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Why Do I Hate Sarah Michelle Gellar So Much?

Sarah Michelle Gellar at “The Air I Breathe” Premiere, Pictures, Photos

Sarah Michelle Gellar at “The Air I Breathe” Premiere, Pictures, Photos

I don’t know. I just don’t understand it.

She looks like she just left a middle-school slumber party where her friends braided her hair and everyone took shots of Kool-Aid and snorted Pixie Stix (did anyone else do that shit? Or were my friends and I just particularly fucked up?) and she forgot to take off her nightie and fix her hair before she showed up to the damn red carpet premiere. Because she was so fucked up on Pixie Stix.

I just don’t like her. Period.

At The Air I Breathe premiere.

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  • I love her she is goregeous and an amazing actress.. Everyone on here that is bad mouthing her.. get a grip you’s are just jealous of her money, beauty, and talent.. not to mention her smokin hot extremley rich stud of a husband who clearly worships the ground she walks on.. When really what have you got? nothing and a bf/gf that signs on for their brew money? Thought as much

  • ok can i just say somthing dont fucking judge without even knowing who she is all of you who are jelous of her maybe havnt looked in the mirrior before you point your ugly dirty slutty fingers you might wanna think twice.
    she has helped so many people and charitys what the fuck have you lot done 4 the world and by the way thers nothing wrong with her nose thats how god made her so dont hate just rate peace and if you hate her so much then message me and ill tell you wag1..!! SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IS FUCKING SEXII :)) XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX haters go f********************* yourselves fugly sluts.

  • I personally love Sarah Michelle Geller, I mean she is a great actress and i love all of her movies… this type of thing is open to interpretation but just because you personally dont like her doesnt mean shes bad. I love her style and i appreciate the fact that she can pull off that hair. I love her nose and think she’s amazing but im sure there are ppl you love that i dont. And also you said it yourself you dont know why you dont like her. And maybe you dont like this one time of hers but dont judge cause of one picture.

  • I don’t like her because she cant act,and her husband wouldn’t be anybody if it wasn’t for his dad.who shouldn’t be famous anyway.he didn’t do much then killed his drug addict ass.

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