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Why Do I Hate Sarah Michelle Gellar So Much?

Sarah Michelle Gellar at “The Air I Breathe” Premiere, Pictures, Photos

Sarah Michelle Gellar at “The Air I Breathe” Premiere, Pictures, Photos

I don’t know. I just don’t understand it.

She looks like she just left a middle-school slumber party where her friends braided her hair and everyone took shots of Kool-Aid and snorted Pixie Stix (did anyone else do that shit? Or were my friends and I just particularly fucked up?) and she forgot to take off her nightie and fix her hair before she showed up to the damn red carpet premiere. Because she was so fucked up on Pixie Stix.

I just don’t like her. Period.

At The Air I Breathe premiere.

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  • HA HA BEET!!!! I feel the way you feel about Jennifer “Thighs” Love Hewitt, just dont like her and I couldnt tell you why.

    If she wasnt making that fucked up looking mouth thing, I might be able to say, she looks purdy.

  • Actually i think she looks like she went to the wardrobe on a Uwe Boll movie and this was the best thing she could find.

    I like SMG but she’s doing some really shitty movies lately. She needs to get back to television (kicking vampire butt) where she belongs.

  • Um…I did the pixie stix too…I distinctly recall doing it in 9th grade Honors French class off my desk, a lot.

    And I hate SMG too. I thought it was a travesty when she was cast as Daphne in Scooby Doo movies.

  • I don’t like Sarah’s relationship with Freddie.

    I know they’re “in love” but I just feel like he deserves better? You can tell SMG is FAKE! But, outside of wanting to bang her man at least once in this lifetime, I’m pretty kewl with her.

    She’s not relevant enough to be worthy of my hatred. I ration that shit and save it mostly for attention whores. :0

  • See I was smart enough to make my friends snort the pixie stix and then watch as they had a coughing fit and effed their nostrals. Ahh the awesomeness of beig an awkward child. Now, the bigger question- truth or dare as a kid- anyone else made to commit teddy bear rape?

  • I fully remember this–that’s the best feature of Kool-Aid shots. I also remember that it just wasn’t a party without somebody humping the mailbox.

  • Totally with the pixie stix. That shit burns worse than blow!! We never humped any inanimate objects, tho.

    I used to love FPJ before he hooked up with horrible SMG. Maybe I hate her so much b/c my high school boyfriend was more in love with Buffy than me!!

  • i was personally at this premiere and was probably a foot away from smg at one point and she was absolutely gorgeous in person. while the dress wasn’t the best, it was stunning on her and the hair and makeup were appropriate. unless you were there to see her in person, i don’t think you have room to talk. pictures do no justice.

    • Maybe you blind …. if you not saw what Sarah Gellar look terrible scary at this dress. She have hump in back and scoliosos. Look to your back better! She humback woman!!!! She reale ugly!!!! And scary ugly face too with huge nose… and small eyes.

  • She could so kick all of your asses. Y’all are some catty bitches up in ch’ere.

    I love everything about her, even her stubby thumbs. So there!

    I like the fact that she’s not constantly in our faces trying to be something she’s not. She’s got a good work ethic, and seems to be a fun loving person who also doesn’t take shit from anyone.

  • lol pixie stix I forgot about that so back in the day! You and your friend were not the only ones lol. ahh the bs you do when your bored! I think she is pretty but showing up looking like this is messed up. At least look as if you got class and some sinse of style!

  • shut up all of you and get back to work..

    as for BEET?? You hate her but you cannot understand why? I’d say you were jealous of her! This website blows all it did was piss me off!…go to TMZ.COM for the real shit

  • Fuck u!
    Sarah michelle is the best!
    And she is really pretty (she has a really beautiful nose :-) )
    SMG is gorgeous and rocks !

  • I find that there is a fine line between attractive and pretty and she falls just short of it. She’s also incredibly fake, convinved she’s an A-lister when she’s somewhere in the middle of the B range and a terrible, terrible actress.

    I can’t say I hate her, as I don’t know her and can’t confirm that all those rumours about her being a bitch are true but I certainly don’t see the hype about her or like her particularly.

  • Well, Most People Have No Idea About Her Life, So Just As You Are Jelous Of Her Looks And Her Love Life I Suggest You Leave Her Alone. She Is A Very Talent Young Actress Who Has Earned Her Place Where She Is And To Be Honest You Must Lead Pretty Boring Lives Making This Shit Up :l So Just Leave Her Alone She Isn’t Fake! :D

  • haha funny… you girls are jealous?
    i think sarah michelle gellar is the best.
    you dont know her in real life. how do u know shes fake? how do u know soooo much abt her huh?…

  • I agree, I have no idea how slathering oneself in glitter and stepping into a sock constitutes a good fashion day. Perhaps she lost a bet.

