiful couple. Love is beautiful. Obviously you have yet to find it since you are spreading hate on a website. Go live your life. She is!! Ha! And has a beautiful family too. Bye Haters!!

  • This is one beautiful woman. Chris is lucky to find love in such a gorgeous creature. Lucky to have a beautiful boy. Best to all of them!

  • I bet it’s mainly white women making the snarky comments. Such vain bitches, some of them think that they are the only females on earth. I bet half of you are fat, pasty, with bad home perms and even badder teeth.

  • One of the first movies that Chris Noth ever did was a movie call Jakarta. He has stated in the past that he likes ethnic women. If they are happy that is all that matters. You don’t see them out showing off. They seem to want to live a private life. It does not matter what she looks like. People are more that the sum of their looks.

  • guys are all messed. If you hadn’t told me she was black I wouldn’t had known. I figured some kind of mixed raced but most people are even if they appear to be “white”.

  • I am a major fan of Chris Noth. I hope that he and his girlfriend are very happy. They are very private people. He has never been a person to hipe up his celebrity status. They seem very happy with each other and very proud of their new little boy. All good wishes for a wonderful like together. And by the way, she is not an ugly woman and she appeared to be a woman with a normal pregnancy. Good for her. That is how to have a healthy baby. It is not healthy for the skinny anorexic women to be getting pregnant when they are so underweight. Bad for the baby. Diane RN

  • Queen Bee first of all this woman is only HALF black, she is also HALF Asian, you black people never want to acknowledge the other half of one’s nationality… This picture is not that pretty of this girl Tara, however I have seen some pictures of her where she looks really pretty, whether she is black, asian, white whatever, there are beautiful women in every race!! Mr Big is handsome I think, as is witnessed by the pictures of their now eight month old son he is really cute. Why must you black people turn everything into a racial issue?? Just get over yourselves why don’t you, I’m not prejudice but even I get tired of everything being about your race! I suppose someone couldn’t just say this woman isn’t pretty because that may be the truth right? No it has to be about the race, this is a real sign of INSECURITY!!

  • This comment is for Bitter, I think Bitter fits you to a tee you obviously are a very bitter black woman who is extremely angry and you probably can not hold a man in your life to save your life! Black women are no better than white women, white women are no better than black women, it is stupid to continue to fuel racism,not only are white’s racist but also as witnessed by your comments blacks are also racist, until we ALL get over it and realize life is short and we are all going to end up dead then nothing will ever change Bitter, nothing!

    • Right on Lorraine! I think Tara and Chris are a cute couple and their kid is beautiful, but all this crap about race needs to stop. Some people are so idiotic as to turn everything into a racial issue and it makes me sick.

      Miss “Bitter” is obviously a loser with low self-esteem who gets off on dissing others

  • Is it any wonder women are so screwed up? We talk about each other and to each other like we’re dogs. After reading these comments, I have a few of my own –some are repeats, but I don’t care. 1.) Pregnant women get fat! It’s normal and healthy. Some women look bigger than others, particularly if they are short. 2.) I am sure this woman knows how to talk, maybe she just didn’t want to talk to a random stranger invading her and her boyfriend’s privacy? 3.) Most people in the world have imperfections. Most of us are mixed race and neither black nor white. I would guess she has some Asian mixed in for sure, but I don’t know and neither do most of you. 4.) Sometimes people actually love someone in spite of the fact that they don’t look stereotypically perfect–even people who work in the utterly phony and shallow entertainment industry. So, work on being a nicer person and you might land a guy like Christ Noth, ’cause with the nasty characters like some of you have, it wouldn’t matter for long how good you looked.

  • She looks almost Asian Pacific Islander to me. Maybe part Hawaiian, Thai or Filipino? I know she is from Canada where people are a lot less concerned about what racial “team” you belong to. And I have seen other pictures of her where she looks extremely beautiful. Not that it matters or that it’s any of our business. What a bunch of Shrews! (for the most part.)

  • this woman is very hugly for him, come on! he is a very handsome guy ! In my country Argentina, you only find this kind of girls in a laundrydry cleaner or in a chinese restaurant, so she shoudl be so thanksful that he is with her. USA is a very gently country!

  • To all of the Neanderthals who posted racist shallow comments, remeber that words are powerful and will come back to you one way or the other. Nothing goes unpunished!

  • Well, whether she is ugly or not…. chris loves her.
    As you all browse celebrity gossip and sightings she is wrapping her legs around Chris Noth’s neck. So all you lonely hearts keep commenting and being alone and miserable!
    Go Tara Wilson good luck to you girl, b/c there are some jealous bitches out here hatin on u!!!!

  • I love Chris Noth and the late Jerry Orbach in Law & Order reruns, as well as Michael Moriarity as prosecutor. If the Noth’s are happy and love each other, great!

  • Tara Wilson is not black, she is from Thailand! If you go to Thailand you se a lot of girls like her. She is very ugly looks like a shemale!

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