  • I do belive that anyone who thinks sarah michelle geller isn’t a good actress has somethign wrong with there head. shes amazing and unlike half the other actresses today she isn’t exploiting herself. she has a certain confidence about her this outfit proves that because although you never see anyone wear it , she will. She beautiful and her acting is amazing , don’t bash on good actresses thats just mental.I love SMG!

  • Fate and her acting ability has put her where she is, and she is in her rightful place,Only person I’m jealous of is her husband who gets to wake up with her every morning ;)

  • omg, haha
    what a littly teeny bopper
    beet? i’ve never heard of you or your fake bullshit
    is this what you do in your free time?
    make fun of and criticize celebrities when everyone knows you’re just jealous? haha, people like you are so damn funny.
    how are you going to judge someone when you dont even know them
    lol, looks like someone here needs to get a boyfriend
    you’re probably just some 13 year old sitting at home, 24/7 in front of your little crappy ass laptop on myspace and aim talking shit about some more people that you just cant face
    really, take my advice and go get yourself a life

  • i think sarah is beautful in a friend way love you in a friend way kk lol
    sarah michelle gellar i love to meey you lol love emma rose arthur

    have a lovely life with your freddie

    i just asking would u ever have kids lol

    injoy your life lol

  • I think Sarah Michelle Gellar is a great actress and she is very pretty, How can u idiots say she is fake, when u watch her movies and shows yes It is fake if you want to see it that way, thats why its called acting not reality, DUH! acting is all about pretending to be someone your not you dopey tossers, you have no way of knowing what she is like at home with her friends and family, she could be the most genuine person ever with a beautiful soul, I happen to know a few people she has worked with and they all say she is genuine and these people know the real her. so shut up you jealous idiots you’ve just made yourselves look silly and get a life. Give the poor woman a break, to me you all come across as the crap, shallow low class people. people don’t have to be famous to be A-Class i know plenty of A-class people who arn’t known to many people at all you are what you and the people who care about you percieve you to be if you and your loved ones believe your A-class then thats what you are same applies to sarah, besides which she fab and i reckon she’s A-class and so do a lot of other people out their so before you sit and put others down take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself “Who am I”

  • SMG is smokin hot. u sound like the biggest loser rambling on like that. Judging ppl without knowing them. I happen to think she comes across as a pretty awesome and down to earth chick. So how bout u find somethin better to do with your time, rather than bag out someone who is probably 100 times hotter than you. You just jealous that she gets to shag freddie everyday while ur ugly ass sits at home on your stupid computer.

  • I loved Buffy, couldn’t stand her. I read EVERYONE on the show hated her, she is a bitch. Did you ever watch her run? She obviously can’t walk and chew gum. She looks like a rat. The only actress I dislike more is Jolie.

    • You read wrong!..she isn’t a bitch. I know people who know her!. When you read things in papers or mags, they tend to LIE!. Yea watched her run, and she looked normal. You seem jealous.

  • My YouTube video is a Yahtzee-style Southland Tales review. Somehow all the comments are coming from SMG fans who have nothing better to do than dump their anger on those who give her performance a minus. Even though the part about her is very brief.
    So love or hate her, watch my review and comment! But for christ sake comment on the actual video, not on how many of your tween idols I objectively criticize.

  • UGH. She is hideously ugly and her fans are deluded to think she’s remotely beautiful or talented. She couldn’t act her way out a cardboard box. I hear everyone she works with ends up hating her because she thinks no end of herself and is incredibly conceited.

    I find it hilarious that people think she’s nice or deserving of anything other than a serious reality check.

  • I’ve noticed that all the people who like her turn to really petty insults. If they’re the sort of people who follow Sarah Michelle Gellar, I’m glad I’m not in the same league as them.

    I think she’s an appalling actress (sorry to all who like her, but if you’re allowed your say, so am I). I usually have nothing against the American accent, but hers is so annoying and a little nasal at times that it makes my ears wither. I think she looks like a lot of other people, only she’s blonde, so she’s nothing special there, although that doesn’t actually matter anyway. She also overacts. I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, but the only movie I liked her in was The Grudge. I watched it from the second half onwards and liked her because she barely spoke a word. She’s fine as long as she doesn’t talk.

    Someone above said something about judging someone without even knowing them. That’s what we’re all doing, including the person who said that. That’s what this thread is about, our opinions on her. If we can’t share them without snapping at eachother, then someone save this planet.

  • I bet a huge amount of the comments left here are by petty jealous women, who dare to comment on SMG’s looks when i bet most of you look like the back end of michael moore.

    I don’y who any of you think you are but you couldnt hold a candle to her so just SHUT UP!! You sad people.

  • I, am very stuck up ill admit but just because your so jealous of me dosen’t mean you should just jmp to conclusions. Maybe I have just come from a slumber party, so what it is know bussiness of yours.
    your just mad because I’m hot.

  • You’re all just jealous and probably need to take a look at yourselves. Do you think smg actually gives a rats ass what you low life people say… you are probably ugly as sin anyway hahahahahaha losers!

    plus, who has the $$$$$ jackasses!

  • Recently; she said she didn’t want kids for a long time and next I hear she is pregnant. My wife and I couldn’t conceive and and the media teases like this. I may be irrational, but I am furious at SMG. She is a liar.

    • she did not lie. she said in an interview that she wasn’t ready to have kids and that was three or four years ago. Maybe she was ready last year to have kids.

  • G.. are you for real?. She is the best actress in the world. Did you see her in Buffy?. The different roles she played and moods were so damn brilliant. You clearly have no taste!. What actress do you like then?.

    Fake..oh please. No she isn’t. Yea her teeth are bleached. But so what. Alot peoples are. She is pretty and isn’t a nasty bitch. I know that for a fact!. I have someone who has met her a few times. Plus people bitching about her are just jealous!.. get over it. She is better than you. Has tons of money and a b/f that wouldn’t look twice at you!..

    Youguysarelosers.. I agree. People are pathetic saying she is a liar. People change their minds all the time about when they want kids. Thats just crasping at straws to call her, because there’s nothing to call her about!..

  • Parentwantobes..people can change their minds when they want kids. She maybe didn’t plan it, and got pregnant by accident. It’s upto her when she wants kids!.. How is she a liar!. Get a life, and focus on your own problems before saying rediculous comments. God some people!.

  • Demento, you’re demented. SMG is the best actress.. who do you think is a good actress?. Calling her tone of voice is pathetic. Her voice is normal. How does she over act..please explain?. Who do you find great acting then?. A corpse?. She is full of life and yes she is pretty.

  • Elizabeth.. Hmmm. Jealous much!..haha you are so crasping at straws saying about her running. OMG you gimp. Grow up and look in the mirror sweety.

  • wtf are you guys crazy she is the best ok her movies are not getting good these days so what many of her movies were very popular like scooby doo , the grudge ,cruel intention , scream 2 , i know what you did last summer and of cause her tv show buffy the vampire slayer . She Is THE BEST I’m Her biggest fan on earth btw does anyone of you knows about her disney movie name beverly hills family robinson ??

  • I love her she is goregeous and an amazing actress.. Everyone on here that is bad mouthing her.. get a grip you’s are just jealous of her money, beauty, and talent.. not to mention her smokin hot extremley rich stud of a husband who clearly worships the ground she walks on.. When really what have you got? nothing and a bf/gf that signs on for their brew money? Thought as much

  • ok can i just say somthing dont fucking judge without even knowing who she is all of you who are jelous of her maybe havnt looked in the mirrior before you point your ugly dirty slutty fingers you might wanna think twice.
    she has helped so many people and charitys what the fuck have you lot done 4 the world and by the way thers nothing wrong with her nose thats how god made her so dont hate just rate peace and if you hate her so much then message me and ill tell you wag1..!! SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR IS FUCKING SEXII :)) XXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX haters go f********************* yourselves fugly sluts.

  • I personally love Sarah Michelle Geller, I mean she is a great actress and i love all of her movies… this type of thing is open to interpretation but just because you personally dont like her doesnt mean shes bad. I love her style and i appreciate the fact that she can pull off that hair. I love her nose and think she’s amazing but im sure there are ppl you love that i dont. And also you said it yourself you dont know why you dont like her. And maybe you dont like this one time of hers but dont judge cause of one picture.

  • I don’t like her because she cant act,and her husband wouldn’t be anybody if it wasn’t for his dad.who shouldn’t be famous anyway.he didn’t do much then killed his drug addict ass.

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